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My friend the validation of the contact form isn’t working properly… my contact form is www.logros.ec/demo/contacto.html please help :)

well i correct the problem but now I detect another… in the responsive mode… menu is hidden at this resolution Please help me to resolve it

Can you you send us your page url to support@everislabs.com. Thank you.

but you have it already

Hi How can i change color theme? thanks

As we write in previous comment, add this line to head tag in any HTML file you want to change color.

Hi i have the problem with contact form, dont send mail and the load icon dont show, can u help me pls? many thanks

Please send us your live site URL to support@everislabs.com. We’ll help you.

Fonts are not loading in my purchased version. How to fix it?

Open any HTML files and add in the head tag:
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,300,300italic,700italic,700,600italic,600,400italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Dear author, can the sticky menu be disable in mobile version?

This solve the issue with the fixed menu mobiles… @media (max-width: 768px) { .affix { position: static !important; } }

Please still fighting with the menu not showing between 991 and 768 px…

Like before, I just fix the issue. For any other who might have the same issue, just add this class into responsive menu div: visible-sm

It should be something like this:

This will fix the issue with the menu not showing in between 768 and 991 px wide.

Best regards from Colombia.

Thank you. If you have another issue, please send your request to support@everislabs.com.

Dear author, can the menu and the logo be resized more smoothly… I mean there is a little bump while became sticky menu… Perhaps something like this: http://callmenick.com/tutorial-demos/resize-header-on-scroll/

Can you please take a look at the code, if there is any extra cost, please let me know.

Best regards

Sorry for late. We’ll check your request and process now.

Dear author… any luck with my request? any updates soon for thw 2015? Please I purchase this 3 months ago an really really need solve those issues…

Sorry for late. We’ll send you soon via Email. Thank you.

Dear author… any updates for the 2015?? still waiting for that replay 3 months ago.. =(

Thank you very much… =)

Dear Everis, 4 months now since my purchase and my last email with my request. I know that you guys should be really busy, but you just could have told me since the day 1, that you couldn’t help me out with the menu an logo issue, and I would look into any other way, but I’ve been waiting all this time for nothing. Its kind of frustrating to receive all these replies telling me that “in the next week I will receive my customize file, and wont receive nothing.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your attention, I thought you guys might want to review your support policies… Best regards.

Dear author… any chance you might update revolutions slider with lattes 5.0 version. Regards.

Yes. Please wait us update the template package.

Dear author, the tweeter feed just stop working…. Any ideas who to fix this… ? Thanks.

We’ll fix this issue soon. Thank