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Hello. I just purchased this theme (which is great), but having some issues. First one is with logo placement. My client wants a full-width banner for the logo area. I can’t seem to get rid of the margins (top, left, bottom). Plus the logo is not responsive.

I do have a second issue, which is just a matter of aesthetics. Took me awhile to figure out how to place a slider on my Home page, but now that it’s in there, again, having an issue with margins. I’ve tried all the responsive slider options to make it fill the boxed layout, but to no avail. Still have margins (left, right, top – had to add a negative margin to the slider so that it at least matched the left and right margins).

Can you help me with this please? Thank you!


Thanks so much! Was there a setting that I missed? Just want to know for next time. :)

You should insert slider shortcode in custom heading content and check in Full Width Heading :)

Oh, cool! Thanks again!

some shortcode does not work if placed inside the tab (any style). the same problem when I tried to insert buttons or other shortcode in a text widget in the sidebar. how can I solve this problem?

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll help you.

Thank you.

Hi guys, really nice theme ;) just one question – in “breadcumb” i cannot find the way how to disable showing name of post in blog instead of name of page or category.

I make page “NEWS” which is “blog type” and in bottom navi I see ” Home > [post title]” instead of expected “Home > News” and in detail of post I see “Home > [post title] > [category] > [post title]” instead of “Home > News > [post title]”.

Unfotunately I cannot provide link to site because it is running on my local testing web server. hope you understand and can help me ;)

We need your email address to send you our updated file. Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

I am a little annoyed, I deleted this theme and went to reinstall it, it quote me not says “Cheatin Uh?” and logged me out of my wordpress, I logged back in and now every time I try to install it the theme says it’s failed to upload. I am highly disappointed. I shouldn’t have a block on being able to upload this theme to the same website i’ve deleted it from.

Please send us your site url and login info to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll check your site soon.

How the heck do you use the columns shortcode? I want to set up a 2/3 – 1/3, but the documentation doesn’t say anywhere how to set that up. My client wants user-friendly drag-and-drop, but this is not intuitive at all. Help? Thanks.


The columns usages is very easy and simple. Just select Column on Layout dropdown in Editor.

Example with 2/3 – 1/3 columns: row Your content here … /column Your content here … /column

Note: total column with is <= 12.

If you can’t do, please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll help you. Thank you.

Hi, I’ve just have quick ‘before purchase’ question. Take a look at “Home-3” sample on your Eross HTML Template. The logo and main navigation are centered. Is it possible to create exactly the same layout with wordpress version? Thanks!


You can easily changes header layout in Theme Options. The WordPress version is same HTML Template.

Thank you.

WOW! Lightning fast reply :) Thank you!

Hello, I’m having the same issue as stephwitch and the custom colours I’ve entered aren’t showing up even though I’ve clicked “enable”.

Also, how to I get those arrow menus for a sidebar menu like the demo? I added a menu to my sidebar and it’s just a bulleted list.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.


I’m not able to import the sample data.

Failed to import pa_color Black Failed to import pa_color Blue Failed to import shop_order_status cancelled Failed to import shop_order_status completed Failed to import product_type external Failed to import shop_order_status failed Failed to import pa_color Green Failed to import product_type grouped Failed to import shop_order_status on-hold Failed to import shop_order_status pending Failed to import shop_order_status processing Failed to import shop_order_status refunded Failed to import product_type simple Failed to import product_type variable Failed to import product_cat Clothing Failed to import product_cat Hoodies Failed to import product_cat Music Failed to import product_cat Posters Failed to import product_cat Singles Failed to import product_cat T-shirts Failed to import product_cat Albums [...]

Can you help me please?

This error because you are not install Woocommerce plugin. Thank you.

Hey, great theme!

Is it possible to get the avatar in the testimonial slider? doesn’t seem to work…


Hi, Please send us your site URL via everislabs@gmail.com. Thank you.

There is a problem on mobile phones with the scrolling. It takes an excessive amount of time before you can scroll up and down on mobile devices.

Hi, Please send your site url via email everislabs@gmail.com Thank you.

Hi, if you could please tell me if this theme is translation ready? thank you

Yes. This theme is translation ready. You can easy translate by using PoEdit or Codestyling Localization plugin.

WooCommerce 2.1 now gives the following notice with this theme…

Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.

Any updates to resolve possible issues? Close to launching site for client and would like to be able to be on the latest version of Woo, to avoid a risky upgrade once the products are live.

Thank for your report. We’ll updated soon.

Thanks for the fast response. Sent you an email as well with a little more details.

We has updated WooCommerce core in this theme. Please updated.

Thank you.

Hi, I have three issues that I would like resolve. I attach a image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/220vr3ar3cjr9kz/eross.jpg

Issue 1.- With Menu Style > Full Width Center, dropdown isn’t centered.

Issue 2.- The distance between each item isn’t the same.

Issue 3.- Custom Theme Color not working, I enabled “Use Custom Style”.

I hope these issues are resolved.

We will check, fix all the bug you has report and updated in today. Thank you very much.

I just downloaded the theme and it has the same errors.

The newest we’ll upload in a few hours and send you a notifications to the email you has purchased. We has fixed in demo. You can check this. Thank you.

Hi, I am trying to add a pop-up effect (like lightbox) to my images but I can’t find any shorttags to do this. I have seen that this is used on the t-shirt image in the shop example.

Help appreciated.

Please send your request to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll help you soon. Thank you.

Hi please could you help?

Im using the Service box shortcode and am not sure what to write in the icon=”” section of the shortcode to get an icon to appear.

thank you

Hi yes I know this is a service box. In the documentation, it only gives the shortcode as shown: [servicebox class=”” icon=”” title=”” link=”” button_color=”” button_style=”” button_name=”” target=”_self” style=”1/2”] Your content …

It does not say what information to input in the shortcode for an icon to appear. What should I write in icon=”“

Thank you

Hi, You can view full list of icon here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/cheatsheet/. If you want to display icon name fa-heart, enter heart in icon field.

Thank you.

Thnak you very much for you help.

Hello everislabs. I still having a problem with the flags in the header of the page. Check the site: www.interservice-solutions.com

I had the same problem when i was creating the site, they you guys checked it out and it was working. Now is not working anymore (i haven’t change anything) maybe was an update issue? Any idea? Image link is ok i’ve already checked (as you see the same images are in the footer of the page, italy and english flags).

Any idea?? Thanks :)

Hi, Please send us your site login info to everislabs@gmail.com for quick support. Thank you.


I’ve been trying to add a custom heading with a background image to my site. But when I click the “Select or upload images”-button in the Custom Heading panel the browser just jumps to the top of the page and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible to fix this somehow?




Are you using custom child theme ?

Yes I am, and it works when I disble it.

Is it possible to maintain the functionality in the child theme?

Please send your problem to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll help you.

Thank you.

Quick question: I created a new sidebar in the Theme Options, but I don’t see it anywhere in the Widgets section. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Are your press save and reload options page. Please try and check again. If you don’t see. Please send your site url and admin login info to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll help you.

Thank you.

I see my sidebar just fine in the Sidebar Theme Option, but under Widgets I only have Default Sidebar Widget Area, Shop Sidebar Widget Area, and Footers 1-4. Isn’t this where I should see my new sidebar? I’ll send you my login if you still need me to.

Hi again, in the latest version i still experienced problem with breadcumb as I wrote before. At this moment it is not major problem.

Major problem is with “jumping” page in some browsers when i try to reach end of the page, Cannot say exactly when problem appear – visitor send me email that problem is with Chrome on Windows (i think that problem occurs when scrolling with wheel on mouse).

Can you take a look at this please ?

Please send your page URL to everislabs@gmail.com. We’ll check and send you solution soon. Thank you.

Hello, how can I insert html code in page? Thank you

Just switch editor mode to HTML and insert you code in position as you want.