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Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks !

It is unbelievable that this industry goes with those bargain prices. All in one solution , fantastic.

Wish you the very best with this piece of art.

Thank you so much !

Hello is there more pics for see different colors of template? please share some screen casts

ok thanks Congrats its clean nice work!

i checked on iphone 5 and samsung s3 responsive isnt working. its showing normal website,please check it.

Clean & Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Nice work! Wish you more sales :)

Thank you very much !

Very nice! GLWS :)

Thanks !

It is very good. How can i add voucher on checkout?

Thank you ! You can see instruction add voucher on checkout this link:

Anyone else having trouble? When I upload the theme and select it, my site’s css just gets screwed up on the default template??? Help

You can make a ticket . We will check and fix it for you.

Thanks, ticket sent.

Hi, Can i embed a video (vimeo/youtube) in the slider in home page, instead of pictures?

Hi, Thank for your interested. This slider doesn’t support video

Hello, Could the buttons be changed to another language (spanish)?? Like “Sale” or “add to cart” buttons.

And, if it possible to purchase without registering?


It’s possible to change language like “Sale” or “add to cart” buttons

Hi, posmegamenu lutilanguage working only on top level, but level 2 not translating, except links. can i get code to replace ?

We will check and update posmegemenu module.

Hi… Anyone having issues on install? I get to ‘Install demonstration data’ at 78% and receive this message: Cannot create image “Shure_SE210_Sound-Isolating_Earphones_for_iPod_and_iPhone” for entity “product”

I tried changing permissions on some files, but I’m either missing which ones to change or that’s not the issue. I’ve deleted all files and reloaded, but receive the same message. Any help is appreciated!

1. You need change folders and files are set to permission 755
2. You delete your database and create new database for install your website.

Hi, I just bought your theme and have a question. Do I need to use the files in , although I am installing (from theme installer) from the folder ‘pos_erida_template_1.1’ . At the backoffice it shows: “You are going to install the following theme : pos_erida v1.0 This theme is for Prestashop v1.5.6.1 -> v1.5.6.1”

Thanks so much.

If you install “pos_erida_template_1.1” you don’t need update. If you install template “1.0” you can update template to 1.1 ( update files in folder )

Works great!

Please, this theme has the filter module ‘buy for’ according to the live preview?

This theme has the filter module

Hi, I noticed that the grid to list feature doesn’t work whenever I enable the Friendly URL in preference -> SEO & URLs. Any chance for a fix for this?

Hi, sorry I think it’s working now, tried resetting the layered navigation module and rebuilding the index. Thanks so much.

Hi, I really like your theme! Nice work! I have a question about the search refinements (filters module under “SHOP BY”); I see “Category”, “Color” and many other there and I wonder if that selection is static or if it’s configurable to include other attributes like “Fabric”, “Pattern” etc, whatever attributes one can create on a product.

Thanks in advance!


You can select attribute display in the shop by navigation. Login admin: Modules > Layered navigation block > Configure > Edit (My template). If you need more help you can contact us . We will help you.

Thanks! This is great news! Definitely goes on my list!

Hi, I am working on setting up this theme for a client that purchased it. I have a quick question about the slider. “Image” file I noticed the demo image is a JPG. I cannot open it in photoshop to see the settings. I want to be able to upload an isolated image just like you have in the foreground. Is it a clipping path saved in a JPG format? If not what is it? Thanks!

Do I need to make a clipping path for it to isolate the images, like you have women in the foreground?

you can provide more details ( screenshots)

I am attaching a link to the sample images. We tried a clipping path but it did not hold the transparency. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. We have the shop ready to go except this one thing. The template was a breeze to set up and it is really nice! Here is the link:

Thank you, Jo