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Please… question number 2 below is pretty urgent. Any news? :’(

We’ll reply you via Email Soon. Sorry for delay.


Just wandering where is the file with the latest changes/updates for the new version?

We just updated the Revolution Slider and WooCommerce Plugin. Please updated. Thank you.

I meant the theme Changelog

7 months ago someone reported that the shortcode keys no longer show in the TinyMCE… 7 months later and still nothing… Unimpressed

I’m abandoning this theme

We just added in this updated. Thank you.

Shouldn’t it be col-lg-9 col-md-9 in page.php in stead of col-lg-8 col-md-8? I think it’s to much space betweein content and sidebar. And sidebar has col-lg-3 col-md-3 that doesn’t add up to 12.

Yes. You can changes if you want.


Thanks for the great theme! One question; how do I remove/disable search box from top bar (next to social media icons)?


Add this CSS:
#header-search {
display: none;
Thank you.

Hi there, I need to be able to add a qualification logo in the header bar at the top right, could you please tell me if this is possible through the header options/widgets before I purchase?


By default, this area only allow text but if you want, we’ll help you customize after you purchased. Thank you.

We have so many problems with this theme compared to other themes we bought. A lot of frustrations and a lot of unnecessary hours of work had been done.

Couple examples:

- Custom button in header gives a lot of CSS problems - Custom facebook button in the header springs around in the mobile version in different angles on different screen size - Slider looks different in different browsers. Whitespace under the menu in Chrome and not in all the other browsers incl. Operah, Safari, IE, FF - Not possible to use a static refslider. This is a standard setting but only the inline shortcut works - Full width is NOT responsive. It overlaps the menu on mobile phone formats - We want to make the hover of the Standard Facebook icon in the uper right corner the standard view so the FB icon is always blue. This is possible through CSS but in the responsive version the icon get stretched out over the whole width.

etc. etc.

Is there anybody that is familiar with these problems?

Hello, Please send us your issue and site URL to support@everislabs.com. Our supporter will help you resolve your problem. Thank you.

We just help you add logo and Facebook like box as you want. You are unfair while rating us 1 star because you don’t know how to do that and this is not a theme bug.

We’re very happy if you can increase your rating on ThemeForest.

Thank you.

Great support! Thanks


My Erros website should be updated to 1.7. the current version is now 1.3. How can I best do this? Can you help me to do this? The stylesheet and perhaps more pages are customized. I hope this problem to be welded on the scroll, because this is not good on mobile devices.

Thanks for your response, and hopefully you can help me. Annemijn Filius


A client commented on the speed of their website, and I started doing some tests. Eross is very very slow, and your demo scores only 18 out of 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights. Images seemes to be handled particularly bad. Are there any posibility that you will look into this and and improve speed in a future update?

Thanks Eivind

The update will be ready in the next week. For W3 Total Cache, please send your site URL and WordPress login information support@everislabs.com, we’ll help you config this plugin for your site.

Thank you. Regards.

Wow. Thank you very much!

Hi. I wanted to check back and ask how the update is coming? And I sent an email to support about configuring the plugin but never got any reply, should I just send another one?

Thank you.

Hi There,

This is still one of the baddest themes we ever bought!

Recently I posted a message about this theme (Erros) that this is the worst theme ever. You guys texted us that we don’t give you guys the change to fix some bugs before adding a bad rating. We’ve mailed some urgent issues and we are just getting no reply.

We bought and used a lot of WP themes from different developers and Erros is by far te baddest theme we’ve ever used.

The worst thing about this theme is that noting works when you try to add someting custom like a custom header or a FB like box in the header.

This theme is not compible with IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11. I know IE is a really crappy browser and it should be forbidden, but IE and Chrome are the two most important browsers in the Netherlands.

Also things that are not working propperly: - Some theme settings just aren’t working after editing - Boxed layout doesn’t make the footer in a box - Menu is overlapping the headers on mobile whlie making a custom header - Some divs are overlapping eachother.

and so on…

I hope you guys reply on our e-mails beceause we got 2 verry mad clients abount this theme.



The problem is you don’t know how to customize and edit code as you want. In previous request, our supporter help you edit the header button and facebook and this isn’t a bug of theme. If you have any question or request, please send us via email support@everislabs.com or go to http://everislabs.ticksy.com/ and create a ticket support.

Thank you.

nope, that was an old issue right now we talk about an other website. I will create an other ticket. Hope you guys can reply fast.

Thanks in advanced.

Hello guys, this is a very nice theme! One question: how to update the theme?

Thank you!

Just login to ThemeForest, click to Download link and download the new version of Eross here.

Hello! I have sent you a message to support@everislabs.com 4 days ago because of an urgent problem in a website. Please, I need to solve the problem, I have that website offline because of that. My email is sagaveal@gmail.com. Thanks.

I have added 2 issue tickets… waiting on a resolution. thanks

... still waiting for resolution!

I’ve emailed twice about a problem with the functionality of the Theme on the iPhone/iPad. Any chance you can actually get back to me?

Sorry for late reply. We’ll check your issue and send you a solution soon.

Hi. I want to remove the responsive menu of this theme. I will replace it with a plugin. What to deactivate/change in order to remove the responsive menu?

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. Our supporter will help you.

Hi. I haven’t received any kind of reply to the email I sent 11 days ago!

Hello, We just send you an email. You can remove by open header.php file on theme file, find and delete:

<a class="pull-right responsive-menu visible-sm visible-xs responsive-menu" href="#panel-menu"><i class="fa fa-bars" /></a>

Hello, is it possible to set a specific category in blog shortcode? I see only these options:



Theme is ok but sinds a few weeks I got problem that I have two checkout buttons in my cart. En two the same payments options.. see two the same payments options below each other. strange

Hope you got a quick fix for this