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How do you get rid of the prompt to auto translate the language in the contacts.php page? It always asks me when i visit the site in google chrome.

Do you mean the google map or the error messages?

I have removed any evidence of a google map, It still prompts me if i want to translate the language. By default it is saying italian. Is there italian language in the site that is prompting this, or even in the comments etc…?

change in the link this param from hl=it& to hl=en&

Hy Ansonika, I’m interested in buy this template, I would like to know if is possible to use other types of image galleries, like the ones called pretty photo or galleria in

Thank you.

nice theme…could be interesting update Escape with the galleries you tell me…please contact me next week…

Hi, Is it possible to use youtube annotations when playing a full screen youtube video?

Thanks, Matt

Hi, can you please send me bg-black.png?


write your email please

How can I increase the height black box on the about page?



change the height in these classes: content_wrapper and content_b. but i suggest to use the scroll page version for smaller monitors

Hi there! Your work is amazing, but I have a little question.

Im working right now on the Flip gallery Area. And I have a problem with the backgrounds Images in there. some of them when are resized in big screens (like 1980×1080) by the browser are cut by the top, so some of the people on my photos just lose the head :P

Is there any way to establish a limit of height or just make them start from the top all the time so is not the head what is cut? Or just any other solution that can keep the aspect ratio of the image?

I tried to modify bg_images1, 2 and 3 but doesn’t work

I would appreciate your help, thank you for your job!

i suggest to use gallery_supersize_2.html …it works better and in the js file (bg_images_3.js) you have more parameters to set that could solve your issue.

how do I change the color of ONE navigation bar item. For instance, “About”, “Home”, “EXAMPLE”, items are BLUE… to do make “Contact” a different color than blue?

Nevermind I figured it out!

One other thing - How do I make the thumbnail(s) automatically be open when I go to a supersized 2 gallery? I don’t want to have to click the arrow on the bottom right (the arrow pointing up) to have it open - I just want the thumbnails to appear whenever I go to that page.

open spersizeshutter.js and change thi line(aprox 38) $(vars.thumb_tray).stop({bottom : -$(vars.thumb_tray).height()}, 150 );


Is there a way to start the youtube videos in HD?



hello…use this link. . but your video seems not is a slideshow of images

It is a slideshow, but it is a HD video.???

that’s the way to pass an hd youtube video…see the link above that end hd=1

Ansonika, Bought this a while back and finally got around to using it for a photo site I am putting up. However I seem to have run into a small problem that I for the life of me can’t seem to solve. I am using thumb_nav layout and unfortunately the images get chopped especially portraits. I decided to solve this by setting a fixed height of the st_preview class and that works fine. But for esthetics it would be best if the images were centered on the screen and that is where I ran into my problem. Nothing I have tried has successfully centered the images on the screen regardless of orientation. Can you please direct me to a solution for this? Thanks

Ok…received…i will let you know

Thank you for the update it worked great!

Good… :)

hi, what you mean by ipad compatible? is it possible to change the pics using the fingers?

do you use a pic for the vertical layout and other for the horizontal layout? if not, is that possible to do? thanks

want to use on ipad and iphone – fullscreen supersize v2

Hello…Escape works fine only on tablet lanscape. not on iphone or mobiles…the theme is not responsive

Do you have the .PSD files of the Logo and alike?

is in the psd folder with the name structure_logo.psd