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execuseme,,, i have an issue about the menu,,, for example : i click menu : Faq, and then, when i click menu : contact or service …. why website is not loading to homepage ?? 3 days i have sent email to you,,,, please response quickly

i have fixed the menu, thanks for support

i have one issue about testimonial, why the picture of testimonial has a distance, between picture and text, can you fix it

even though the size of picture is 363×437, help me fix it…. and tell me about the way,,, thanks,

I have an issue with the Visual Composer on your theme. After I updated VC (and your theme Erange) because of the security vulnerabilities in VC all the ‘single images’ in VC don’t save any more. The save button doesn’t work any more. And the images that are already uploaded as a ‘single image’ in VC shows a png with ‘add image to your element’. Do you have a solution for this?

I just found out that if I use a different theme everything works, please help!!!

Please send us your site login information support@everislabs.com. Thank you.

Hello. Any solution for Renman2 issue? Same problem with single image here.

Another question… Theme options not loading custom CSS.

Please go to http://everislabs.ticksy.com/, create new ticket and send us your site information. Thank you.

Created. Thanks

The setting for setting home page / front page in Wordpress Settings – > Reading went away after installing the theme.

So i cant set the homepage to anything as per the ”....and set up “Home” as front page under Settings > Reading.” in your manual.

How to set the home page?

Please send your site URL to support@everislabs.com. Thank you.

I submitted a ticket few days ago but have not heared back. Here support response is listed as one day. My Ticket # #655454

still no updates – how else can i reach you guys ?

Guys – how else can I get hold of you?

We’re really sorry about that, we have some problem with support system. Please forward your issue to support@everislabs.com. We’ll check and reply you immediately.

HI, Is possible to have additional menu in the top social icons area? Thanks

Hello. Sorry for late reply. Can you send us your site information to support@everislabs.com ? Thank you.

Hi, currently, in the homepage, the header appears over a still photo, but … is it possible that the header appears directly over the slider? Thanks.

Hello. Sorry for late reply. Can you send us your site information to support@everislabs.com ? Thank you.

Hi there, I just want to know what plugin does it work for this theme? THANKS

Hello, Please send your issue to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

first of all very nice theme, thanks! i have a problem with the smallboxes ive tried to link a word like (< a href=”...”>< /a>) but i doesnt work, can u help me? is there a way to do this?

Hello, Please send your page URL to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Thanks for quick reply, but i could already solve the problem. but im still stuck with the portfolio-problem, that i described in the other comment.

New issue with Visual Composer and Wordpress 4.5. Please upgrade it; pages do not run and it is impossible at all to update them or to create new ones. Thank you


tsoriat Purchased

Still waiting the update of the Visual Composer

Hello, We’re so sorry about this. The newest version of this plugin just included on the theme package. You can found open erange/framework/plugins folder. Thank you.


tsoriat Purchased

Just seen now. Testing it. Thank you.

Hello, i have a problem with the portfolio. if u click on a picture in the portfolio it opens a new page and shows all pictures in the category, but i want it to just pop up the picture that u clicked on and stay on the same page. is there a way?

still need help, please.

please send us your site information to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hi, how to install all the fontawsome icons? Thanks.

Please send your site URL and login information to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.


Bekace Purchased

Visual Composer – Wordpress 4.5. problems. Please upgrade theme ASAP.

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com to get newest version of this plugin. Thank you.

Hello, I sent you an email about four days ago. I need to get the newest version of Visual Composer because is not working. Please I need a quick response.

Is there a issue with disabling the page loader? If i check the box “Disable Page Loader on Pages.” nothing happens it still shows the preloader. Is there a quick fix to this issue?

Please send your request with purchase id to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.


tboogie Purchased

Hi, I updated to the newest version of Visual Composer and it’s not working with Erange. FYI I’m using Wordpress 4.52. Can you help?

Please send your site login to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hello EverisLabs,

i just updated my Wordpress to 4.5.3 and now the Visual-Composer isnt working anymore. I really need to fix that as fast as possible, i already sent u guys an e-mail, but no replies yet. Please, please, please…. i really need it.

Have a great day!

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com.

Thank you.


aljupri Purchased

execuse me, how are brother, by the way,,, would you like give me : the newest Visual Composer Ver. 4.12 please, in order my website running well, here is my site : http://www.webdesign17.com/

send me visual composer file to : aljupri.s.kom@gmail.com, thanks,,

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hello – I’ve sent a few emails to your gmail account and I’m hoping I can get some support – the theme is paid for.

1. I’d just like the revolution slider to align to the bottom of the header area – right now there’s a thin line and about 35px of empty space which looks like a mistake. 2. the visual composer single image component isn’t working and placing images manually is causing issues with the site as it collapses into responsive views.


I have an issue with visual composer. Its not adding any element to page. Also there is an issue with all the pages where they are not showing visual composer element which were used for building all the pages. Kindly update I just bought this theme.

also sent a query at given email of yours everislabs@gmail.com hope it work

No reply at all. Are you guys only sell theme with problems and doesn’t bother replying back.

Please check your email. We just sent you again.