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looks clean and nice..good luck

Awesome theme, good luck.

Good job! Good luck, dude ! :)

I have a question about videos in the portfolio. I’d like to use it as a pay-per-view video archive. Do you know this https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/pay-per-view/#usage would work with the template? Its everything I need, but I need to definitely make sure that works so that people have to buy the videos before being able to view it in the portfolio. Thanks!

Yes. You can use this plugin in this theme.

is there a video for upload? live like the preview.

You can use [video] shortcode or select Video post format, then paste embed code.


Thank you for the awesome theme. Just one issue, after installation all shortcodes in text editor are {#undefined}. Any ideas about that?


Sorry for this bug. We will review and update soon.

Can you send me version number of WordPress and list all plugins you installed ?

I did write you an e-mail. The {#undefind} is triggered by wordpress SEO plugin. Without the plugin it works fine.

I love this theme, but tell me, I don’t know how to remove the “loading twitter feed” in the footer, can you help me please?

Thank you for your answer, but even if i leave blank Twitter ID I still have this message ! So to hide this message I changed the color of the text, please visit my website : http://gazotech.fr

Moreover, for the pricing table, I would like to remove the button because I don’t need it, is there a solution? If I delete link in the code I still have a white box, please help me! Link of the page: http://gazotech.fr/contrats-dentretien Thank you

Please download & update newest version of this theme. For Pricing Table, please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com, we’ll reply soon.

Thank you.

Hi, good job. Just two issues: first issue: when i use the shortcode “tab”, the description in to table, doesn’t appear on the website. second issue: how to insert link in button on shortcode “boxmap”?


Ok, now it worked, but the relationship between social icons and the tab, might be a bug? other social medias can cause the problem too?

very thanks

No. We only use Twitter ID for loading lastest tweet in footer.

ok, thank you very much for your attention.

Hi Evris, some bugs found and some hints: 1 accordeon: +/- icons do not switch back 2 ER-LEAF Contact Info: field names appear in frontend, except “name” 3 maps/mapbox: how to insert google shortcode 4 topbar triangle: users do not know, there’s function behind > see how apple solved this in ios 5 Twitter: need separation of twitter in header footer 6 icons font awesome: how to use/insert in elements/menue/boxes (esp. in “team” it doesn’t work) 7 portfolio: management like in pages is missing; breadcrump not enable 8 Revolution slider: how to insert google map

Thanks for help


1. Accordion : +/- icon working properly, you can view in demo site. 2. I don’t know your problem, all field in backend show in front end with icons and infomations. 3. In Mapbox, you can use google map shortcode instead to embed Google Maps. 4. For Topbar, user just press arrow and all topbar widgets will be show. 5. Twitter: We use Twitter ID you define in Theme Options to show icon link in header and get lastest tweet footer, we’ll add more options in new version. 6. For Font Awesome, use shortcode icon to insert icon. (Example: icon icon=”ok”) 7. By default, breadcrumb in enable for all pages. Portfolio manager in WordPress Admin Panel 8. If you want to embed Google Map in Slider, you can use Google Maps iframe.

Import XML sample data to view more.

Please send us your site URL or screenshot of your problem via Email, we’ll fixed as soon as we can.

Thank you.

Thanks :-)

1. not on my site

2. why icon, when there’s a field name?

3. not on my site

4. I know and you know what users have to do…but users have to be curious to klick on the triangle…it’s not intuitive!

5. ok

6. why no menue for that?

7. i don’t want no breadcrumb in portfolio, no upper headline etc. in pages you can enable/disable these features, why not in posts?

8. ok

These hints are for making a ver good theme to the best theme :-)


2. If you want to display name & descriptions, don’t use Contact Widget, please select Text Widget and use shortcodes to display (list & icon). 4. We’ll optimize in the new version. 6. In Visual editor mode, just select Icon on Element dropdown list. Full icon name you can read here. 7. Most user like customize page than post, so We only add this features to page. You can creat new custom Portfolio Page with/without breadcrumb/headline/filter with Portfolio Page Template.

Thank you for your feed back.

I would like to make the homepage have the same columns as the Homepage-1, the bars under “from the blog” and “our office”. Is there a shortcode for that look?

Yes. You can use shortcodes by select dropdown menu in Visual Editor mode.

Hello! Firstly, nice job.. I really like the theme.

But I have some issues with it. On the portfolio page, the filter does not work. I checked the radio button next to “Enable filter”, but nothing..

Also I would like to know more about block icons. I found 4 of the icons (ok, star, tint, heart). Are there more? Can I set custom icons?

Finally, where can I disable comments? Is the only way altering the code?

Please help ;) Thank you!

Do you changed the source code in page-portfolio.php file ? Please restore original file in download package and try again.

Thank you.

It works now.. I uploaded the file page-portfolio.php, and nothing changed, so I reinstalled the whole theme. It’s ok now.

Thank you for all your time!

Great. This theme have new version, please download and update.

Thank you.

Hello, I bought the theme ER LEAF, but “shorcode” that displays the list of post and “shortcode” that displays the posts do not link the posts to their categories.

It always shows all posts.

What could be wrong? this error has been corrected?

See my code:


postlist title = ”” cat = “mind” number = “20” offset = ””

col-4 / heading posts cat = “videos” number = “1” column = “4” content = 1 postlist title = “Other Blog Posts” cat = “videos” number = “4” offset = “1” / section

[/ cols]

Because it displays all the posts? Need to display posts from a specific category, but when settler category name nothing happens.

Help me please.

Please using Category ID in cat tag, not Category name.

Thank you.

Hey, great work on the theme.

Quick question, maybe I’m missing something.

How does one set up the homepage like on the Themeforest Live Preview to have multiple areas like Blog, Our Office, Portfolio, etc.? been searching everywhere in options to find how to do this.



You can import sample data to view or go to Page > Add news, paste our code here.

After that, go to Settings > Reading, check Static page in Front page displays and select the page you has been created in previous step.

Thank you.

How do you set the individual icons for each of the main navigation menu at the top. Thanks.

Ok. Please send us your site URL. We’ll check your site.


Got it working now.


how to translate the ER Leaf theme best? Codestyling Localization doesn’t work.

Which language do you want to translate ?. We has test and our translate file working properly with Codestyling Localization.

Hey friend!!! you have in the page template builder drag and drop???

This theme using shortcodes to create the layout. The Page Builder will be added soon.

Hi there first of all, great purchase, thanks! Have a few questions:

I can’t seem to get the slider to work as you have on the Live Preview. Also, I’m having problems with the footer, when I add the widgets, everything seems to be out of place.

Many thanks, Cab


For Footer Widgets, Go to Theme Options and select Footer Widget width. You can read document about slider include in the package or send you request details to everislabs@gmail.com, we’ll review and help you.

Thank you.

How to display a layout like the Mansonry http://everislabs.com/themes/er-leaf/?page_id=645 blog? What is the code to insert into the page?


Go to Theme Options > Blog. Select Mansonry in Blog Layout setting.

Great theme and outstanding support from the developer!


at first thanks for the great theme!

My question is how to remove the image cover on detail Blog posts, but keep the image in the blog section view. Is there an option to do that? If not, which code tags I have to remove on which document in the editor to remove the displayed image cover in the detailed blog post?

Kind regards Nico


Please open single.php file, find and delete ’<?php do_action(‘er_before_post’); ?>’.

If you have another questions, please send you request to email everislabs@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Awesome, thanks!