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Great work! For product image I use the JqZoom of prestashop but not work. I see the small image and not the zoom… why?? IMAGE SETTING OF PANEL

You can make a ticket and provide your info We will check and help you.

I want to buy the theme, but it is translated in Italian? Even the forms of the cart and registration?

This theme can translate in Italian. You can use it for your website. Thanks !

Please 2 questions: 1. I can not translate my website in French. when I go to PosThemeOptions> Translate manager, I get this message “Warning, your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields in a form max_input_vars 2000.” Is this normal? 2. I wish to display a sub menu “Marks” in 2 columns. I can not find the solution, is it possible? thank you

1. You can contact us. We will check and help you solve it
2. It is possible. We will change it for you

RE, I have exactly the same problem of jojopaislies. How did you do to have an alpha image for the foreground of the Banner sequence with a .jpg?? I never see that…

hi, we have fixed this issue for you. You can check your ticket

No ticket about that…

we fixed it for you. You can check your website

Can upgrade to presta 1562 with no risk?

You can upgrade to prestashop 1562. If you have problem you can contact us. We will help you. You don’t worry

Hi, Will be available an upgrade of the theme to be compatible with the imminent release 1.6 of Prestashop (17 march)? Thanks

Hello, When prestashop release 1.6 we will update template compatible with 1.6. You don’t worry

Good night!

Please purchase details on the subject says that the supurte for IE8, but when that browser access is with colors and different placements, is that so?

our theme supports IE 8. You can check our demo

PlazaThemes, thanks for the info, but see how it looks on my domain, will have an update to fix this? here is the link:

You can make a ticket and provide details. We will help you solve it

Hi, Any news about Prestashop 1.6 compatibility update?

Best regards.

We’re updating and testing on Prestashop 1.6

on prestashop not all works perfect (after upgrade from 1.5) I have got some problem with left/right columns on category and product view, there are missing. Is this a bug ?

ok, Can I fix it myself quickly?

sorry, I reinstalled the project and it’s working now (somehow)

Hello. I’m interested into this theme. I have a couple of questions: 1) in the demo it seems not possible to zoom the detail image in the product page while hovering with the mouse… is there a way to do it? 2) the overall theme is very “white”, while I would probably need a darker one… is it possible/easy to override it? Thanks in advance.

1. If you want use zoom image in the product page. We will change it for you. 2. It’s change color. You need we can help you change it. You don’t worry.

hi, in posmegamenu I see the option to enable additional module in the submenu, but after the election of any module that appears on the page does not appear on the menu. Please let me know how to enable this option

You can see document in the package download for create menu items

Hi, in megamenu, I can not see the products added to the main category (store), you know it can happen?

Regards, Jose

Hi Jose,
You can make a ticket We will check and help you fix it


I have a problem, I install your theme for 1.6. The Category block on the left column is invisible. I veridfied the hook, everything is perfect but the category block is invisible. What did I miss ?

Thank you for your answer – Great theme !!

An other question. How do I desactivate the block “New arrival” “on sale” and “bestseller” on the home page ? Thanks again

How can I increase the width of the logo ? thank you

1. You can see document in the package downloaded “pos_config_theme_on_prestashop_1.6.pdf” . 2. Login Admin: Modules > Modules > Product Tabs > Disable. 3. You can make a ticket we will change it for you

Can I make the slider to a container width? It’s too big for my shop. When I make the window smaller, the background image is distorsioned.

or change the module. When I desactivate the module, it appears in vertical images.

If you want change with of slider. You can contact us and provide more details. We will help you change it.

Hello, previously I install your theme on v1.5.0.6 and everything works fine. When I upgraded my prestashop to v1.6, I did a clean install (which I deleted all of your theme and related module and install from scratch). Now most for parts it still looks great except for one. When you click into any of the product and goes into the product page, the price stated there will be $0.00.

There is no problem on the main page or the category page, it is only when user enters into that product page the price will be 0.

I am not 100% sure that this could be due to the theme, but when I change to other themes, the price is displayed correctly.

Therefore I sincerely hope you can help me to look into this, as I will be starting the shop real soon. You can have a look at:

PS: Frankly I like many of your themes, like Auriga, corau.. if only I can merge the best of these themes together :) and my big regret is to upgrade to prestashop v1.6…. giving me some many problems…

Thanx in advance.

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you fix it

Hi, I have tried to create and submit a ticket, but it generates a #XXXXXX as the ticket number. When I tried to login with my email and the #XXXXXX ticket ID, it returns an invalid login prompt. Please let me know if you have received the ticket. Thanks

After you make a ticket. You can check your email and get id login your ticket .

Hi, I have a question regarding the megamenu. If I want to create a category (About Us) in the CMS, where under the category it will have pages like ‘terms & conditions’ and ‘privacy policy’ etc, and I would like that to be display on my menu, with ‘About us’ as the top link and when users mouse over the ‘About Us’ the submenu will slide down showing the terms & conditions and privacy policy.

Am I able to do that because so far the submenu works only for product categories but not for CMS pages.

Appreciate your advise on this, thanks.

You can check and follow your ticket. We will help you.

Hi, I would like praise the efficiency of the author who made this theme. Previously I had a problem which I posted here, within hours they replied and assist to help to rectify the problem. One day later I made another feedback to them about another problem, and again they responded and fixed on the same day.

For those who are looking for a nice theme to purchase for your website, I would definitely recommend this, or any of the themes by “Plaza-Theme”, like Pos Auriga, Pos Corau etc. Not only they are nice, but most importantly is their good support if you encounter problems. This is the real experience I’ve encountered, and I am not affiliated with them in any way.

Thank you for the nice theme, and keep up the good work!! :D

Thank you so much !

Hi, regarding “Featured products with slider on the homepage” module there is still a minor bug, with weird words beside the add to cart button, and pictures for first few products. I’ve submitted a new ticket, and post it under the existing number #751202. Hope you can help me thanks.

My website:

Thanks again for the prompt action!! Within few minutes you have helped to fix it!! Thanks so much!!

Hi, sorry it’s me again. I just wanna ask, in your demo, when the cursor is over the megamenu “Men”, not only did the sub-menu is shown, but one of the static block “Alexandar McQueen” and “Dolce & Gabbana” appears as well. How did you enable that? I’ve enabled that page and set the hook position as “top” but still unable to show them. Can you teach me how do I do that?

You can check your tickets. We have fixed it for you.

I have a problem with user registration. When I write the email, appears an error message. In default theme it’s ok. I’m using Thanks!

We support via ticket. You can make a ticket We will check and help you solve it