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Hello, First I would like to congratulate you for the great theme! But I have a problem on the contact page. When I click on the tab contact, is a blank page.


What do you mean with “tab contact”, the contact page? If so, a recent bug broke the contact page-template’s functionality, resulting in a blank page. It has since been fixed, so please make sure to upload the latest version!

Thank you and please don’t forget to rate the theme!
Chris ;)

Hello Mr. Crozer,

i installed the era demo version to see how you arrange everything on your page, everything is fine. but please tell me how i can get this slide on the first side (i mean the rond pictures in the slide)? what i have to do? you prepare your pictures in photoshop to get this circel aesthetic or ? when i work on my dashboard and choose a side in the demo version to change the pictures i can`t see any pictures of yours just in the portfolio entries and in the articles //post ican see how you organize and manage your page did i something wrong? can you please help me ? I have the era version 4.4 thyx very much

if you want to talk german, do it! my englisch is very funny

best regards

Haha hey, let’s start in English (for other buyers):

Yes, the round-images are simply circles made in Photoshop, with an image within it, and saved as .PNG to keep their transparency.

And in German:

Ja, die Bilder wurden in Photoshop erstellt. Das Ganze funktioniert allerdings sehr einfach. Wenn du es lieber hättest, kann ich dir gerne eine .PSD Datei schicken, wo die Basis Kreisform vorhanden ist, und du nur die Bilder innerhalb des Kreises ändern musst. Dann müsstest du letztendlich einfach die datei als .PNG speichern.

Hello Mr. Crozer, I just downloaded the latest version. Checks the contact page. tanks, great theme!

Look at the page that is the problem

Hey, when did you download the theme? Either way, please send me an email with your WP login-details via my profile page.

Have a great day,

Hi Chris!

I have sent the information by message!


Hey, I replied yesterday ;)

Hi Chris, I just sent you an email concerning the video slider… Did you received it ? Best regards Jérémy

Hey Jérémy,

I haven’t received an email, are you sure you successfully sent it?


Just got it, will reply ASAP!

This was the first theme I have ever purchased for my Wordpress website and I love it. I’m not too technically savy, but the video tutorials explained everything I needed to get set up and start customizing the template to suit my needs. Even when I needed something a little extra customized Chris was there to help with a response to my email withing 24 hours. Amazing. It’s an elegant theme with a special touch that makes it stand out from the rest. I love the motion tweening options for the sliders. The behind-the-scenes Era Panel is also very useful. I’ve already suggested this theme to a couple of my clients and look forward to new themes this developer creates. Great buy, total satisfaction, love the friendly and quick customer service – will keep me coming back. Thanks Chris for making this a great frist-time-theme-buying experience!


Wow Katheryn, your words are truly motivational. Thank you so very much and, as you already know, count on me for any future help you might need.

Have a wonderful day!

Crozer is an amazing supporter of his theme. I imagine he goes to far lengths in all the themes that he creates. He has helped me with numerous requests and fixes. Super nice guy to work with. I would recommend this theme to anyone! He actually went out of his way to record a 2 minute video demonstration to explain one of the things I asked him. I was blown away! Thanks crozer. Can’t wait to see what else you release in the future!

-a truely satisfied customer -jordan

Jordan, thank you so very much. I am happy the theme and my support fulfilled your expectations and, as always, count on my lifetime support.

Take care!

Hi Crozer,

I found that the pages that are used to display blog posts do not show more than 1 post at a time.

Is there an issue with 3.5?

Hey, thank you for your purchase!

I just replied to your email.
To all users wondering: NO, there is no issue with Era WP and WordPress 3.5!

Talk to you over there!
Chris ;)

Hi, I have a question about the Era wp theme. I am a beginning with my wordpress website. I have to organise lots of information (artist network), and I think Era is pretty much what I need, but I have a question about the colors.

Can I use different colors for the animations in the portfolio boxes to colorcode the different categories? And also for the links and headings through out the site?

Thank you, and best regards, Marije Nie

Hope I would like to color code the different categories in the portfolio, and on into the site too.

Hope to hear from you, Best regards, Marije Nie

Hey Marije Nie,

Of course you can do that. You can choose a specific color for the portfolio-item overlays, you can choose colors for titles, menu-items, etc. or you can set a “global color” and “global color inverted”, which allow you to have an harmonic set of hover/non-hover colored links.

Furthermore, there are even some fun options, such as a random color-generator. This will randomize your overlay colors, links, and anything you tell it to, every time you visit the website.

Take care and please let me know if you have any more questions!
Kind regards,

Hello Crozer,

I reinstalled the theme after something broke on my wp. But now I can’t seem to link the main blog page to my blog link, and I’m running in circles. I think the first time around it was pretty simple, but now that it’s been jumbled with a bunch of other troubleshooting mainly on wp (not the amazing theme you’ve made) I can’t seem to get this page up and running. The portfolio page works fine, just a missing blog page.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Laniland


Have you checked that, under Settings > Reading, the respective pages have been set under Front page and Posts page? Where Posts page is your blog.

If that’s not the case, simply send me an email via my profile with your WP login details, and I’ll take a look.

Chris ;)

Thanks so much! Worked and now I am incredibly happy!!!! Thanks for putting up with my Wordpress 101 problem!



Hello Christopher, thank you for this amazing theme. Love it so far. Maybe you can answer me some questions. I can send you a login to the page that I am working on.

1) If I want to customize the Theme with CSS Code in which file shall I place it? Do you got a custom.css that will not be overwritten when I update the Theme?

2) I am building a Portfolio Page for an German Artist. She wants all the Artwork Categories in the Filter and in the Menu. So I made a new Page for each Category. At each Page I selected the “Portfolio Grid” as a Page Template and selected the according Portfolio in the Era Publishing Settings. Also I made a new Slider for each Artwork Category and selected it in the Slider Options. Works fine so far. What I could not get to work is to have a overview Page “KUNST” with all Artwork Categories togeather. Cause I can select only one Category in the Era Publishing Settings. It only works if I set all Artwork Categories as Subcategories of “KUNST” but then I can not select these on the Single Artwork Pages anymore.

3) I like to show the Portfolio with all Categories and the Filter on the Homepage togeather with a few new Blog Posts. But I cant get it to work.

4) Any Plans to make this amazing Theme Responsive so it works on small screens like iPhone or Android and on large like any Retina Display ?

Greetins from Germany Kugelblitz

Hey, I’m replying to your email again so that we can continue our conversation there. Formatting here isn’t as good as per email.

Hey Crozer, thanks a lot for all the work, effort and help. Very good Support indeed! Here is how the page turned out after all the modifications.

Anytime ;)

Hi there, 2 questions.

My logo is not showing up, I uploaded it through era panel and specified sizes 850 width 120 height. It just shows a little square where the old logo used to be.

If I wanted to display all portfolios on one page such as the preview version, what is the code to place a portfolio on a page?


Hey, thank you for your purchase!

Please send me an email with your WP login details via my profile page, so that I can take a look at the back-end of your site.

Take care and thank you again!

so this is not responsive design?

Responsive, no, compatible with mobile devices, yes.

Am I OK to update WordPress to Version 3.5.1?

Yes you are – if you do notice any bug(s) simply let me know and I’ll fix them ASAP.

Hi crozer!

First of all, like the theme. Especially the portfolio system! I’m using this theme for an art club. Which leads me to my first question: is it possible to assign a specific portfolio to the homepage? I don’t want to show all the paintings, only just a showcase to give an impression on the frontpage.

Second: is it possible to include a big header on a portfolio page? There will be a number of portfolio’s, but I can’t type anything about the portfolio.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you very much for your purchase and kind words. If you don’t mind, please don’t forget to rate the theme and/or my support. I would truly appreciate it!

1. Of course, it works just like on any other page. In your WP dashboard, go edit your “Home” page and notice the top-right box “Era Publishing Settings”. Right there, under “Portfolio”, you select which portfolio to be displayed on that specific page (which is, in this case, your “Home” page).

2. By default no, as I aimed to deliver a merely visual portfolio (i.e. without any intruding text). However, just send me an email via my profile page and I’d be happy to set that up for you.

Take care!


I just purchased Era WP. It seems great so far. I will rate when I’ll have completed the installation and all. But for now, I have an issue just after activating the theme. I have a thumbnail of twentytwelve over the Era thumbnail. If I click on the thumb, i get the customisation page of twentytwelve. Others thumbnails have disappeared. It doesn’t seem to affect the general behavior of WP or Era WP so far.


Well that’s actually really weird. It does not, however, have anything to do with the theme itself, as the theme does not affect that area of your dashboard. I would suggest re-installing WP, as perhaps a specific stylesheet file was not properly uploaded.

Take care!

Thanks for the answer. I did that, started from scrape this night, deleting DB ad files on FTP (my WP was almost empty so no big deal) but it still remains. Anyway, it doesn’t affect the theme I’ll just bear with it. A quick question though : is it possible to deactivate prettyphoto on some page or slideshow or something ? I have some very large image, like landscapes or panoramas if you see what I mean, and the fullscreen lightbox effect just doesn’t cut it for that. I was thinking about a mgnifier like this one but Prettyphoto overrides the behavior, whether I use short codes, non-affiliated images or external sources. Rated 5, well deserved.

Thank you!

Like I said, that issue is not related to the theme, and I have never been able to recreate such behavior. I will keep my eyes open, though.

Would you like to disable prettyPhoto everywhere, or on specific pages? Either way, email me your WP login details via my profile page and let’s talk there – formatting here is a nightmare!

This WordPress theme is wonderful, it is clean and simple to use and is well documented. I can customize a ton of it from the WordPress dashboard, but the theme is so well laid out that it is a snap to delve into the source files as well. The most wonderful thing about this theme is the above and beyond support that Crozer gives, I mean who actually has time to help each client individually and add requested options to the theme? Awesome, beautiful, simple and just what I needed. Nice work!

Oh wow, I didn’t expect such kind words. I am infinitely thankful and so glad that the theme has helped you or your client. Thank you again and please do let me know if I can be of any further help!


Heya Crozer!

The theme as mentioned by some many other is indeed wonderful and with many many capabilities! Well done! I have a small question though about the Top navigator bar.

I want to create a Homepage [front page] with just one image in the center , but i cant control the lengh of the nav bar and so it looks weird. Look: Can you propose me a fast way to solve this small issue, in order a wide image to match the bar?

Ah, and something else. Whenever in the home page [front page] I try to post an image and put it in the center (through the “page” settings) , it just goes straight into the left corner. I though to solve this with a static slider but i am sure there will be something a lot easier that i am missing!

Thanks in advance and sorry for the bombing of my noob-questions! Take care!

Hey, thank you for your purchase and kind words!

I’m not entirely sure I understand your issue. You are uploading an image wider than 960 pixels (which corresponds to the total width of any page, including the front page), but don’t want it to expand beyond 960 pixels (“dont want this”), right?

To save both of us some time, please send me your WP login details via my profile page. I’ll just take a look and see what setting might be missing.

Take care!

I love your theme! I’ve been using it for almost a year. I recently changed web hosting (away from GoDaddy) and have been getting things working again. Had to re-upload all the images and couldn’t figure out how to get them in the right place. Not so savvy on this stuff.

There are somethings that bug me and I can’t figure out. I have a main portfolio with all my portfolio pages and if you click on the featured image it goes to that portfolio entry. But for the child categories that separate the portfolio by categories (2D, 3D, animation, etc) you can’t click on the featured image to go to that entry. It doesn’t open anything. I don’t know how to fix it. There are other things that I need to get working better but that’s the main urgent one.

My portfolio site is


I’m not sure I understand. I can always click the portfolio-entries, wherever I am. If you like, record the issue with and paste the link here.

Take care!