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Beautiful dude!

Thanks man!

wow… nice works!! good luck for sales :)

Hey, thanks!

wow beautiful design again!

Hey thanks bud, great stuff yourself!

Looks like a simple site to configurate.

BUT … Why isn’t it at all prepared for using mobile on it? Looks awfull on mobile (testet with ios5)

Thank you!
Honestly, because of the complex animations the overall theme offers. Building that into mobile would be insane. However, mind telling me on which device you tested it?

This should work on tablet resolutions, as the grid itself and the layout are responsive.

An Iphone 4 :)

The mobile solution could maybe remove the Complex animations

As I thought; the problem is mainly related to the complex animations. Of course there could be a stripped-down version of Era for small devices, but it’s something I’m not sure would be worth it. If I do see a big demand for them, I’ll surely update Era for that.

Really awesome work!


hi … great work does it support multiple grid portfolio galleries ?

Hey, thanks for your interest!

What do you mean with multiple grid? You can have unlimited portfolios within unlimited pages, and you can assign any of the available layouts to any of your pages.. so you have pretty much endless possibilities :) !

Please let me know if that answers your question.
Chris ;)

Beautiful and clean theme!


Yeah! Finally done! Awesome theme :)

Indeed, finally. Thanks!

like your style :)

Thanks! You’ve got great style yourself.

This need to be featured. Congrats,


Hey, that really means a lot. I hope the staff could hear you!
Chris ;)

Finally, good luck with sales!

Yeah man, finally! Thanks.

Great Theme,

Can you change the background to colors and images also how many different slider options if any are there?


Hey Bruce,

I didn’t think of changing the background, but that is a great idea. I will update the theme with that option ASAP .

With “slider options” are you referring to different sliders? If so, the only slider available is the one you see. However, the slider itself offers various options. In any case, implementing another slider would still be very easy.

Take care,

That would be great to have background option

As far as the slider, an anything slider or fixed image with height option would be nice. :)

Sure thing; I’ll update the theme with those features and let you know! ;)

Hi Chris,

First off, I love this theme. I am a perfectionist and have been looking for a week now for my first WP theme to use when I get my site going – this has everything I was looking for (and I must have looked at 50 or so…) Since I am new at this, I was also looking for good support and documentation and from what I see you have that covered too :)

My comment/question is this: in IE9 and Firefox, the live preview looks exactly like your video. The text is clear and crisp and the concentric lines in the slider background are very light. In IE8 , the lines are dark and jagged, and the text is choppy. I viewed this on a second computer with IE8 , and found the same. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this before I purchase.

Also, I’d be thrilled to see options for the background as a previous commenter mentioned, but it’s a great theme as it is :)

Thanks for your time,


Hey Kim,

Mind checking the site again? Everything should be fixed :)

Furthermore, version 1.1 has just been submitted and should be ready anytime. This fixes those IE issues and adds all the requested BG options!

Kind regards,

It looks great! Thanks so much for taking care of that and adding the background too. As soon as I see 1.1 ready, I’m buying it :)


Yes, the documentation looks good. Love the slider! We’ve now listed you at feel free to vote there and drive additional traffic to your themeforest listing!

Additionally, do publish if you develop a mobile-improved version!

Hey, thanks for that! I see Era WP is already 4th.. that’s awesome!

Hey all,

As soon as you see the 1.1 on the thumbnail or preview image, you are free to download the updated 1.1 version!


  • Specific core PHP functions replaced with improved code
  • Set Content Width as dictated by WP
  • REQUEST : Background color, image an repetition-mode added!
  • Fixed bad rendering of IE7 and IE8
  • General > Colors tab is now General > Colors & Style

Take care!

very beautiful theme. Bookmarked :)

Thank you!

Nice theme, but i like in special the portfolio alternative blocks layout. Great job!

Yeah, I like that layout a lot, too! Thanks!

Hi Chris,

Obviously I haven’t purchased ERA yet, I’d like to know a few things:

1) Do you plan to make this template, liquid? For example, your template will detect the screen size and will size the content so max. screen width to take advantage of large screen real estate. In other words, everything will be larger proportionally.

2) Suppose I have a portfolio called “Tearsheets,” containing 50+ images of my scanned tearsheets (magazine publications). Does ERA contain a bulk upload so that I could upload these images at once? I am NOT referring to the native, WP bulk upload. I am talking to the bulk upload so that the image would be displayed using your gallery script for ERA . I hope my inquiry made sense.



Hey Ron,

1. I do plan to make this theme liquid. As I see the incremental demand for a responsive and smart re-sizing Era design I am almost certain that I will go ahead and do it.

2. Sadly you cannot bulk-upload. You could bulk-upload all your images (tear sheets) and then assign them to newly created portfolio entries. The process can still be easy and fast, because you could break it into different steps. Portfolio entries must not contain images, so you could just go ahead and create X new entries one day, and as you feel fit, set their featured images every now and then.

Hope that helps!
PS. In any case, if you are truly interested in the theme, I’d be happy to do that job for you ;)

gorgeous. glad you didn’t lose all your work and were able to convert this to WP. looks great. xox

Hey, thanks! I actually did lose everything (had to re-download the HTML version from TF as a regular buyer haha :P ).

Take care and thanks again,

Hello gifted creator, Got 2 Questions: Is this theme localized (language wise)? And will it work on a RTL WP installation?

Thanks in advanced!

Hey, thanks for your interest!

The theme is partially localized; I still need to extend that. However, you can customize every English phrase and/or word from the Era Panel for now.

Yes, the theme supports RTL direction.
Thanks again!