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Hi, I’ve purchased this template, great work! I want to remove notice section, bottom of all page. Please let me know.

Thats the Twitter feed! It’s integrated in the template usinh tweetable.js, and by removing tweetable.js you disable it!

Thank you. I could remove it, but I couldn’t set with my tweeter account. What can I set it?

hey. it very nice theme. good luck w/sales. i wonder if you are gonna make WP version. may it be you have recived many question like that but i didnt see in the discussion.. soryy if i ask again and again thank you

by the way is it possibel to make portfolio like lazy load images?

How can I run this on my desktop?

By transforming your desktop into a mobile device.

Hi Enabled:

I’ve sent you another email, Can you please have a look at it ?? and get back to me as soon as you can !!

Best Regards


Excellent Job man !! Good Luck ;)

Thanks mate! Much appreciated Hz-designer!

How do I add a sub-page?

It’s a one page design! To add subpages you need to add hrefs and remove the return false from the custom.js! :)

Hi. Been using your app for quite a while. Since have built a Wordpress main site for the desktop. Where do I put the redirect script in a wordpress file structure? In which of the index.php files?

If anyone else here knows, I’d really appreciate the help. I screwed up the mobile app.

I don’t really know how your WordPress page is structured, but it should be in the same place you call the jQuery script, right bellow it! :)


Awesome app. Quick question. Is there a way to redesign the loading screen when someone opens the site from an app button.

I notice when you open it from the app it has the Esepina branding, and I would rather it be the clients branding. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Hey there! Do you require in depth customization? If so, please contact me through my profile! :)

Thanks for the response. I actually figured it out last night. But thanks again for replying. Again, great mobile app.

Thanks for the kind words! I’m sorry for replying so late, was out of town! :)

Hey Enabled,

Just trying to get the script I need so I can make the site redirect to the mobile site. It says to request it from you.


Hey Enabled,

I put the script code into the header as instructed, and put the actual script in the scripts folder. I also directed it to folder called mobile where I put all the files. Every time I use my phone to go to the site, it doesn’t redirect and brings up the regular, full site.

Any ideas what could be wrong?


Glad it works! Sorry for the delay, fell asleep! :D

Hey Enabled,

Out of curiosity, is there a reason tablets detect the site and tell you to view the site on a mobile phone?

Is there a reason the site doesn’t go to the full site when on a tablets? Is there a way to make tablets, iPads not detect it and go to the full site?

Hello, is there a way to remove:
Please visit from your mobile phone! This site is designed for mobiles you know!

Thank you very much

Morning enabled,i’m trying to get direction script (based on google maps) working in your mobile theme but the maps did not show correctly cause of some .css problem (if i remove the .css the map show correctly). How can i resolve? Here the little script http://pastebin.com/kDPfxni0 Direction work but the maps did not display in the <div />

I’ve never used this script before so it would be hard for me to know what elements are disabled by it, try contacting the script author, the JavaScript of that script is most likely disabling CSS parts of my item.

Hi, I have purchased this template and was wondering if I could make it from right to left (RTL), could I ?


Only by changing the CSS! :)

Hello. Very nice template i must say. Just wondering if its possible to edit the contents in split mode in DreamWeaver? And another thing, I want to add JQtouch, any suggestions how shall it be done? a bit confusing as there is just ’#’ in the link?

Its been three days now, can I get an answer please?

There is nothing to fix, follow the instructions, edit the content of the item and check it on your mobile. If you wish to see it on desktop as well, there is a code in style.css that hides it from desktops, a media query over 400 pixels from what I remember, remove that and it will show on desktops too.

Thank for the reply. Then I assume that there is no way to do it Split mode in DW? Only way to see the changes is on browser or phone?

I need 7 main menu. ow do I change

It only works for the ammount of menus shown. Resepina and Instanav allow more! Check them out in our portfolio! :)