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I’m trying to show a category within the CMS and the CMS pages in posmegamenu module but can not.

In the default theme of the horizontal menu prestashop module if correctly shows the CMS category.

It works correctly in this theme?

Thank you.

Hello , You can make a ticket we will check and help you solve issues.

Hi there, I would like to add the module “Facebook block” module somewhere at the main page footer area. But when I tried to transplant the module to the footer hook, it gives a error that the module cannot be transplanted there. Is there any way to do this?

You can get ticket id in your email then you follow your ticket

Hi, thanx for helping that quickly again. However there is a slight problem though, the facebook block only appears at the footer of the main page. It does not appear on any of the product or category page (only the title “Follow Us on Facebook” is displayed).

you can folow your ticket


zoom the detail image in the product page while hovering with the mouse, is that possible?

Hi, you can use zoom image in the product page while hovering with the mouse

Just purchased this item and have to say support is almost excellent. My questions where solved as expected.

Hi, where is the theme panel on prestashop? For customization.

this theme works on prestashop version

This theme is compatible with prestashop If you need we can help you install it

How can I let my thme Erida like demo with all imgs and infomation? I think it is the easy way to start customization the theme.

You can customization the theme. If you need more help you can make a ticket . We will help you

its possible import xml demo, like Wordpress?

It doesn’t use xml file. You can install theme it auto create static blocks

Hi, I have two questions about the theme:

1. For the POS Banner, can I make it such a way that I can click on anywhere within the image to be directed to that page instead of clicking the “shop now” button. This is because on a mobile device the “shop now” button is not shown, hence my users are not able to click on the banner.

2. I’ve recently install a module “Social Network Links” where they will have the little buttons to link to facebook, google+ etc. I am able to configure to place it on top of the page, but when I set to configure to place it at the footer, it is not displayed.

Any help regarding this 2 problems would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

1. You can add the link to backbround image. You can try it. Open nature Prestashop > themes > pos_erida > modules > possequence > open slideshow.tpl > here, you edit “” to “”. (with # is your link.). File has 4 segment you need edit,with the different: class=”slider-bg” to “slider-bg4”. If you see another problems,you can it for us. have fun !
2. You can contact your provider module.

Hello, Is it possible to modify the slider (background) in order to make it responsive? When I reduce the window of my browser, the background becomes deformed. Thank you for your assistance.

You can make a ticket We will help you fix it.


I see the theme with the site a in the checkout have some problems of ccs fot the mobile device i want to buy this template but i wanna know if you can fixed thats issue to buy. Thanks the problem are in the account creation, the summary, shipping and the select pay. Thanks again

Hi, you can make a ticket . We will check and help you fix this issue.

Hi I did create 2 ticket but and the tickect requeste tha system give me that XXXXXX in my inbox nothing recive, i dont know if the ticket send well.


You need check your email get ticket id and follow your ticket. We will help you

Hi, there are a few issues that requires your help: 1. the module ‘Products Category with slider v1.0’ on each of the product pages starts to disappear, only the title is shown e.g ‘27 Other Products’ but not the products itself. 2. In the products page, there is a thumbnail list/thumbnail frame. Previously I am able to scroll left or right to view other thumbnails but right now it just displays the whole chunk. 3. The other time I requested your help to insert the Facebook Like module at the footer. It worked beautifully, but I didn’t notice that it wasn’t shown at the footer in the product page. It seems to me all the problems are related only in the product details page, but I did not do anything related to the module related to product. All I did for past few days was only the paypal and bankwire module. I will try to submit a ticket for the problems, but like Abrahamp most likely the ticket ID i will get is XXXXX. Nonetheless I hope you can assist. Thanks!!

We have got your payment. We will do it for you in to day. Thanks

Hi, regarding the point 3, which I said it wasn’t shown at the footer of the product details page. I managed to solve it already. I’ve taken out the line {if $page_name !=’product’} , which led me to think u probably misunderstood, thinking I didn’t want the facebook block to be shown on product details page. I want it to show on every page in the footer. But nvm and thanx for your help.

You can follow your ticket. We will help you

Hi, you have to update the theme, when you use combination this combination get $0 and the porduct have the price well, but dont show in the combination cause a bug that was fixed y version 1.6.05 and affect the theme in this topic explain better, i have to modify the product.tpl in the erida theme, and I dont have to do that now if i want to put discount of my product i cant cause this, please fixed i let the link and dont say me “Create a Tickect” cause this a general problem no only my.

You open file themes/theme_name/product.tpl find line 61 change
 var group_reduction = '{$group_reduction}';
 var group_reduction = '{1-$group_reduction}';

Hi I Know that and thats what I did, but if you put a discount for product then the tamplate dont take the value, this modification ($group_reduction) its a about version, Do you understand what I mean?

You can make a ticket and provide details. We will check and help you

I’ll buy it if you can upgrade it to bootstrap 3. Is bootstrap 3 on your nearby roadmap ? great theme, thanks!!!

Thank for your interested. This theme use bootstrap 2. We don’t upgrade it

Hi, very nise template! I want to buy it, but I want to Know is has the combination next to price in product on frontend, and if can add social buttons in product details. And It is update for 1.6.06??

Thank you

Thank for your interested. It has the combination next to price in product on frontend, and if can add social buttons in product details. If you need help you can contact us. You don’t worry

Hi, for the two modules: 1. Featured product slider 2. Products category Slider

When the first product is at the most left of the slider, pressing the left/prev button or swiping right for mobile devices will scroll very quickly all the way to display the last item, and similarly when the last item is at the most right of the slider, pressing the right/next button or swiping left will scroll very quickly all the way to display the first item.

Can you help to disable the left/prev button or swipe right when displaying at first item, and right/next button and swipe left when slider is at the last item (at least for the featured product slider) because everytime I do this on an iphone, the Safari browser crashes.

I will submit a ticket to you, thanks.

Hi, referring to Ticket #363642, about the megamenu I believe it is not fixed and it probably has got nothing to do with changing the css file. It is about the menu-mobile, meaning the pink coloured menu when I go to my website using iPhone, iPad, Samsung smart phone etc.

For example, in the configuration setting if I were to place the category “Dress” as position 1, “Shirt” as position 2, “Pants” as position 3, the menu when pulled down should by right show Dress, then Shirt and lastly Pants.

Right now it is not the case, as the category which I put in position 1 is placed at the last position. I know if I view the website via a computer it is displaying the position correctly.

I have attached a screenshot previously showing the bug, which you have insisted you have fixed it. The problem has yet been solved.

Are you able to fix the problem or do I have to engage a programmer to do it?

I believe I have paid some additional amount of money (just for your to fix the existing bug) which if topped up a bit more I can already purchase another theme here in themeforest. But I got the impression you are simply brushing me off by keep saying it has been fixed. If it is not really able to be fixed by you I pray that you can let me know as early as possible because we are setting a website to do a business and we cannot keep staying on this problem on and on without any progress.

Seek your kind understanding on this matter, not that I want to be fussy about it.

You can follow your ticket. We will help you.


zoom doesn’t work. I enable de zoom on preferences and nothing happens.

Please help me. Thanks

You can contact us and provide details. We will check and help you.

Did you received my e-mail with my FT`P password?

You can check your email and follow your ticket

Prestashop release the 1.6.09 version. Do you think to update?

We will update our theme compatible with version

Ok I really want to upgrade I hope you do it soon.

You can install theme in folder “pos_erida_template_1.1_for_prestashop_1.6.x.x” . It’s compatible with


How can i change the 3 Main Horizontal categories on the home page ?

I want to place inside them the images and the links towards my categories !

Thank you

You can change in Admin > PosExtentions > Manage Static Block > Home Banner Top

Thank you so much this is exactly what i’ve been looking for, you saved my day.

Thank you again for your help :)

Hi! It’s very difficult to translate the template to Spanish?.


It’s easy to translate the template to Spanish. You can see document in the package download


I have problem in the product’s page, underneath the main picture of the product there is the selection of “similar products”, when there is only one similar product to it, it is show in a very large huge size when there are more than one similar products, products are shown under a normal size. How can i fix this problem ?

Thanks in advance

You can make a ticket and provide links of your problem. We will check and fix it for you.