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Its possible when you choose for index “Fullscreen Youtube or Vimeo” when the video finish redirect to other web example index2.hml ? Regards, and congratulation for the theme!.

No…I’m sorry

Hi Ansonika

Firstly, thank you for taking time to continue support of this template by adding the lovely Supersize V2, I for one love it.

If you get time I have a question – I have put live a rough site as seen in the link, plenty to do yet! My pictures are sized at 1920×1440, I know they are too high but they look OK on all gallery pages except Fullscreen Thumbs. How do I change the settings for the fullscreen thumbs page to raise the photos up a little so they look like the other gallery formats that are controlled by JS files?

Thank you for any advice offered.

Regards – Tim

Oooh, to add to my post above, the fault may be mine, well kind of, I have a 20” monitor which shows Fullscreen Thumbs very low down on the page (but only Fullscreen Thumbs) I have just tried the site on a smaller 19” monitor and all looks fine. Maybe its just a 20” monitor thing… I am soon to buy a 24” monitor, I have no idea if all displays correctly on a 24”?

Regards – Tim

Hi TIM …I have an imac 27. Everything looks fine…also if i resize the window…please send me a screenshot by email

hi, is this theme available for wordpress?

Not this moment…I’m sorry

Hi contacts.html is working?

or how can I make it work, thanks

To use the concact form…You’ve to use the php version…in the docs files I’ll explain how to set this page. Regards

Good work. I have some question:

- how to add autoplay in flipgallery.html?

- hot to add autoplay background images in about_us.html?

Thanks in advance

for about pages simply replace bg_images_2.js with bg_images_1.js ( this file located in js folder) and set your images. for flip gallery I’ll investigate.

thank you very much. I look for the flip gallery

does this work in mobile device like ipad?... very nice work by the way.

Yes…now it works!

Really nice template!

I just want to know how to remove the resize on the background image for the index.html? Is it possible?

Hi Ansonika,

Thanks for a great template!

I am having a bit of a problem with IE7 and IE9 . It works fine with your code but when I add my pictures/logo etc I get a load of problems. Everything is fine in Firefox

If you have a minute could you have a quick look please? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



Hi….I didn’t test with over 130 images…I hope they are not too much. anyway a find amn error in bg_images_church.js…..remove the comma to the last image… {image : 'images/church/oa_139.jpg', title : 'Image Caption ', thumb : 'images/church/thumbs/oa_139.jpg'}, correct:{image : 'images/church/oa_139.jpg', title : 'Image Caption ', thumb : 'images/church/thumbs/oa_139.jpg'}

Thanks Ansonika, I hadn’t noticed that comma on the last image! I also agree with you that 130 images is a bit too much! I have reduced it now and split them into sections.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Ansonika,

I have another question… Is there a reason that the code for the menu (at the top) needs to be repeated on every page?

Now I have about 10 galleries, each on a different HTML page, if I want to change the menu I have to make the change on every HTML page.

I was going to look into this to find a solution but thought I would as first in case you have already tried this or could give me any advice?

(site is: )



You can try to use iframe or php include….really nice your site….can I mention your link as a good example of customization?? in the bottom of the item page? thank you

Hi Ansonika,

Thanks! I have tried using a php include or the menu and can confirm that this is working fine (i was worried it might have affected the styling).

Yes, please feel free to add a link to the site as an example. Although it’s not yet finished, i’m still working on it whenever I get time.

Thanks again for a great looking template. Everyone who has seen it is impressed!

Hi Ansonika

Would you advise how to make a full screen Youtube video loop?

<script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer('mediaspace').setup({ 'flashplayer': 'js/player.swf', 'file': '', 'controlbar': 'over', 'autostart': 'true', 'icons': 'false', 'stretching': 'exactfit', 'width': '100%', 'height': '100%' }); </script>

Cheers Tim

Hi tights….try with ‘repeat’: ‘always’ Bye

Hi, is there a way to set the full screen images so that they don’t go off the page? Right now I have landscape images they are fitting width wise but vertically the program is cutting off the top and bottom of the image. How do I correct this?

thanks Catherine

Hi…which gallery do you mean please? supersize? flip..etc…

Hi: Ansonika

I purchased your theme, and I’ve been able to do lots of things with it to get it exactly how I wanted. I am using for a movie website. The thing is that the movie is in spanish, so I need to replace the cufon tont Neosans because it wont show the letters with spanish accent like, á, é, í, ó, ú and I really need those because other wise it will reflect as bad grammar.

I have never install on my own cufon font replacement, so I was wondering if you can e-mail me how to replace it on your theme.

I download this qlassik.cufonfonts.js from that I include all Latin characters, so I have the JS file now what?

If you want to see what I have so far with your theme you can see it at:, Miguel Arcngel is supposed to be Miguel Arcángel.

Waiting on your response.

Thank You in advanced.

I’ll send you an email with fontface solution

Hi, sorry I should have mentioned. It’s the supersize. I like the way it resizes the image when you change the window size when you are viewing it, but I would like to restrict it to being a certain height. Maybe a percentage of the screen height so the top/bottom of the photo isn’t cut off.

Have you tried to change the settings inside bg_images.js (one of three)? min_height , vertical_center, fit_portrait, fit_landscape….0 is false 1 is true…I think it’s the only way..

Hello, Your theme is awesome, really. I really would like to purchase it, but, I’m wondering… is there any back office ? Is it just a website template that we can customize or is it possible to have something easy to modify, like a back office…

And another question : would it be possible to mix the photo gallery in fullscreen with the videos ? I mean, I think it could be really cool and useful to have thumbnails for photos and videos and have both in fullscreen when we click in a category, and not having a photo gallery in fullscreen separated from the video gallery fullscreen … let me know if I’m not clear enough, I’m not english fluent… Thanks a lot for your rapid answer :)

Hi…i’m sorry any backoffice or cms…it’s a simple site templates…for the video an photo mixed i think I’ll do this in the next update. Thank you fo your compliments

Oh and another question, sorry : Could it be possible to add some text with the fullscreen image ? Not for every thumbs but at least every time we click on a category/album …

Please tell me which gallery of three do you mean.

Hello, Hello

Very nice template, I like it !

But just one thing, can you help me to put a discrete footer with black background (example with height 40 – 50 px) on the bottom of the screen and with text link button on left and right side ?

Thanks for your answer.

Sure…I’ll help you

OK Thanks so much Ansonika,

Can you precise… ?

does this work in mobile device like ipad?

Hi…I didn’t test for ipad….but some buyers tell me that it works fine…also the video page.

Now Escape is Ipad compatible.

hi, just got the possibility to test it myself – and NO it DOES NOT work on ipad and asus eeepad transformer… ;-(