Discussion on Erhu - Fashion Drupal Commerce Theme

Discussion on Erhu - Fashion Drupal Commerce Theme

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A year ago you wrote that you will change from Omega 3 to Bootstrap. What is the progress on this development?

Nope, we do not have a plan to change the theme base of Erhu from Omega 3 to Bootstrap now.

You can still use it, Omega is a very powerful theme base.

Hello After installing with New Installation steps from Documentation. Sites main page looks cool. But non of links work it directly goes to Localhost. And admin panel and options are mission. Home home page of site works. Please help me with this.

Thank You in advance

You localhost does not support Clean URL, I guess.

Can you login using http://localhost/yoursite/?q=user

I added some pics to the slideshow and changed text and font, it works okay, but how to change the colour and font size of slider text and link and edit text behaviour?

Thx and have a good new year!

Pls open /sites/all/themes/erhu/css/global.css, search for .slideshow-description .slideshow-field-title and you will see the CSS code for those.

I was about of purchasing this theme and then I noticed that there is no CART on any of your pages! CART is most important thing for e-shop and all you get a small link to the cart when you add the product to the cart. If you go more shopping after adding product to the cart – there is no way of finding the CART. Please fix it and I’m sure you will get more sales straight away…

The new demo has been released with the cart. Pls check out demo. We are waiting for the approval of it.

Looks better, BUT if you select Boxed Layout, cart “disappears” as it is in white color. You need to change text color for Boxed Layout. Also I think everyone would prefer a button with word “Checkout” and not just text. For example button is orange and text is white. Is it possible to change colors for your theme? Your choice of Theme Colors is very weird as it does not match with the black background and for some colors even hard to see…

We will fix the Boxed Layout. For other parts, you can customize it yourself with a few CSS tweeks.

Anybody else get faulty .tpl’s? installed this theme, re-installed it, double checked everything a dozen times and the block regions still are not right. (http://i.imgur.com/BDmHVyA.jpg) <- a far cry from what their documentation shows.

If anyone else has had this problem and found a fix please let me know as i cannot for the life of me get through to them with their “limited” support system.

Did you raise a support topic? What is your problem exactly?

Hi there, this theme supports multi languages? I need an ecommerce in italian and english with a language selector for the user. Thanks. MP

Yes, it supports multi language. But it requires extra efforts to implement it. If you need our custom service, please let us know.

Hello! I have a problem with the slideshow: I’ve tried to replace one of the existing images, but my image doesn’t show up, it’s like the link to the image is broken, but the image is in the right folder… what is the problem?? Thank you in advance F.

Hello! I have a problem with the slideshow: I’ve tried to replace one of the existing images, but my image doesn’t show up, it’s like the link to the image is broken, but the image is in the right folder… what is the problem?? Thank you in advance F.

Hello. I’ve posted in your forum under “ST Fullscreen” theme, because there’s no option to choose the ST Erhu in your support forum… I hope you can solve the problem quickly because it is impossible to work with the website now… Thank you.

Hi, I solved myself… there was a problem with the htaccess file in file directory. I deleted it and now everything works.

Ok great you figured it out.

Hi there,

I see some issues with the responsive design…. on Samsung S4 and if you resize your dekstop browser screen… The text of the slider and ‘shop now’ button or on the content of the ‘Latest products’.

Hi, please use the contact form on www.symphonythemes.com and send us your website link.

hello i will like to know where can i add the Google map code (name of php file) tnx!

Where do you want to put it? Please raise a support request and tell it in detail on http://www.symphonythemes.com/forum

in Contact form > http://demo.symphonythemes.com/drupal7/erhu/contact

before CAPTCHA should have

But seems in file is missing, where i can add it back, missing this the cannot display normally in IE and FF

Oops! Access denied and i have login

can you please reply me here?

Please edit /sites/all/themes/erhu/css/global.css and add the following line: fieldset.captcha { clear: left; } – See more at: http://www.symphonythemes.com/drupal-themes-support/display-error#sthash.zPRaWGde.dpuf

We are getting an error for erhu/fontawesome/less/bootstrap.less 404 (Not Found)

Ok pls edit /sites/all/themes/erhu/templates/html.tpl.php, line #25, pls remove the following: <link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” media=”all” href=”<?php print base_path().path_to_theme(); ?>/fontawesome/less/bootstrap.less” />

hello, I am interested in the theme, but I can not see the generated order to buy, to see if you purchase bill pdf or as my orders are, he says access denied

  but the mobile version of Gat beach should more carefully the text field make the greatest width without, and filters have much higher, should to be collapsed. For the rest it is very good theme

sorry for my English, is of google

This is a demo site, so it does not have full payment process.

Don’t worry about any bug, we will support you to fix them.

Is it Omega 3 or Omega 4 behind the scenes? It seems to be Omega 3. If so, are you planning to use Omega 4 for any themes?

Yes, it is Omega 3. We don’t plan to use Omega 4, we will use Bootstrap instead.

Ok, thanks!

where can i find the support ?

If you use the full-site installation, you will get a site exact as our preview. Please refer to the Installation section of our Documentation.

ST ERHU THEME SETTINGS > HIDEGENERAL SETTINGS > HIDECOLOR SETTING > Color please let me know where I can change the master color by custom in css

It is on /sites/all/themes/erhu/css/global.css. If you need more help, please raise a support request on http://www.symphonythemes.com/forum

Your theme is very impressive. I am currently learning how to install and configure full functions of Drupal Commerce. I love it so much and will purchase it.

Thank you. Please go on and tell us if you have any queries.

Great work, glws ;)

Thank you!

Nice designs, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you kenzicode :)


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