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Hello When i click the picture. Picture doesnt open. I mean “the preview is not working” How can i fix it Thanks for your support. Regular License is from theme forest (EDIT: Purchase code removed for privacy) Erato – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

We’ll process this request via Email Support. Please don’t write your purchased ID here. Thank you.


I would like to know if this theme is compatible with woocommerce. thanks Alessandro

This version is not compatible with WooCommerce, we’ll add this plugin support soon.

Can you tell me how soon do you think you implement this plug-in? thanks Alessandro

We’ll try add this plugin support on this month.

How to update Visual Composer plugin (XSS security vulnerabilities) ? Thx

Just download the newest version of this theme and update.

i have purchased a themes but foter showing this error how can we solve this

Wrong setting for footer columns widget. Please make sure total columns width not bigger than 12.

We’re really sorry about that, we have some problem with support system. Please forward your issue to support@everislabs.com. We’ll check and reply you immediately.

Hello, It has been 10 days since I sent a Support Ticket and nobody answers me. I really need support ASAP. Thanks, L

Can you send us your ticket id ? Thank you.


The Ticket ID is: #676474

Hello, again. This is the worst customer support I have ever seen. I have two very important issues with this theme and sent a ticket via your support page and I still get no reply whatsoever. The issues are:

Problem with the pagination of the portfolio. It does not change to the next page.

The filter is not working with some categories. I click on a category and it does not show the items in that category, even though it says that there are items in the category.

And when I click on an image to open the lightbox it says: “The image could not be loaded”.

How can I fix everything?

We’re really sorry about that, please forward your issue to support@everislabs.com. We’ll check and help you.


dzigue Purchased

How to update Visual Composer 4.11.2 plugin ? Thx


dzigue Purchased

OK. Thx.


dzigue Purchased

No update ?

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll send you newest version of all plugins via email. Thank you.