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Good job on this item!

I just purchased it and was wondering if you could send me the redirect script? Many thanks in advance,


Hey Toff! Thanks for your purchase, please contact me through my profile! :)

I currently have a live Wordpress theme website. But I would like a mobile version of your template for only mobile users when they view the website. how does that work without ruining the current website?

Hey there! :) You need to tie it to WordPress if you want to be able to edit it from your admin panel.

I see, but if I download yours, that is only a XHTML /CSS mobile website, is it? But I have a Wordpress website already, how can I do that with your mobile template?

The template is HTML5 and CSS3 , and if you purchase it, you will be able to use it as a template, meaning the data inside will have to be manually modified using a text editor! It will not be connected to the WordPress admin panel.

Are you able to do this as a service fee if I need your mobile template to sync with my desktop WP theme? the thing is I want my WP theme intact only for desktop viewers, not mobile. I just want your mobile version only for mobile users.

Yes. I am available for freelance and can help you out. Please send me an e-mail through my profile! :)

Hello, where do I edit the twitter account?

Hey there Multicom! Simply go to custom.js and locate iEnabled, replace that with your username! ( do not include the @ sign, only your username! )

I like the template.. thx. I am having trouble with this template working in anything other than iphone 4. The main issue is the nav bar. It floats with the page, covering a portion of the text. Also.. none of the links work. Everything appears fine on the iphone 4. Any suggestions?

I’ve tested it on pretty much every phone from BlackBerry, Nokia, Android, Samsung, Sony, iPhones that have a 320×480 screen or higher, and it works like a charm. As I mentioned, I can’t vouch it works on every mobile phone on the planet. It all depends on how the mobile reads the code from inside it!

I seem to have a problem with the twitter plugin as well. I know I probably missed something. I cant find the proper place for the username??

kristianechols,Please read the provided documentation. Twitter feed is inside custom.js :)

Hey there, how can I link between pages with a regular text link?

For example, if there was a line of text in the ‘About’ page that said ‘Click here to check out my portfolio >>’. How can I make that text link to the portfolio page?

Hey there Spreeno! Just like you would do with any other page. Create a new HTML page and link to it! :)

Except this theme isn’t structured that way… you’ve got all of the ‘pages’ set up as different divs all within index.html. The portfolio page is accessible from the navigation, and that works fine. I want to know how you can display one of those divs or ‘pages’ from a text link.

What do you mean by iPhone WebApp… I don’t see anything but a mobile theme… Please explain :)

If you bookmark the page to your homepage, it will have it’s own icon and it’s own launch screen! :)


I have all your mobile themes I think they are great and very inspirational and easy to use and customize. However one thing lacking is I feel in all of them is the addition of a decent map page. It’s really hard to find one that works well on mobile devices. Perhaps you could make this addition to future templates or updates.


Hey there ronboyd! Thank you for your kind words and purchases. Much appreciated. Maps don’t work well on the iPhone in WebApp mode, making the iPhone open the maps app. This is a huge iOS bug. This is also the main reason I haven’t included maps yet. I’m working on a new template now that is soon to be released, this will include the maps page. I’m still ironing out some bugs!

Hey thanks for the swift reply what about on the other templates signum and Abeeso ?


this working fine also on iPad? thanks

maialome it’s a mobile template. Not a tablet template.

Hi. I’m so happy with this template. Very nice work.

I have the same question as spreeno. I can't seem to be able to link from body text to any of the pages/sections in the nav bar. Just want the body text to link to the "about section" just as the nav does.


Is it possible to use this template as a website in a regular browser? I’d like to remove the “visit from your mobile device” message. Is that possible?

Once again. Very nice work. I’ll be contacting you about some custom solutions I’d like to offer.

To have this message installed, you a custom code built. If you are interested, please contact me through my profile page and I will aid you with it! :)

Hi, nice template. :) I’ve a little problem.

I link to a new page like <a id="page2" href="page2.html">lien</a> or <a id="page2" href="page2.html" target="_self">lien</a>

The link work when I test with the website on iPod Safari but not when I open it on webapp. The link open on another Safari window. Do you know when I’m wrong ?

Sorry for my poor english.

Hey there dubbros, for that simply create .html files and link them to your buttons. I’ve chose this version of coding to eliminate loading! :)

still haven’t received the redirect script would you (or, if someone else here has it…) please send. I’d really appreciate it.

Hey there Arlo, sorry for the delay, had a few problems. I’ve sent you the script! :)

Where’s the layered PNG ?


Great Job on this one. Works like a charm. I however seem to have an issue with Nav Bar with Opera Mini (You can test it here http://www.opera.com/developer/tools/mini/ ). The nav bar is floating and covering part of the text. Is there a fix to this.

Would also appreciate the mobile redirection script is you have it. Let me know.


Hey there mouggey! Opera mobile is not a default mobile browser, and they have yet to implement CSS3 full support. Meaning, fixed elements are not rendered properly. The bottom navigation is a fixed element to the bottom of the screen, that requires that the browser understand that CSS property. From what I’ve documented myself now, they will release a update soon containing that fix. How soon though I am unable to know.

Please send me a message through my profile page asking for the redirect code! :) All the best!

Hi, I’ve purchased this template, great work! Only one problem: on iphon works great on portrait and landscape mode, but on iPad works only in portrait mode. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Thanks, Stefano

Thanks for the answer. Only one thing: is it possible to have Facebook notification instead of Twitter?


Yes, you can do that but you will have to implement the Faceobook Live Box Widget! :) If you need help I can do it fo you for a freelance fee! :) rSsFGwXDadzncj18MNZJg&sig2=Qv_KrXUzLUweOSeEJ-dJGA”>Page

How much it cost implementation of facebook. Is it like status feed with picture, comments, likes and videos? I need that one page is all for facebook, like a news page with its internal navigation, is it possible? Do you have any example?

Hi, I just purchased it and was wondering if I could make it from right to left, could I ?


Hi, I just purchased it and was wondering if I could make it from right to left, could I ? regards,

Is there a way with which i could prevent the website from loading in landscape? Regards

Hey there, Yes can lock it in Portrait Mode. I can do that for you for a freelance fee! Contact me through my profile! :)