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Eris - Portfolio WordPress Theme

Eris - Portfolio WordPress Theme

Eris is a crisp and elegant portfolio theme. It works best when you feed it with a lot of different-styled projects. This let’s it create harmony between discordant projects and content. And, in turn, makes your work’s narrative look as cohesive as ever.

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Change Log:

Version 1.2.3 (March 29, 2019) - Gutenberg Update

Edited: style.css inc/extras.php inc/template-tags.php

Version 1.2.2 (September 19, 2018) - Fixed bug with autoplay variable - Files changed: style.css, inc/extras.php

Version 1.2.1 (June 7, 2018) - Fixed theme functionality for center aligned images that are wider then content. - Custom Fonts with Kirki plugin - Removed TK custom fonts - Autoplay slider in customizer

Edited: style.css functions.php assets/js/common.js inc/extras.php inc/plugin-activation.php inc/customizer/customizer.php inc/customizer/js/customize-controls.js inc/customizer/settings/customizer-portfolio-header.php inc/customizer/functions/customizer-functions.php inc/customizer/settings/customizer-google-fonts.php

Removed: inc/change-fonts.php inc/customizer/js/customizer-settings.js

Version 1.1.3 (March 24, 2018) - Fixes for JP Lazy Images after 5.9 JP update. - Removed Instagram feed from Eris Widgets - Added recommended plugin: WP Instagram Widget

- Files changed: style.css assets/js/common.js inc/plugin-activation.php inc/template-tags.php templates/template-parts/content-portfolio-slide.php templates/template-parts/content-portfolio.php

Version 1.1.2 (January 24, 2018) Fixed: Select fields not working for Portfolio slider categories i slide number. style.css inc/customizer/functions/customizer-functions.php

Fixed: - Password protected post wasn’t working - Proper Dot character on slider - Max width for site branding on touch devices. - Images with caption not getting the width set in common.js style.css inc/extras.php assets/js/common.js - General theme update - Files changed: Edited: style.css rtl.css functions.php footer.php header.php assets/js/common.js inc/extras.php inc/template-tags.php inc/change-colors.php inc/metadata/meta-boxes.php templates/portfolio-page.php templates/template-parts/content-search.php editor-style.css assets/fonts/stylesheet.css import/demo1/customizer.dat inc/importer/init.php inc/importer/demo-files/index.php inc/importer/demo-files/demo-1/customizer.txt inc/importer/includes/parsers.php inc/importer/includes/themes-kingdom-importer.php inc/importer/includes/wordpress-importer.php languages/eris.mo import/demo1/content.xml import/demo1/screenshot.png import/demo1/widgets.json languages/eris.pot - Fixed issue with color picker - Removed custom CSS filed, since it’s standard in WordPress - Files changed: inc/change-color.php, inc/customizer/, style.css - Fixed issue with projects archive page - Fixed issue with archive page in column mode - Fixed: assets/common.js, style.css, functions.php, inc/template-tags.php - Fixed issue with retina logo - Files changed: style.css, inc/extras.php, header.php, inc/customizer/settings/customizer-portfolio.php - Added Footer copyright field to the customizer - Files changed: footer.php, inc/customizer/customizer.php, inc/customizer/settings/customizer-footer.php, style.css - Improved contact plugin - Files changed: inc/extras.php, inc/plugin-activation.php, style.css, inc/change-colors.php - Minor bug fixes - Added Latin Extended font - Directory updated: assets/fonts/ - Files changed: style.css, functions.php, inc/extras.php, templates/portfolio-page.php - Fixed theme loading in some browsers - Files changed: header.php, search.php, style.css, inc/change-fonts.php, assets/js/common.js, inc/change-colors.php, inc/extras.php, footer.php - Minor bugs and theme improvements - Files changed: assets/js/common.js, style.css, header.php, sidebar.php, tag.php, templates/template-parts/content-search.php, functions.php, inc/extras.php, inc/template-tags.php - Added Retina logo support - Added related posts for portfolio items - Minor bugs fixes - Files changed: inc/customizer/customizer.php, inc/customizer/settings/customizer-retina-logo.php, style.css, languages/, single.php, templates/template-parts/content-related.php

Version 1.0 (August 03, 2016)