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Hey I’m new Magento user.i try to change a little but many times doesn’t works so please help and tell me how to do this,thanks very much

This Pic it’s Original homepage


This next Pic it’s what i wanna change to:


waiting for your reply thanks so much have nice day

you find text you want change

No,i mean it’s not change the text,i wanna show new products by catalog

you can follow your email and provide details. We will help you

Hello! I really enjoyed this theme but Im having some problems on translating it. The language used on my store is pt_BR but some titles remain wroten in English, like: “You Have 1 Item In Your Cart” on the top. Still some other phrases are shown incorrectly, like “Add product to Cart sucessfully” and “Go to the shopping cart”. All the rest is wrote in pt_BR as should be. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hello, You can contact us . We will help you translate them.

Well, I did open a ticket but it generated no ticket number. Will I still be able to get the responses replied there? Thanks again.

Please you can wait. We check and reply you. You will get ticket number. You need check your email

Hey guys, I left a ticket in your system but you never got back to me.. Email address

You guys were looking at wrong issue/theme… last message you said the IP wasn’t working and I asked you to clear cache because it was. Please update the ticket we have and not these comments.

You can follow your ticket. We will help you.

I 1 star’d this theme. The support was terrible and wrong most of the time. I paid extra for it too. Just wanted to let you know how bad it was.

Hi Do you have RTL for this theme ? if your answer No can you tell me the price to change from LTR To RTL ?

waiting your reply


Hi, The RTL doesn’t available in this theme. If you want use RTL you need custom it.

Is the theme ready for magento ver1.9.1.0?


All right. Thanks.

how do i remove the category links that are selected in custom menu option?

It isn’t possible.

The out of stock formatting appears broken on our site:

How do we fix it ?

Hi, You can open a ticket . We will check and help you fix it.

On your ma_erida template, How do I hide the Title 1 and Title 2 for the banner at the top on the main page? , I want to hide all wording on the banner. thanks

Hi, You can check your email. We will help you hide it

thanks for the fast response. and once the slider is moving again everything will be perfect :)

Hello, I asked for a way to take the text off the slider and you did that but you also stopped the slider from working. Can you please get the slider working? thanks

we will check and help you

thanks as it seems you just changed the css file back to its original state and we can not have images that auto populate without text and link box flying over them?

You can follow your ticket. We can help you

I have bought this theme, but it seems I cannot change the current to be AUS. I have followed the instructions to change it: Admin > System > Configuration > Currency Set up

I can change the base currency to be Australia, but when I try to change the default display currency to be $AUD I get the following error message:

Selected default display currency is not available in allowed currencies.

Can you please advise? I havent made any changes to the core code.

I created a ticket, but I didnt receive an email confirmation that the ticket went through or a ticket number.

And when I created another ticket, this is the ticket number I got: #XXXXXX

Your ticketing system appears to not be working as that is not a valid ticket number. And again, I got no email confirmation of my ticket.

You can check your email again. You will get ticket id when we respond you.

I can’t figure how to make the ‘on sale’ products to show on home page. looking in the 1column.phtml there is a code commented and uncommenting it gives PHP error…

Yeah, been there, done that but nothing shows up in the home page. Is there a specific code I need to apply to it so it can show up. Only thing showing up is Featured, On Sale never shows up. Also in the manual there is a module for OnSale, but there is none in the zip provided, only ‘tabsproduct’ or something…

You can open a ticket We will help you

You can open a ticket We will help you