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Hello, i’m having trouble getting the slider thumbnails to show up on a mobile device. My site url is http://www.skettleelectric.com/site ...i’ve set up my images to be 280×344 pixels. What am i doing wrong?

Thank you for using this theme. Please check your mail.

I can’t get the top bars (in the widgets) to show anything in the front side. Can someone please tell me how to activate them

never mind! I figured it out. can’t delete this comment :P

I’m having trouble getting my block icons and service icons to sit side by side. They only stack vertically. How do I get them side by side

You cant view my site – it has a coming soon page setup so you have to login to see it. I figured out that I wasn’t using columns, so that fixed the side by side issue, but now I have a space on the right side of the columns. I set the page to full width. The 3 in a row do not all fit because of this unknown space. Here is a link to see what I’m seeing: http://britedesign.com/UPLOADS/ARM.png

When using column shortcodes, please make sure total column with is 12. In your screenshot, you has used [col-3], please replace by [col-4] if you want top display 3 columns.

Thank you.

Thanks all fixed!

Hi, i have a little trouble when creating pages, the btn “Select or upload images” in custom heading options do not work at all. So i’m not able to set up heading image for my page. I’m on WP 3.7.1. Thanks a lot.

Ok, i’ve made some tests. I’m working with a child theme and that’s why the btn does not work. When i come back to the main er-leaf theme, its ok. Maybe i can however use a child theme and set up something specific ?

When using child theme, make sure you has define all javascript and theme function library location. Because some js file does not loaded, so the btn does not work.

Thanks, i sent you an email.

How to set individual sidebars for each page? I know, that we can choose from created page, but it shows me only two sidebars (one of 10 created and one default). I have created 10 of them, and dont know how to configure them (can`t add widgets on widgets set page – because I cant see them there).

Hi, When you create sidebar widget area, please fill out both Name & ID input.

Please check again in Theme Options. Thank you.

I want to make the social media (header) colors remain permanent without the Hovers, I’ve been taking off the a:hover in the style.css file but it doesn’t work

Thanks, Sam

Hello, Open header.php file, find: class=”social” Replace with: class=”social color”

Thank you.

Beautiful! Thank you very much!! But how do you change the ‘SHARE THIS’ colours so that they always are displayed?

Sorry for all the questions!

For social icon, if you want to display color, add “color” to UL tag. Thank you.


I’m trying to set the colour for the pricing box on my page but it just stays grey. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

The page is at: http://spaces.changesmk.com/pricing/



For Pricing Table, don’t using hex color, please use color format in: color1/color2/color3.

Thank you.

I tried this and it didn’t work but I checked the CSS and have got it working correctly now. Thanks for your help. There is a hyphen between the color and the number. So color-1 color-2.

Thanks for the help. I sent an email to your support address yesterday regarding something else. Please get back to me on that issue when you can.

Thanks again


We don’t receive any email from you via Email Support. Please re-send and we’ll help you.

Thank you.

Hello, i have purchased this theme and suddenly the portfolio () button disappeared, also when i press the () from the homepage Portfolio Carouse it stucks on LOADING screen. Thank You My website is : http://pkassotisart.com/

We has check your site and this working properly. The Portfolio Carouse navigation button only display when your portfolio item > 4.

Thank you.

Sure, but the problem is with this button http://s29.postimg.org/632n2hy2v/button.jpg when i press it, the website stucks on Loading screen also at portfolio page this button dissapeared suddenly, but previously everything work great. Thank you.

Please send your site admin info via email : everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll check and help you resolve this error. This error occur when you no upload any image in portfolio images slide.


When I don’t fill in a Twitter username then the portfolio doesn’t work. How can I fix this?

Hello again,

the portfolio page (http://scs-sinaaibe.webhosting.be/dezwaan/klassen/) doesn’t show the custom page settings which I selected. I’ve selected ‘show page title’, but on the page you see ‘page heading’. Is there a way to change this?

We can’t access your link, this page is protect by password.

I’ve send you a mail with the username and password.

My top bar widgets are not shown, although they do have content. How do I get them to work?

Please send us your site URL via email everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hi, I purchased this template. iT’S AWSOME! buT, How do you set the individual icons for each of the main navigation menu at the top??. Thanks.


Just go to Appearance > Menus, select Menu to edit and fill icon name in Icon Field.

Thank you.

Done! Many thanks and great job!

Hello, I want to know how can I manipulate the next elements:

1. The Tabs Shortcode. For example I want to use Left Side Tab, but I can only insert the standard Tab, that includes the following code: [tabgroup] [tab title="Tab title" icon="ok"]Tab Content[/tab] [/tabgroup]

2. The Icons from different ShortCodes. When I add a ShortCode, only the “ok” icon (a tick), it appears. How can I choose a different one?

In conclusion, do you have a tutorial that explains how to use the ShortCode?

Thank You very much. Have a nice day.

I have one more question: 3. How can I add a ShortCode inside to another Shortcode? For example I want to add a Tab ShortCode and inside of every tabcontent I want to insert Col ShortCode for dividing them. When I do this, the [col] ShortCode isn’t activated. I read something about do_shortcode(). It’s there a way that I can insert a Col into a TabContent? Thank You


Please read our document include download packages and we only support the nickname with flag purchase.

Thank you.

Hey I bought this theme uploaded it to tysonsmortgagegroup.com and now everything is pushed to the left.. Can you either help me get this fixed or give me my money back?



Something went wrong while you are config you site. Please send us your site login info to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll help you soon.

Thank you.

Hello how do I get rid of the er-leaf logo without uploading another logo? I want to display the site name.

Hi, Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. Our supporter will help you. Thank you.

Hello with child themes it is not keeping the customizations that i did in the theme options panel, is there a way to keep the customization and use a child theme?

Please send your site url and admin login info to everislabs@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Superb theme, very fast and effective support team. No regrets for purchasing it at all

Thank you very much :)

hello, i would like to remove the little icons that cover a blog post or portfolio thumbnail. also my blog thumbnails are stretching for some reason. I’ve tried everything. please help! the url is http://www.skettleelectric.com/

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com.

Thank you.

i sent an email a few days ago

just sent you another one

hi there.. i need to install another font “sergoe” i uploaded webfonts into “fonts” but where do i have to add the css and the option to choose.

Thanks Lars


Just go to Theme Options, add your CSS code in Custom CSS.

Thank you.

i already did:

@font-face { font-family: ‘SEGOEUIL’; src: url(’./SEGOEUIL.eot’); src: local(‘SEGOEUIL’), url(’./SEGOEUIL.woff’) format(‘woff’), url(’./SEGOEUIL.ttf’) format(‘truetype’); } /* use this class to attach this font to any element i.e.

Text with this font applied

*/ .fontsforweb_fontid_1409 { font-family: ‘SEGOEUIL’ !important;

but i cannot choose the option in typography for headings and menu :)

Hi, Please send your site URL and WP admin login info to everislabs@gmail.com. Our supporter will help you.

Thank you.

Hello, i installed the update and after that i installed Wysija. When i activated the plugin i went to click on settings at the Wysija plugin but instead of the settings i go to Install Required Plugins. I dont want to install all those plugins i dont use so why do i get redirected to that? I want to use the Wysija plugin without needing to go to Required Plugins. I now can not use the Wysija plugin. Any solutions?

Yes but i do not want those plugins, i dont use em all. I just installed a other plugin and it seems all plugins are blocked. All redirect to the Install Required Plugins. Is there a way to disable it or something?

Open functions.php, find and quote/delete this line:

add_action( ‘tgmpa_register’, ‘er_leaf_register_required_plugins’ );

Thank you.

Thanks for the support : )

Hi. Before purchase I have a q: the dropdown menu disappears behind the images in the “Filter 3 column” section. By quickly using “inspect element” in Chrome I tried changing the z-index on all levels of the nav but it had no effect. Is the AJAX overriding something here? What needs to be changed?

We had fixed the problem in latest updated but the demo is old version. We’ll updated demo and please check again.

Thank you.