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can i use also pictures that are on your template preview for background?

Hi…sure, in the documentation provided with in the item I mention where to find them.

ok. do I have to pay some extra money for these pictures?

They are free and high resolution…only I think you can not resell them and use only for personal use. Write me an email for further info


I love this theme. I have a question before I get it. Envato has advised us to contact the author for showcasing your theme on our website.

Is it possible for us to showcase your theme in live preview on our server so that our clients get to know how this theme works?

As you know, it’s not easy for us to sell our custom service without showing our clients how the theme works.

Of course we’re going to purchase the theme first, showcase this theme on our website in live preview, and then we’ll buy each license for each domain, or website for our clients.

I hope this will help increase the sales volume of this theme for you, Envato, and us.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello, for me you can showcase my themes in your website. write me an email so will keep in touch… kind regards Ansonika

Hello Ansonika,

Thanks for your permission. We’ll buy it first before showcasing your theme.


I have purchased this theme and I love it. Well documented, easy to customize, elegant design and feature rich. Great job!!! If were to make this a WP Theme you would have definitely a killer and I would purchase it instantly.


Hi Anasonika!

Thank you for your work, love the theme!

I have one problem: When using the fullscreen slideshow, the navigation buttons (left, right) disappear when you click on them for the first time and a “broken link” symbol appears.

You can take a look yourself:

Your help is very much appreciated!

it seems you’ve found what’s wrong now. Are you ok now?


no, it’s still doing the same thing. I checked it in Chrome, Firefox and IE.

very very strange!! please can you write me an email with your files attached or a link to download them as a zip file? so I can check more in depth.? the same files on line (about thatt gallery)...maybe the gallery don’t find an photo

hi there.

“Now Escape is Ipad compatible.”

no, not really! ;-( or is it just the themeforest-preview that has to be updated?

all right. so it is NOT compatible with an Pad without an “i”, right (samsung, asus, HP, etc.)?

sorry….I didn’t wont to flag as inapropiate…

if it runs on ONE pad besides Ipad it runs on ANY – its only a question of beeing compatible with android…


How can I use special characters like Turkish language in the website.

For example If I wanted to use letters like ” ? ” what do I have to do.

Please help.

Cufon doesn’t support some languages, so we can use @font-face.

Please follow these steps:
1) Remove these line from each page
<!-- start cufon --><br /> <script src="js/cufon-yui.js" type="text/javascript"></script><br /> <script src="js/cufon-replace.js" type="text/javascript"></script><br /> <script src="js/Yanone_Kaffeesatz.font.js" type="text/javascript"></script><br />

2) Always in the head copy this line
<link href="css/fonts/fonts.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

3) Download this folder and unzip inside css folder.

4) open master.css….and define the font-family in each class you need…like this
h1 { margin-bottom:25px; font-family: "NeoSansRegular"; .... }

Open font.css inside css/font/font.css to see which font-family you can use.

Hi Ansonika,

I’m working with the awesome escape gallery!

One question – is it possible to set the flip gallery to auto start?

Thanks in advance / Thomas

No…I’m sorry AudioTribe.

Great work, fast response to my questions.

Could please remind me how I can set up the contact page connecting with my email. Which line do I change to enter my email in the contacts.php.

Thanks again for your amazing work.

Thank you!!
$subject = "Message from YourName Escape"; WRITE YOUR SBJ

Hi! Just bought your theme! Is it possible to add a title for each image on the gallery? For example when someone see a picture in the gallery, he can see a title of the each picture lets say in the bottom of the screen

which of the three gallery?

Hello. I love the theme. Me like it on the menu appears gallery_thumb_nav open thumb. Not if you understand me. Is it possible?

Hola. Me encanta el tema. Me gustaría que en la gallery_thumb_nav apareciera el menu del thumb abierto. No se si me entiendes ¿Es posible?

Try via css, follow these steps:
1)open thumb_nav.css 2) change this ul.st_navigation li { float:left; clear:both; margin-bottom:8px; position:relative; width:100%; } INTO ul.st_navigation li { float:left; clear:both; margin-bottom:8px; position:relative; width:100%; height:170px; }

3) change this .st_wrapper{ display:none; position: absolute; width:100%; height:126px; overflow-y:hidden; top:50px; left:0px; } INTO .st_wrapper{ position: absolute; width:100%; height:170px; overflow-y:hidden; top:50px; left:0px; }

hi im using the gallery supersize.html as a main home screen, one of the photos is 4912×2760 and file size cut down to is 592kb! but it will not show up

is there anyway to fix this? does have anything to do with the 4912×2760???

has to be smaller??

thanks for your help

I suggest to use images maximum 1920×1600


I would like to buy the Escape theme. It’s really great. I only have one question, since it’s not clear from the info.

Does this theme have a CMS to manage the site without being a HTTP expert, or do I have to have knowledge of HTTP and CSS to be able to use it?

Last question. I have a hosting domain with “Hostmonster”. Do you think it will work fine with them? Of course if you know.


Hi…I’m sorry this theme requires a lillte knowledge of html/css and has not a CMS manage the content. I can edit the theme for you, after a quote.

Sorry, regarding the question to you: I would like to appear on the menu gallery_thumb_nav open thumb. I have answered fully and that’s what I want, but I did not explained well. I just want to be open one. What I like is that it was open ONLY the thumb that I have previously selected in the menu above. THANK YOU

Disculpa, respecto a la pregunta que te hacia: Me gustaría que en la gallery_thumb_nav apareciera el menú del thumb abierto. Me has contestado perfectamente y es eso lo que quiero, pero yo no me expliqué bien. Solo quiero que esté abierto uno. Lo que me gustaría es que estuviera abierto SOLO el thumb que yo he seleccionado previamente en el menú de arriba. GRACIAS


this theme sounds amazing!. I consider buying it…. just 3 questions if you please…

  • full screen gallery: do they represent one post or page or one post per image then later grouped by category or…? (I intend to present in full screen 50-80 images per gallery for 5 galeries and would not like to create 300 posts)
  • is it possible t add a full screen gallery introduction text?
  • how are square format images taken into account?

thanks in advance PO Mazoyer

I am wondering if you are planning on enhancing the FlipGallery and other galleries to function with swiping motions on SmartPhones? The whole template looks a little strange on a mobile device, but I am most interested in added functionality wherein clients can browse the site and use hand gestures to move from one picture to another.

No…I’m sorry


Really enjoying the theme. I noticed that the drop downs do now work in IE thouigh. I think maybe the contact form also does not work in IE. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Escape is tested on IE7 , IE8, IE9 … Which version and OS do you use? can you provide a link?


i’m having an issue in the newest version of IE I guess. Windows 7. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I just having something wrong in the JS.

Hi…please specify what’s your problem.. or contact me by email.

I just purchased Escape and tried to install it however it says the theme is broken and Wordpress cannot find the stylesheet. Running WP 3 .2.1. Please help. Thanks.

I’m sorry but Escape is an html site template…not a wp theme