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Hi, this is a great theme but we have a have a problem. The contact page has problems, when we try to send it after filling the form we get the “please try again” warning. Is it because of an update or a problem about the era theme?or should we install another plugin? we need to solve this as soon as possible, thanks.

Hey, thank you for your purchase! Please don’t forget to rate this product whenever you get a chance :) I would truly appreciate it!

Is your website online, or are you testing it on a local server?

Kind regards!

Hi, sure ?’ll rate it. the site is onine: you can find the form when you click “Kat?l?mc? Formu”

And our other problem is, sometimes we see B C C letters instead of slider arrows and dots in the mainpage in firefox browser. i’ve sent you the screenshot (

Hey, I’ve replied to your email. Let’s talk there ;)

Good afternoon, Some time ago I bought the theme and then I installed I have received contact messages from my site that are buggy. They come with no name, e-mail, message … and some fields are considered mandatory. Could you tell me if you know what it is? Thanks.

Hey, thank you for your purchase! Please don’t forget to rate this product whenever you get a chance :) I would truly appreciate it!

Please pardon my delayed reply, I was moving-out to a new place and this took some time! Anyhow..

I am working on an enhanced contact-form which fill include reCAPTCHA (to avoid precisely what you mention). I will let you know as soon as the update is ready.

Thank you!

Very beautiful theme, although I’ve noticed a misalignment of the carousel on the home page when using Chrome.

I’ve got a screen grab if you want to see it?

I’m seriously thinking about getting this theme, but I’d like to know if this is a known issue first.


Hey, thanks for your interest!

I do know about that issue, but as I mentioned throughout a few comment-replies, I was moving to a new home and this took quite some time. Naturally, I am fixing this issue as we speak, and it should be solved in no-time.

Thank you again and stay tuned. Please let me know if you have any more questions ;-)

Take care,

Hi Chris, i’ve sent an email from you about the form but i couldn’t get a reply, can you send me an answer please. thank you.

Hey, I just replied to your email. Please pardon my delayed reply, but as I mention there, I was just moving-out and had no time at all.

Take care!

Hi Chris, I recently purchased this theme for a client and we’re having issues with the visual editor. The left, center, and right justify functions all work in the WYSIWIG but when we view the page online in the browser (FF, Chrome and Safari) the generated code style=”text-align: center;” does not center the text. This is true for style=”text-align: right;” as well.

A similar thing happens with unordered and ordered lists where there is indentation on list items in the WYSIWIG panel but not when viewed online.

I am able to force the indentation with style=”margin-left:40px;” for example in the html editor but this doesn’t help my client much if she wants to control her content appearance.

Have you seen this happen before? Is there something defined in your CSS that needs tweaking or am I just missing something obvious?



Hey Fred, like I said, something probably broke CSS -wise. I’ve replied to your email.

Talk yo you there ;)

Hi Chris,

I am not able to activate comments on pages. Is this a limitation on the Era theme or am I missing something in the settings?



Hey Fred, pages aren’t supposed to display comments. Adding that functionality would be a one-liner, though.

The latest updates includes this option!

Hey crozer. This one of the best themes I have. Congrats, man.

I’m starting with it, and my era slider it’s way to low on the page. Meaning that I have a huge space between the header and the slider. Can you check that for me, please?

Thanks Paulo

Hey Paulo, thank you for your purchase! Please don’t forget to rate this product whenever you get a chance I’d truly appreciate it!

Concerning your issue; yes, that was a minor bug that popped-up two weeks ago or so. I do see that your site displays the slider properly, though. Did you just update the theme?

Take care,

Hey Cozer. I tweaked the CSS a bit and now it’s ok. But I need to do a minor modification inside the Era Slider, and for that I need your help :)

Can you send me your email, please?

Hey Paulo, you need to send me an email via my profile page. Please note that, concerning the Era Slider issue that was present in the previous version, there’s nothing to tweak in the CSS !

Take care.

Hi Chris. Sent you an email. Thanks :)

Hey everybody,

The theme has been updated even further (4.4.1). You can now view your attachments flawlessly, tag your posts and view blogposts by their respective tags, etc. etc.

Have fun and enjoy! Take care

Era is such a great template, and most importantly Chris is so amazingly generous with his time and skills. Thank you for your instantaneous and enthusiastic support.

I’m flattered. Thank you and, as you already know, you can count on me for any future concerns you might have.

Have a great day,
Chris ;)

Hey there.. nice theme! Hope your move went well also! I tried to view the demo, but it has been down for some time.. when do you plan on getting the demo live again so we can preview the theme?


Hey, I’m really sorry about the inconvenience. The demo is online!

Can you suggest some plug in that can count most popular for portfolio? It’s most of plug in just can support to count page and post, but we need to count Portfolio. Thanks!

Yes, I need it and use on widget. Thanks!

Send me an email with your WP and FTP login-credentials, and I’ll write a widget for you. It is very easy to do.

I am sorry that we are not available to send the WP and FTP login-credentials, but can you send use the widget that we plugged by ourselves? Thanks!

Hey everybody,

As some of you may be aware, the Twitter Feed on the Era WP theme stopped working a few days ago. This happened because Twitter updated their API (read system) and thus deprecated the functions that were used by the theme. Everything has been fixed and the theme has been updated, so please refer to the latest updated in order to fix this issue!

Have a great day!


What if I need to implement the breadcrumbs something like this

I’ve researched and found that it is “isotope” JS but I’m not getting how can I work with it, please help me out.


Did you solved the issue?? Cause I’m not able to see the changes. Please help me out.


You’re not seeing any changes because I replied to your email, asking you something, 7 days ago. Please reply to that!

Take care,
Chris ;)

Please check the below screencast how i want for my portfolio page

Is there anyway to disable links on the titles of portfolio items that appear on the image?

I want the title to be there but I don’t want it to be a link. I only want the user to be able to enlarge the image, not click a title link that takes them through to a ‘Nothing was found’ page…?

Hey, yeah, I got you. Like I said, the fact that you’re getting a 404 error is still not the way it should work. But since you want to remove the link altogether, let’s ignore that for now.

Now, please send me an email with your WP login details via my profile page, and I’ll customize that for you. It’s very easy to do ;)

Take care,

Sorry for late reply. Yeah the 404 is not an issue as we won’t ever use the page, so thats fine to ignore. :)

Could you possibly tell me what line of code I need to comment/take out of the specific file and I could do it? I’d just prefer it as I like to edit code to help learn and obviously get a better understanding of the theme itself that I am working on as I go along. I’m capable of doing it. If not and it’s not as easy as you say then I’ll send you some details.

Cheers ;)

P.s Already had rated your theme 5 stars after I set it up a month or two ago! Nice work!

Sure, but still, please send me that email so that I can reply from there. Formatting on this commenting-system is really bad.

Have a great day.

Hi! I’ve started building my site with your theme, and it’s great! Question-I’ve disabled the comments on some of my posts, but the text “No Comments” still displays. How do I remove this text? I’ve looked for it in Editor but wasn’t able to find the source. Thank you!

Hey, thank you for your purchase. Please don’t forget to rate the theme!

Are you referring to the link on each blog-post that displays the number of comments that post has (and if there aren’t any comments, it says “No Comments”)? If you are, then depending on whether you want to hide this link on the blog, or on the blog-posts, simply go to the Era Panel > Blog > Blog-Post Entry Info or Era Panel > Blog > Blogpost > Post Entry Info, and un-check “Comments”.

Let me know if that’s what you were after.
Take care!

One more question-is it possible to add an intro paragraph to the portfolio pages? I’ve tried adding text to the page itself but it doesn’t appear on the published page. Thank you!

Hey sure, but because it’s really hard to format text on this commenting-system, please send me an email with your WP login details. (via my profile page please, so that I can verify your username)

I’ll sort it out for you ;)

Have a great day,

Hello crozer, for accident an person update the wordpress version to 3.4 , and the era slider breaks, please help me with this what can i do, i tryed to install the last version of the template but doesnt work, i update the js folder to the last version but the slider doesnt move well , can you help me


Version 3.4 isn’t new, I am using it since it was released and it will not break the Era Slider. In your case it might be happening because of the extensive customizations you have done.

Please send me an email and I’ll see what might be causing the issue.
Kind regards ;)