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Hi you update WPBakery Visual Composer?

We’ll updated Visual Composer soon.


Is support still alive on this theme?

Yes. This theme is lifetime support and never end.

Great, thanks for the fast reply!

There seems to be some issues with this theme right now:

1) The footers seems to be apprearing in the header? See http://imgur.com/IxSWWZb,8CIgE8n#0 And http://imgur.com/IxSWWZb,8CIgE8n#1

2) The footers seems to be “behind” the other content on the frontpage? Really disturbing and weird See http://imgur.com/zbtH2eD

3) The social share icons etc. is invisible on the post/blog unless you hover it? See: http://imgur.com/dXuFKk5

Is this something you are going to fix?

Oh. It was a pre-sale question, so I dont have it setup yet. I wanted to know if you was going to fix it or have a suggestion.

It seems only to be a problem on 1366×768 resolutions or lower.

Thank you for your reported. We’ll fixed this and updated soon.

Thanks. Ill buy as soon as it is fixed.

Hi, I am trying to add a photo to the user profile but can’t see any such option. How can I add a profile image?? Want the image to show up in author info

In this theme, we use Gravatar to display your profile avatar. Go to this link and upload your avatar.

Can others add articles to the site did not see a register button

You can use the plugin call name WP User Frontend for your request. Thank you.

can i add actual content in certain areas on the homepage? or does everything has to operate as it is already programmed for blog entries only. (view images below)

1. http://awesomescreenshot.com/00347n8ic6

2. http://awesomescreenshot.com/0ef47n8x60


Also can the homeslider scroll regular images individually or does it have to be a blog post image that is featured in that area?

Hi, You can customize and add content as you want with Visual Composer plugin included. The home slider work with blog post that is featured.

Hi is there update for WPBakery Visual Composer ?

Hi, is it possible to get response on a ticket soon?

We just response your ticket. Please check. Thank you.

Hi, there is no new answer? Thanks


before purchasing i need to know:

I really like this theme’s layout but i’d like to turn off some of the animations especially on the starting page (i.e. zooming in on pictures or the automated sliding of the “news heading trend” like shown in the live preview).

Is this possible?


Yes. You can remove anything you don’t like from this theme.

Hi, I have a problem displaying the number of facebook likes. Any idea why? You can access my site at: http://makeupchum.com/. Thanks.

Please send your site admin login information to support@everislabs.com. Thank you.

Thanks, it’s ok now. Facebook has updated its API.

I purchased this theme a while back, and just recently it’s asking me to enter a visual composer license key, I thought this theme came with it, since I can’t verify the key my home page slider, and layout is not working. Is this what is causing the layout to be off?

Please send me your site URL to support@everislabs.com. Thank you.

The URL is http://middlegroundinc.com Thank you

where can i find the licence key for Visual Composer?

And secound question:

We add own sidebars with id´s, everytime we update sidebars our text fields are empty?

Please check your email. Thank you.

there is version 4,7 now, can you update please

Please wait the new version available on ThemeForest. Thank you.

Hi Is it possible to update Visual Composer? Or where can I download updated plugin or theme with it? Thanks

I have also replied :)


Please check.

Hi, when adding Google Adsense code to the Advertising box it deletes the code (all but 1 line) are you able to assist?

Hello, Please go to http://everislabs.ticksy.com/ and send us your site URL. Thank you.

We’re really sorry about that, we have some problem with support system. Please forward your issue to support@everislabs.com. We’ll check and reply you immediately.

I have: ticket_ 610002

no reply?

Theme does not appear to work with latest wordpress + latest visual composer. For example, unable to add ‘single image’. We have emailed but no reply. We’ve done a fresh install on a fresh wordpress and still have the same problem. Do you intend to update / fix the issue? The support forums also appear to no longer be online. Do you support this anymore?

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.