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Is it possible to have fullscreen gallery as a starting page on a site? (and hide everything else). How are images and captions stored, is it possible to have a link inside caption? ETA on WP version? Thanks!

Hi…yes you can have a fullscreen gallery as first page. link in a caption only in flip gallery…wp version not planned at the moment. bye

Really nice template my friend! I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I knew it was compatible with mobile devices. Is there a fix that can be applied or something? Thank you in advance, and again, very nice looking template :-)

Hi…now the item it’s not tested for mobile devices….I’ll try to fo fix it next week…follow my item or ask me again. bye

I just downloaded this three days ago and customized it to suit a photography business website I just opened, and the contact form doesn’t work. Is there a fix? I’ve exhausted all avenues.


Please provide further info about your problem or contact me by email….have you an URL of the site?

MAN … I would KILL for a Wordpress version. :-(

:)...Il’‘try to do it

Hi Ansonika,

Thanks for sorting the IE7 issues.

Just a thought, for larger albums, (my wife loves this template and is loading all the wedding photos on to it), how would you go about starting the display off in the background, I assume this is pre-loading the images which could take a long time for albums with lots of photos in.

It would make sense to add this in so the page loads and the user can then browse the photo’s while the rest load in the background.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Best Regards Neil

Hi…I think that if you have a large amount of images you should use the Thumb Gallery type. You can divide your pictures in 3/4 subcategories and each photos has a loading. Regards Ansonika


The problem is in the line of php code where you enter in your e-mail address in the “Send form” (contacts.php). The website I’ve used the template on is and I’ve got everything to work except for that. When I click “Send Message” I get the “Sent! Thank you for contacting me!” message but nothing arrives in my inbox.

Thanks and any help is appreciated.

Strange…it don’t gives any errors…please can you send me the php file are you using? zipped. I’ll try to help you…but I never encounter any problem…also if you have a url of your hosting provider so I can check other requirements.

Hi Ansonika,

good works! One question: it’s possible start slideshow for backgroung of home page? I try put setting 1 in js config, but not work it!

Thk! Tonyebasta

Hi tony…simplly put this line of code at the bottom of the page…it works <script src="js/bg_images_1.js" type="text/javascript"></script> ....remove the old bg_images_2

Hi Ansonika,

thanks for the reply. Now it correctly, but there is a new problem: when the background changes before the image size and scale at the end you are maximizing the full screen, the fade is not loaded and there is this annoying scale. What can it be?

Thanks in advance

Please provide an URL . which browser do you use?


Does this tamplate work in the latest wordpress version?

No…I’m sorry this is a site template, not a wordpress theme.

No…I’m sorry this is a site template, not a wordpress theme.

Just bought it, doesn’t work and install correctly! spent 2 hours so far… says stylesheet missing.

Please help.

Please provide an url…this is an HTML site template not a wordpress theme

Hello. First, great design. I love the simplicity and overall look. One question though. How do you dedicate one image for each interior page, so each page has a different background? Right now, it seems to be catching the 3rd image in the list.

Hi…thank you!!! Open bg_images_2.js inside js folder…there you’ll find all the settings you need…autoplay…and chose which image to play….start_slide setting. if you wont to use a single different image for each page…simply duplicate and rename bg_images_2.js… example bg_images_3.js, change start slide, and at the bottom of the page (the same line of bg_images_2.js) put this line of code . Regards


Is this theme compatible with the Turkish Character set?

And sorry to ask this – I am in here for about 4 minutes – how will I edit this theme? I mean do I have to use flash or smthng… cause I don’t know these applications, I am dentist after all…


it’a superb theme by the way…

Could you tell me how to add more pictures to the supersize gallery? Im making a site for a architect office, and i would need more pictures in it, to showcase completed projects the office has already made…

I think as you wont…but You can use the menu to divide the pictures in sub categories

This is a great template, but it’s very limited given that it’s not WordPress-compatible. I’d gladly pay $35-50 for this as a WordPress theme.

Nevermind. Problem Solved.

Great Template but when in full video mode in iPad non of the menu works

Yet another fantastic template, maybe your best to date. Thanks for all your hard work to make our work easier…


Thank you tights!!! :)

I’m trying to add more sections to the horizontal_scroll.html in order to have more videos, pics, etc. How could i go about doing that?

Contact me by email and I’ll help you

Hi, is it possible to put into page “Fullscreen supersize” thumbnails from “fullscreen thumbs”? I would like to have also previews in Fullscreen supersize page..

Thank you.

Done….I’m waiting for approval….here a demo: THE ITEM ….I suppose tomorrow will be approved.

Update approved…check the new gallery :)

Thank you, it looks good.

How do I change the Contact form so that the “Header From” comes across as the users email, rather than a “YourName non-reply”?

I’m sorry but you can’t in this item. ansonika