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Your template is great! Congrats :)

Thank You!!!!!

This is excellent – been waiting for something like this for a while….But is there any chance you can make it compatible with IE7 ??

I know it’s not required by Themeforest anymore, but I would buy it in a heartbeat if it worked in IE7 ….?

Thanks so much – will catch up with you next week!

Now is IE7 compatible!

You’re a man of your word – I really appreciate that. Purchasing now :)

Nice, definitely like your style.

Thank you Crozer!

Hey ansonika…beautiful design…i am planning to buy this…in jquery is it possible to create a gallery from a specified folder instead of pointing the picture location?

Very interesting! Is it possible to integrate fullScreen Vimeo videos like the Youtube ones? It can be very usefull!


I’ll investigate

Yes it’s possible to integrate fullScreen Vimeo….send me and email and I’ll provide a demo link and how to. It’s very simple. I’ll update the item as soon as possbile with this new feature…if you wont to wait.

Now the theme has a Vimeo Fullscreen page.

Sweet looking theme! I’ve been trying to play with the ‘Sideways’ theme (bought here) to pull up a full screen iframe that adjusts HxW based off browser window. I see your theme here pulls up a youtube video that adjusts sizes dynamically. Wondering if that part of your code can be edited to bring up an iframe rather than a youtube video… Thoughts?


hihi, please consider WP version!! loving it!

hi there.

do you think it would be possible to scroll/change HTML -content instead of images, too?

sunny greetings!

Hi….for supersize gallery sure no…you can put a single div with content over the gallery. for flip gallery as you can see the black div on bottom left….you can change the position and dimensions of these.

Awesome Ansonika Thanks! :sunglasses:

Five stars added!

Thank you!!!!

It has a little bug on IE9 my friend. It has no problem onload, but after a few seconds when you try to use menu, it disappears suddenly. I mean I want to click the child menu of Portfolio. When i am on portfolio the inner child menu appears. But when i move my mouse down to click “Flip Gallery” it disappears.And also if i make this fast, then it is ok, i can click. Sorry to long brief, i hope i can tell the issue. Also this is a great theme and logo. I can buy it for the logos psd :)

Thank you…I’ll fix it asap

Fixed and updated!!!

Works great with common browsers and common versions. Also now it seems better with its white background. Thanks for fast fix.

Great, when this is fixed plus support for IE7 , you will have another purchase, good work…

Next week sure….I’m working on it….I’ll try for tomorrow night….try… :)

Now is IE7 compatible!

is it possible to have a video on the main page as a background ? is! I’ll help you how to do it

Nice, bookmarked ;)

What does it do with vertical images?

Good question…you can use 3 o 4 vertical image in one single pciture file to mantain the proportion of a screen . but you have to use photoshop to built this composition…the result I think would be acceptable.

I have just bought your theme and installed it in my wp website. But the theme reads as broken. Says its missing Stylesheet.

Please help. I am a novice…

I’m sorry for you but this is an HTML /CSS site templates…no Wp theme

Really nice theme, nice to see things being done a bit differently. I think the vertical scrolls are really nice. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion. Great work.

Thank you!!!!! :)

Mate this looks quite professional and I love the entire feel of this entire thing.

The amazing thing about this is that parts of this site give me the feel that i’m looking at a very sharp looking flash site template but I’m not. That takes a lot of “behind the scenes” programming with the Javascript and the likes. I loved this overall.

I’m normally not very partial to sites with the main body of the site off-centered on the page, but you pulled it off in my mind with this. you kept it balanced between the content and the background(s).

Overall I give this site a Grade A++. Loved it!!! Keep up teh good work mate!

Not very compatible with mobile devices and screens. Could not even use on Ipad.

Thanks for mentioning that pete. If the mobile device issues can be addressed. I’m sold.

Very beautiful template. I am going to buy it. Is there a PSD file? I would like to change the logo.

Yes…you’ll get a psd with the logo. ask me if you need basic help.