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Hi. Is this theme compatible with Prestashop ?

Edit: Nervermind just found out that it is :)

Hi, Our theme is compatible with Prestashop You can use it for your website.

Hi, I Updated from Magento to and the shopping cart is not working correctly (and this is the only thing I tried so far, besides adding items to the cart).

To the point: inside the shopping cart page (http://disuenos.localhost/checkout/cart/) neither the “Empty shopping cart” nor “Update shopping cart” buttons are working. They just do nothing, so I cannot increase nor decrease items cuantities, nor am able to empty the whole cart.

Analyzing things with FireBug, in the net tab, the request seem to provide the right paramenters, and no error is returned from what I believe are AJAX calls.



Hi, This item is prestashop theme. If you need help magento you can open a ticket and provide detail. We will help you.

Hi, How I do tu put in the home page the most popular productos and not the arraive product that its rigth know

You can open a ticket We will help you.

hi this is compatible on verison

Hi, This theme is compatible with You can use it for your website.

Hello! Slide banner is responsive in the demo but i cannot make it responsive in my website. How could i fix it? Thank you in advance.


You can contact posthemes(at) We will check and help you

Thank you for your quick response! I did! :)

if a product has a drop down attribute the price says 0.00 even though there is NO price difference. please advise how to fix this!!

**I found my answer fixed thanks

Remove “Specials” link in formation footer and replace with “new products”?? I cant seem to locate the file to remove the price drop (Specials) link in the footer and replace with “new arrivals”


You can check your email. Thanks !

Another Issue… when you log into your account (as a customer) and click My Vouchers – Its a blank page. Please contact asap to fix this issue! My customers use vouchers so I need this adjusted somehow.

Please send support email to us. Our support team will help you solve this issue.


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Hi, Can I use this theme for online image store/sell images online ?


You can use this theme for online image store/sell images online


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Thank you for the reply. Please help me to clarify me the following questions too.

1. can we allow others to log in and upload their photos ?

2. suppose we have different sizes of images , can we give different prices for each size ? can we allow the basic size to download free ? (1024*800)

3. when billing, are we able to make invoices automatically for the users who are uploading photos? For example: We have two clients. David and Brayan. End of the month we want to send invoices for them separately. Is this feature implemented?

Thank you.

These functions belong to Prestashop. You should learn about Prestashop. If Prestashop supports these functions, you can use them in our theme.