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Hi Ansonika-

Is there a way to have the thumbnails always shown in the fullscreen supersize V2? I see it’s set to -150px as default, but haven’t looked very closely as to where that value gets set.


Hi Ansonika

Great template, is there a way of adding other supersized2 galleries within the Portfolio section with out having to do the HTML for each page again? I want to add mulitiple gallery sections similar to this site….

but I don’t have much knowledge on php’s as you’ve suggested before to another person. Any ideas where to start?

Many Thanks Justin

It’s ok I’ve sorted it now!

Thanks Justin

Hi Ansonika

My portfolio pages stop autoloading (supersize2) after 14 images have shown. Then it’s not possible to click play or get anymore. Any ideas why?

Thanks Justin

many other customers use more then 14 images…there will be some code writing error you’ve done…please check or provide an url

Awesome template and very easy to adapt with a little knowledge. Well done on a great site!

Thank you :)


Fantastic theme, I really like it – the full screen photos look great, and it’s generally very easy to update/customise.

There seems to be a minor problem on portfolio_horizontal_scroll.html though, which I’m not sure how to fix…

When you hover over a project picture, the link becomes live (as it should). If you move your cursor down though, the link remains live significantly past the bottom of the picture.

This isn’t an issue on your demo version, but it is for my site, since I have 10 projects, and the overlay covers projects 1 & 2.

I’m sure this is a very quick fix, but I can’t see how to do it! Could you let me know what needs to be changed?



Please take a moment to rate my item in your downloads page. thank you

I already have…definitely a 5* template.


Thank you

Love it! How do you change the time of the rollover submenu. I want the submenu to disappear faster… thanks in advanced!

hi…open there is a line .slideDown(200,function…change 200 to 0

Hello Ansonika, Is it possible to make the home page a supersized v2 slideshow, while having the black home menu (content wrapper home) over it?

Can I make the “Image Caption” text or the black menu on the botom of the supersized v2 bigger?

yes it’s possible…but it requires many css changes…contact me for a quotation if you need

How/where do you change the background image reference for index.html?

hi…open bg_images_2.js inside js folder…this js file controls images backgrounds for index

Hi, fine template. My use of it is only one file for a presentation. I use the flippage to show slides on an tablet (Toshiba AT-100 and iPad).

First question: Is there a way to flip the pages with fingerwish on the tablet? Even on the iPad, I can only flip the pages with the two buttons, but not with fingerslides.

second question: on ipad, the background-images are scaled in a right way if I turn the tablet, on the Toshiba tablet the pictures will notbe scaled right.

I would be very happy, if this two issues could be solved.

Thank you. Best regards, Ingo.

Hi westerwald…i m sorry none of your issues are possible….i don’t have an android tablet to do some test…

What is the suggested full screen bg size suggestion and 1920×1200? Ratio?

1920×1200 i think is good…a wide 16:9 ratio

Just love this template!

5/5* from me ;)

Thank you!!

Hi, I just bought your Escape portfolio Theme from Themeforest. I’m using only the gallery_thumb_nav.html portion of it. I have a couple of questions:

1- I would like that when a thumb is “click” the thumb row fade out (if stay there it will block the full screen picture) and there will be them a navigation buttons forward and back (like your full screen supersize 2) 2- I’m using pictures size 2048×1536 and when full screen it’s pixelate

Thanks and great gallery

Hi 1)I’m sorry, is not possible. 2) it’s strange…what’s your montior screen resolution? cheers

Can i use this template for blogger? I love it, great job!!

I’ve changed the line in the contacts.php to my e-mail address (see below) but it doesn’t send comments to me, is there anything else I should be changing? This is the only thing I’ve changed in the file, nothing else.

$to = “”;

nothing else….check you spam folder or if your host require some special settings

O.K. sussed it out, I was using my bt email addy. It has to be the addy set up by my web hoster as they screen php “send a message” add on’s and if it’s not an address hosted by them they block it. All working fine now.

Perfect!! have a nice day

Is the thumbs gallery only for landscape format photos, it seems to always stretch the shots to fit the width so no matter what I resize the shot to it won’t display a portrait shot correctly, I’ve had a look in the code but couldn’t find any variables I can change, I could have missed the relevant section though.

I purchased and downloaded the Escape theme and it wouldn’t install. It said the theme is missing the style.css file. I tried downloading again and the same thing happened. Please advise.

Hi Ansonika, I love your theme so I bought for my site but I have a lil’ problem:

I’ve tried the site with several browsers and when I’m using IE (from 7 to 10beta) the FullScreen Gallery v1 doesn’t show well the photos, it change the dimensions ‘til the slider show it again. I’ve tried almost everything to fix it but I couldn’t.

Any idea on how to fix that? (I can provide you the files & a link)

Thanks ^^

send your files at

Done ^^

How do I add more slides to supersize 1, who do I change the image caption?