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Nice work, dose it work on other mobile devices, like blackberry, Galaxy, nokia and others?

Yes. It works on Galaxy and on Blackberry and on Nokia. If the screen resolution is 320, 480, 600,800, it will work! It works on most mobile phones! :)

Hey this is an awesome theme! Thumbs up!!

For the first time, here is a themeforest theme that loads neatly on my blackberry as well as my android!

Meanwhile I notice that all the pages preload at once. Does this make it faster on slow mobile networks? If not, is this a setting I can change?

Also, will it be straightforward to add a sidebar (i.e. double column)?

I await your quick response please! :D

Thank you for the nice words. It’s a Site Template, not a WordPress theme! :) You can add column support very easy simply do this

<p style="float:left; width:45%">Text On Left Side</p>
<p style="float:left; width:45%">Text On Right Side</p>

It will load fast on every possible mobile because it loads the homepage elements first, then the others load after. This is what I noticed on my old iPhone 2 :)

It basically works with any phone out there. From the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy S2 to BlackBerry, Nokia, etc… :)

Hello There… VERY VERY NICE !!! Question… is there any way you can up date the Portfolio pages so that the navigation is available or a menu button of some sort?

Thanks, Dax

The gallery already has it’s own navigation. You can exit that by clicking the (x) and then you’ll be returned to the normal navigation. Adding both navigation would have decreased the actual size of the image.

Is this built on JQuery Mobile? Sencha Touch? Looks different than other mobile templates on TF…

It’s custom coded! :) The only way to make it look unique, as you said, different than everything else! :P

that’s cool. As far as customizing it further – if i buy it, I’d need to do that – what sort of technical expertise will I need?

I provided a manual on how to customize each section. But as far as coding goes, it’s pretty simple. It’s HTML5 and CSS3 . Transitions are made using jQuery to make sure they work properly on all mobiles, so nothing too complex in the CSS ! :)

View the source of the item, you’ll understand more! The PHP for the contact form and some JavaScript will be missing when viewing source, but the HTML will be visible. You can get a general idea of what’s in there! :)

Hi.. looks great.. does it also work on IPad?

regards Mike

Hey Mike777! Thank you for your question, but why would you want a mobile template for the iPad? The iPad can browse fullscreen sites without a problem It has a 1024 width screen so all regular sites will show up perfectly! This template is made for mobile phones! ( iPod included ) :)

At the end of March, I will start developing templates specifically for the iPad, but first I’m awaiting the release of iPad3, to see if they add some new JavaScript screen sizes so I can make sure I don’t have to re-update my entire portfolio if they do! Until then, check out my portfolio! I’ve tested all my templates on iPad iOS5 :)


I’m absolutely loving this template! Gave it a big, fat 5 stars!

I do have a couple questions: 1) If I wanted to add another page to the template, how would I go about that? 2) What would I need to do to change the names of the existing pages? I have no need for a portfolio and blog at the moment so I would love to change the pages.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Cheers, Nancy

Hey Nancy ! Those questions are answered in the documentation provided with the item! If you do however require more help, please contact me through my profile!

So sorry, I missed that first time around. Thank you, it’s perfect now! :)

Cheers, Nancy

Thanks for your beautiful work! I just purchased it now.

I still have some enquiries, so I will contact you via your profile.

Sure thing! :) Thank you for the kind words! :)

I really like this layout but do you plan on making the images high resolution? To support retina displays?

Icons can be blurry because they are size reduced to make sure loading speed isn’t affected. The slider images are full-sized. They show up as clear as day! :) The icons are also not vectors. They are built using photoshop and have their own PSD file. It might be because of that as well!

Oh, okay. That makes sense. Is it easy to convert the icons so they would be clear like that? How would I go about doing that if I bought this template…?

Search for vector icons, and use them at the size provided. For example, IconSweet2 provide a unique and awesome set of icons. Use the 16px version without re-sizing them. It should make them clear and perfect!

Also, iPhone uses a system that detects your mobile bandwidth speed and reduces the quality of the page if needed to load it faster. That might be affecting it as well. I have no control over that since it’s iOS commanded and not from any of my elements.


Nice work, I want to create a magazine blog,but how can I add post ? (I m a newbie with htlm) Could I create unlimited post ?

All the best

You need to tie it to WordPress, or manually add posts! :)

Good Day, Really like the template perfect for project. I am having on problem. I updated the tweetable.js with my twitter info, however your tweets are showing can you please let me know other location I need to update.

Thanks and kind regards

hey bpearlz! Thank you for your purchase! Please update custom.js not tweetable.js! :) It’s mentioned in the documentation!

thanks for quick reply. I found it!! Rating site now 5stars

Thank you very much bpearlz for rating! Much appreciated! Please don’t hesitate to send me a e-mail through my profile if there are other things you need help with! :)

hi – really like the look of this mobile site.

2 questions before i buy

1- can i have less menu items at the bottom or do i have to have the number of items you use in the demo? i only want 3 for this site.

2- is it easy to redirect to this site for phones and still maintain a regular full size site?

thanks for your hard work

Hey there sandlog! Yes you can have less than 3 menus. Simply read the documentation after purchasing or contact me if you have any issues with it.

And regarding to the second question, yes, it is easy, after you purchase the file, simply contact me and I will provide you with the necessary script to redirect your users to the mobile version. Script is free of charge! :)


i emailed you through the site yesterday after i purchased.

waiting on that mobile script please!


I’ve sent it, check your e-mail. If you don’t have it, e-mail me again and I’ll resend the link from a different mail client. Maybe something is wrong with my/your mail! :)

Hi, I recently purchased this template, lovely design but I thought the PSD was included? I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the zip file! :)

Hey there, thank you for purchasing but the PSD ’s are not included.

I see, in that case you may want to revise the contents text for the item, which claims the PSD is included, that’s why I was looking for it!


Sorry for that, I used a default item template for descriptions and had that in there. My mistake. I’ve reviewed it now.

hi – im still waiting on the redirect script but i also find the documentation a little lacking.

i thought there would be a section in there on how to customize the graphics, including the startup graphic. i thought it would be straightforward, but after changing the startup.png and logo.png to something for my site, it still loads your info? i have triple checked that i uploaded the files? even tried from another phone.

Hey there sandlog, sorry for the confusion but I’ve sent you a e-mail with the redirect script already :) Please check your messages or re-email me in case you didn’t get it.

The startup graphic is startup.png and the icon on the iPhone I believe is called icontwo.png. Please clear your cache on your iPhone, delete the bookmark from the screen, close safari, and open it again. It is as straightforward as possible.

Edit I’ve just resend the mail. Please also bare in mind to keep the EXACT resolutions of the images for the startup as the one provided. That is 460×320! The iPhone checks the resolution, if it fails to be the correct one it will load the previous image ( if any ) from there.

Please confirm if you got the e-mail!

indeed – all sorted now. seemed to be a caching issue. thanks for the great support (even while on holiday no less!)

5 stars!

Thank you very much for your rating. Much appreciated! Let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with!

All the best, Paul!

Great job! 5 Star rating for design and documentation and fast response to my email. Will have no problem customizing this. Thanks again.

ShaneF glad to hear you are happy with the product! Thank you for your rating! Much appreciated:)

Nice job. Very nice. And your responses in the comment section are why I am about to purchase. I have a question please….Can you tell me how to code one of the bottom tab buttons to dial the phone?

Whoops. I just saw that functionality is in the contact area. Am I right to assume I can use that code on a main button?

Oh, now I understand, you want to have a call button! Yes, you can do that using the button in the contact area! :)

Pretty simple to use.

<a href="tel:1234">1234</a> 

I’m having problem to switch to my tweeter user name; I changed in custom.js it, but still getting old tweets

Make sure you have entered only your username and not the @ symbol as well. Some users make this mistake.

No, I do not have @. I see some strange user name in tweetable.js; I changed it and did not work

That’s a variable, it’s not processed in tweetable.js. Simply replace iEnabled in custom.js with your username, without the @ symbol. Save the file, and open it again in your browser. If you have a window opened with this, close it and open it again, do not refresh the page as it may sometimes cache the data. Please contact me through my profile if you have more trouble. I’ve tested the Twitter feed now, and it works like a charm.

Thank you for super quick response and it’s working now; I was reopening page using QR code and it was opening cache. Very nice & easy to use template, Thank you :)

That explains it, lol! :) Glad to have helped Armis!. Please take the time to read the documentation to better understand how it works! If you have any trouble with it, please feel free to contact me!