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One more question: With the theme can i create full with sections and custom design them ? e.g the background for individual section ? Thank you

Yes. You can use theme shotcodes to create custom page layout.

I want your theme but with demo included ( woocommerce items and plugin also populated) . Do you have a quick start for installation that will populate the theme also?


The purchase package includes sample data, slider data & theme option data. You can easy setup your site as demo in a few minutes.

Thank you.

Just bought this theme. Amazing features and documentation really complete. Easy to use! Thanks everislabs, keep doing theme like this! You rocks ;)

We’re happy to here that. Thank you & don’t forget rating our item :)

I like the theme, but the font section doesn’t work with WordPress 3.8. I tried changing the font size and the actual font and nothing happened. Can this be fix ? Thank you

Please download and updated newest version.

Thank you.

I just did and no change. I also have no other plugin installed so nothing is interfering. Is the new version 1.0 as that is what Themeforest has ? Please help.

Thank you

Newest version 1.1. You should go to Theme Options > Styling. Enable in Use Custom Style.

Thank you.

If i enable Custom Style, will that over wright the theme style ?

If you use default color or pre-define theme color, that will be not overwrite theme style.

Thank you, it worked. I really like the theme.

Thank you and dont forget rating this theme :)

I just did, i gave it 5 out of 5. Thank you

Thank you so much :)

I like this theme but would like to know if I can only show product without have e-commerce details – so no pricing, no cart, just product images and information… thank you!

You can customize anything you want with Theme Options include and request support via Email. Thank you.

I purchased EROSS WordPress template through ThemeForest. I love it, my client loves it, the IPad version of the site is working great!

BUT…. tt doesn’t show up properly on an iPhone and 2 of the links still don’t work but I’m assuming you are working on that still.

Is it possible to have an option where someone can “view full desktop version?”

Is there a release scheduled that will make the menu drop downs and these other issues work anytime soon? My client is trying to be patient but asks me quite often when this will be fixed. Can you please, please help?

Please send your site URL via our Email support: everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hi, there is a problem with the portfolio shortcode. When i call it in home page like this: portfolio number=8 It comes out ok and all looks good and all links work except for one, when you click on the title of each item it tries to link to portfolio-detail.html This happens to all of them. Please help. What can i change to get this fix. Thank you

We has fixed this bug on newest version. Please wait and updated in today. Thank you.

Just though i let you know that the theme doesn’t work properly on old IPADS, and IPhones. When you use the rev slider it makes everything disappear. Will this be fix in the next update ?

Can you send us your site URL via Email everislabs@gmail.com ?

You don’t need my URL, your live demo is the same. Just check your live demo on a IPad one and you will see what i mean on home page where the slider is. If you scroll up and down the page, you will see that you can’t even see the Navigation Bar. It works good on IPad 2.

Thank you for your report this bug. We’ll check and fixed immediately.

I’ve tested with Layer Slider and still the same thing, there must be a conflict.

Hi i updated to the new release 1.2 and it is fix. Thank you.

There is however another bug now, If you check your live demo on a IPad you will see that the portfolio and clients shortcodes doesn’t work. If you view the home page of your live demo on ipad the portfolio carousel will only show a small section of the portfolio and same with happy clients on about us page.

Thank you.

We have small issue with our server, so some elements not display property because page load time of this site is slow. If you refresh, the page will load full.

We are currently in development newest version of this theme with resolve all conflict functions, change carousel working script and add more many features. Please waiting and updated in some days.

Thank you so much :)

I have a couple of questions about the theme. In your demo, the slider has buttons that are flat but when I try to use a button on my slider it looks like it’s raised. Is there a way to change the default button style to what you have?

Also, is there somewhere that I can find a full list of all the different class options for the shortcodes you provide? For example, the “Call to Action” shortcode has a number of options and I don’t know what they all are.


Please import slider sample data for slider style and read our document include download package for all shortcodes & helper tag.

Thank you.

Hi, is it possible to display videos instead of images in the portfolios? Also, if you did that, would the video be playable from the main portfolio page, or would you need to open the portfolio item to play the video?


This version only support images on portfolio slide. We’ll updated this features in newest version. You can insert video on Portfolio content.

Thank you.

Awesome, I’ll purchase once that change is made. I’m also loving the sticky sidebar on the filtered portfolio :) If I might be so bold as to also suggest something that would have made me purchase immediately: the same filters as on the portfolio, available on the blog. Not many people do this, but some do (eg Enfold theme) and I think it’s an awesome feature. My two cents.

Hello, for small customize options, our supporter will help you implement after you purchase. It very fast and free :)

Hello, the template is very nice, but I’m from Germany and my question is about the URL of Portfolio for SEO:

First I create a new project (Portfolio > Add New). The name of this project ist “Picture 1”. Then I integrate the code “portfolio column=3 carousel=no” into my “home”-site and everything works, but when I click on the link under the picture, it opens a new page with the URL:


Where can I manually translate or delete the expression “portfolio-item” for SEO?

Thank you!


Just go to Theme Options > Portfolio, change your slug in here.

Then, go to Settings > Permalinks, press Save Changes.

Thank you.

It’s so simple and it works!!! Thanks!

I have a question about the toggle shortcode. When the title is too long it acts strangely and doesn’t line up properly with the text above it. Is there a way to fix this? I’m hoping to have a three column layout with each column using a toggle box but the titles are long and look weird.



Please send your site url and login info to everislabs@gmail.com. Our supporter will help you resolve this problem.

Thank you.

Hi, I just downloaded and bought the theme. I tried changing the theme to use custom colors, but only the pre-defined theme colors want.

Make sure you select Enable in Use Custom Style.

I did, but the “Main Theme Color” does not get applied, I am now having to go through the CSS and custom code all the colors. Yikes!

Please send us your site URL and login info to everislabs@gmail.com.

Thank you.