Discussion on Ernest - Creative Portfolio Template

Discussion on Ernest - Creative Portfolio Template

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Hi Again, any tips on infinitive scroll? Like you have in the Humpton template? Instead of clicking to load next project?

This is a complex function and require custom work. It can not be done just by copy and replace from Humpton template

ezovr Purchased

Hi, thank you for the template. Is there an issue displaying vimeo embed the lightbox just like images? What would be the best scenario to place videos without leaving the site?

The HTML shortcode is located inside multimedia.html page

ezovr Purchased

Awesome, that will sort it! Thank you! One more more question.

Index HERO section, any way of adding video as a BG with slider, I have multiple Video Backgrounds for projects/services but can only use stills.

Hi, The webgl showcase do not support video slides.


Hello, your support service told me to contact you through your profile page but I haven’t received any response, is everything alright?

Sent you an email. Thanks

Bought the Hompton template. Loved the look on demo but just couldn’t work with it on Dreamweaver. The hero type jumbled all over and I got frustrated. Usually, I can customize.

The website loads pages via Ajax and use WebGL for motion effects. You need to upload it on your server and will work perfectly. It can be edited on dreamweaver but not run on it. Here is the docs of the template: https://www.clapat.com/templates/humpton/docs/

Also we are here to help. You can write us via our Themeforest profile form.

If you consider this is not the right template for you, please ask for a refund: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

We have invested a lot of time creating this template and we think your rating is unfair. Please reconsider it. Thank you

Hi, where can I find online documentation? Thanks.

also, what is the grid system used? is it 12 column bootstrap?

Hi, It is build on our framework, 6 columns based. Here is the docs:


Best regards

Hello! great job!!! Is it possible to access the development version? (gulp, webpack, sass, etc). Thanks!!

hi ClaPat, if u watch the site on Samsung Internet, there is a gap between the website and the bottom of the display from the phone

Please write us via our themeforest profile form and provide us some screenshots. Thanks

Hi ClaPat, I am not able to send u a ticket. Although I introduce the right purchase code, the system answers: Sorry, that purchase code is for a different Envato product.

Our forum is only for wordpress. Here is the profile form: https://themeforest.net/user/clapat

Hello! I have just downloaded the template, but when I am opening it in Safari (Mac OS) background images is not showing up, with firefox it is also the same. How can I fix that?

Just sent you an email. Best Regards

Hi ClaPat, regarding the responsive table: it doesn’t display a horizontal scrollbar on small displays

We will add this feature on the next update. Thanks

Super COOL! Love it!

Thank you!


I have a problem with your theme, but in your ticketing system it is not possible to choose Ernest so I cannot create a ticket. So I sent you an email yesterday.

Please let me know

Thanks, Kind Regards

I need your website to inspect it into the browser console. Please keep the conversation via email. Thanks

here is the link, it will just work if u refresh the page http://test-tom.bplaced.net/

I have searched for https://www.easybooking.eu but i didn’t find anything on how to call the function on ajax page load. In this case you need to disable the ajax load on our template. Please add on each page on body tag the class disable-ajaxload

<body class="hidden hidden-ball smooth-scroll disable-ajaxload" data-primary-color="#ff0000">

Wow! Great work & wish you will be got higher sales on TF.

Thank you!

Congrats on the featured item!

Thank you!

Do you plan on porting this theme beyond HTML?

The wordpress version it is in progress. Follow us on themeforest to see when will be released. Best regards

Really great template, congrats!

one doubt;, why in mobile version, there’s a range in the bottom when scroll?

tested in a lots of android cell phones and it’s always the same.

here’s the example of a screenshot:


Awesome template, congrats again.


Try in incognito and please do not use zoom on the browser. Thanks

it happens in incognito and without any zoom too.

Hi nice work one issue Ive noticed navigating from the home page to multimedia the pinned sections dont work if I refresh the page they work.

We have added a function to wait for images and after init the pin scroll. Replace from our demo: http://clapat.ro/themes/ernest/js/common.js

Before testing plz make a hard refresh CTRL + F5

Let us know if it is ok. Thanks

That fixed it, thank you

Glad to help!


first of all congratulations for your Ernest theme!

I have a problem with your theme, but in your ticketing system it is not possible to choose Ernest so I cannot create a ticket. So I sent you an email yesterday.

Please let me know

Thanks, Kind Regards

Sent you an email

Hi, do you have any news? please let me know, Thanks. Kind Regards

Awesome. When will wordpress be ready?

It is in progress. Regards

Congratulation, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Great Work,Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you!


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