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What a wonderful design this theme has got, and the features are wonderful like Our Statistics section is unique in new looking. Well done. Very good job done.

Looks elegant, wish you a lot of sales.

Kind Regards,

Clean and fresh design, i wish you many sales! :)

Good job!Congrats :)

Wow, nice template&browser support! Faved! :winktongue:

Great work, glws ;)

hey pre purchase buy. Can you control color for icon boxes at shortcode level, or is it a global setting?

By default, this theme doesn’t options to changes header images. But for small customize, our supporter will help you to implement.

Thank you.

thank you. Sorry I forgot one question. Can you pad the location of navigation? My logo is 70px deep so is large., I need to control where the navigation bar is… Sounds like I will buy :)

The theme option allow you control your logo. And if your logo in so large, you should use full width menu same as demo.

At EverisLabs, beside the main theme feature and options, we can help you customize everything in fast and efficient.

Thank you for your interested.


Thank you for this job, nice theme. I want to reduce the width to 980px, how?

Tank you

Just go to Theme Options > Custom CSS, add

@media (min-width: 1200px) { .container { width: 980px; } }

No, it does not work, or it takes a little time.

Please send your site URL and admin login information to everislabs@gmail.com. Our supporter will help you customize.

Thank you.

Hi, nice theme! I’ve uploaded a logo and changed the «Display Logo» value in the Theme Options. My logo does not appear. Any idea?

Please send your site URL to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hello, I have problems with top menu (icons). I sent letter to everislabs@gmail.com yesterday but did not get answer. Please answer. Also, I have problems with slider (file paths), and some pages require demo.js (get error 404).

Sorry, we don’t receive any email from you, please send us again and we’ll help you via email. Our email support: everislabs@gmail.com

Thank you.

Ok, I sent again from another email. Thank you.

Hello – this is a pre-sale question – i assume the About Us demo page uses a Team shortcode, but why don’t your individual team member boxes open into a single page? – this would be a great help for SEO if each team member could have their own url. thanks!

This theme manage team member via Custom Post Type of WordPress, so every member will have a separate detail page. You can add this link to Team Options.

Thank you for your interested.

Do you mean within Member Informations, so it’ll have to be a field within the Team Shortcode?

You can send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll check and help you. Thank you.

Hello. Thanks for the latest update. Where can I find the Changelog?

Have a nice day, Rainer.

Hi, This is a small updated. We has optimize some javascript and functions.

Thank you for your purchase.


I’m very disapointed, that I’m forced to stay with a quite old Version of Visual Composer (3.7.4), because a newer version of VC doesn’t work with that Theme! I paid for that theme, and the plugin – but it is not possible, to use a fresh VC-Version with new Content-Elements, and more.

It would have been fair, to know that before investing money. That Theme without VC is quite uncool. What ist your timeline, to update your Version of VC? If you have any plans to do that.

And please: say it loud and clear somewhere, so your customers don’t get angry with you, that your Theme does not work with a updated Version of VC.

Sorry, the VC plugin include in this theme we has custom and only work with our element. We are always listen to our customer and review this problem immediately. We will improve this compatibility and updated very soon.

Thank you.

Can the Multi Columns portfolio page also have a category filter? I need the option of displaying my images in different sizes and orientations (vertical portrait proportion is most important). Also, is there an option to display captions under photo and not on mouseover?

This theme doesn’t support category filter with Multi Columns on portfolio page and include an option to display under photo.

Thank you.

I am trying to activate my slider in the Envato them. It requires an API key as well as a purchase code. when I put the code in that I got from the locations I was told to go to it gave the error message Purchase code not accepted. Please help.


You needn’t enter purchase code to all plugin in this theme. But if you want, you can enter purchase code of this plugin you has purchase.

Thank you

I’m having problems with the portfolio, the image does not want to.


Please send your site url to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you

quick question regarding posts… how do you get the thumbnail image to appear in the footer as it does in the preview? i used the “recent posts” widget and have set featured images for each post, but still no thumbnail. any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated!

Please send your site url and admin information to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll check your site. Thank you.

Hi -

The Custom Heading Title is not working for me – once I put something in, there is no output – blank. Leave it at default and it displays page title.


Please send your site url and admin information to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Great, please mention that your theme does only work with older Visual Composer. I particular bought this theme to work hoping to combine it with lasted Visual Composer that has more features. Will there be any future development on this issue?

Hello, Because the VIsual Composer we had included is the customize verison for this theme, so if you use another version, this doesn’t work.