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Dear, can I add multiple forms ?

If you are referring to multiple contact forms, in the current configuration it does not!


thank you very much for this great template. I like the navigation on the bottom!

Can you please describe how i can link from a text to the -class (for example to the “about”-screen)? I would like to have a link which reffers to a specific submenu. I dont like to use or to create .html files, i would like to keep your structure.

Thank you very much:

PS: you have received a mail because of the redirect code.


Hey there P303 ! Thank you for your purchase!Please read the provided documentation and follow the examples to implement more menus or contact me through my profile if you wish to have custom ones added or removed! :)

I’ll reply to your e-mail soon!

thanks for your fast reaction and your e-mail!

I know how to create more menus, thats not the problem. I have issues with linking from a text/or image into a menu. Example: On the first page in the textarea in need a Link, which reffers to the submenu “contact”. It should behave exactly as if you click on “contact” with the navigation. Can u please give me the code for linking to this ? Copy & Paste (from the div navigation) doesnt work.

Thank you very much

trying to get my tweets but doesn’t seem to be showing my tweets after I edited the twitter js file. any idea?

Hey there palooka, Please read the documentation! You shouldn’t edit the twitter js file, you should edit the custom.js file! :)

Great theme!

I am desperately trying to add retina support for the logo image, and nav icons.

Are you able to assist?

Also, Are you able to pass on the redirect link and where I should place it?



hi Enabled,

I just took a look at the template, very nice, beautiful work! I have designed and worked on many HTML /CSS sites but they have all been “desktop” sites – this is my 1st mobile so I apologize if my questions sound silly.

I read the FAQs and noticed where it says “I want to redirect users that visit my site from a mobile to this page, how do I do that? After purchasing, send me a message through my profile. I’ll help you out with that. (free of charge)”

To clarify, does this mean that if I currently have a desktop site such as …. www.mycompany.com, you can set it so that people who visit www.mycompany.com from a mobile device are instead redirected to something else like www.mycompanymobile.com or m.mycompany.com or what not?

Also, I’ve read about Retina Display support and understand what this means; but after reading the comment above I just want to confirm – does this template offer full retina display support or not yet?


Hey there RubyLu! Regarding the mobile template redirection, you are correct. That is how it works! Regarding retina support, only the mobile templates in my portfolio that have HD or Retina in the file name have full retina support. Don’t apologize at all, please, feel free to ask if you need clarifications! :)

Ok, I am going to look thru your portfolio then and find one that has these keywords in the filename. Do HD and Retina have the same meanings? If you have a recommendation on which of your templates I should choose for this, please let me know. It doesn’t need to be super glitzy – just easy for me to work with since this is my 1st mobile site and I’m already beginning to feel a bit skiddish! LOL .

Also, do you offer the mobile template redirection for your other mobile templates as well? Is this done via…Javascript, PHP , or some other way? The reason I am wondering is because the desktop site I am building the mobile component for has 43 pages (a boatload, I know), and the mobile site will have just 10.

So, if you can add whatever is needed to redirect from desktop to mobile on just one page; I can do it on the rest. :-)

Sorry one more question…what is the difference between “mobile site template” and “iPhone web app”? Do I need to pick one of your templates that has the web app in order for the site to work on iPhones??

Thanks a ton

Well, for something that big, I suggest Kaius! All my files are uber easy to edit. They have detailed documentation and clean code! So no worries there, But features wise, and having 10 pages, surely go for Kaius! I’d say use Tricky, but Tricky doesn’t have retina support! :)

For the redirect code, please contact me through my profile after purchasing and I will gladly provide it to you! It’s JavaScript, 3 paragraphs tutorial on how to implement it. Really easy!

Ok Kaius has the slider I need and the darker bg. color I need also…so this one it shall be! :-) So, the iPhone Web App thing… the template/sites will work on iPhones without me needing to mess around with making an App?

Kaius is a mobile template! :) Exclusive mobile template, so it works only on mobile devices. And the iPhone WebApp, when you bookmark it to your homepage, voila! It turns into an application!

Ahh..not sure what you mean but your theme support is excellent and that makes a HUGE difference so I’m taking a leap of faith…here goes! :)

Hi, Only one question: which is the way to display correctly the icon “add to home” on samsung smartphones?

Thanks Stefano

Hey there Stefano!

The homepage icon is a feature that only works ( by default from the producer ) on iDevices, meaning iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches with OS 4 or higher!

This is not something limited by code, but limited by the producer. Meaning, it only works for Apple products! :)

Ok, thanks! Only another question: sometimes when I come back to homepage from another page the slider crashes and it is displayed not correctly. Why this problem? Is it possible to solve it?


iOS has added a new system for reading CSS that makes interesting things happen to my slider for Esepina. This happens to very old versions of iOS, very rarely on the new one. The other templates use a different slider and Esepina will get an update soon!

Hi, good theme. Is it possible add control in the slider for this template? Thanks

It’s a template. It has a jQuery slider controller. If you are good with jQuery you can modify the slider however you wish! :)

Hello, when scroll down the menu does not stay down … how fix it? I use a samsung with Android 2.2. Thanks

Android 2.2 does not support full CSS3 and it’s quite old. Update to 2.3! Your device must be compatible. Sadly, I cannot “script” over the devices original OS.

Hi, Create template! I have one small question.. How to add a select box in the contact form? The html part is easy but i cant figure out the php part in the mail.php

Thanks !

Hey there chr1z! Thanks for your purchase! What do you mean selected box?

A select box contains one or more “options”. An example: the user gets the question “What is your Gender?” in a dropdown list you get the option to choose male or female. My question is how to retrieve the input data from them, how to validate the data, and how to take different actions depending on the input based on you script (mail.php).

That needs more PHP added to it. At the moment it’s setup for 3 fields! :)

I am finding it very hard to connect the contact icon ( nav bar on top- next to the RSS icon) to the contact ( form ) page. Can you help me please? Thanks

Hi. I bought one of your other mobile themes for a project and like the look of this one for another project. I tested it on a few devices using your QR code. Works fine on all android devices I have tried but the nav bar moves/floats on ipod (latest model) and iphone (4s).

I’ll certainly buy it if this is fixed or you can provide the code to sort it.

Update your device software. It floats on old softwares. Esepina works like a charm on my 4S so it’s most likely you’ve device is running an old OS or is jailbroken. If you modified Safari it’s no longer my templates problem, but your devices problem! :)

Thanks for the reply. Not jailbroken. os up to date and no mods to safari. I’ll just stick to Kaius.

Hi there..Nice template, I’ve to say, I just wonder that if I can adjust just the height of the slider ??? Also Can I center the logo so that whether I see it in landscape or portrait the logo always stay center ??

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon


The slider is aspect ratio based. The images will be resided to fit the aspect ratio. The higher your images are, the higher the images will be displayed! :)

Thanks for your reply. Just bought the template !!

Hi Enable:

I have sent you an email through your profile page. its custom work related.. Please have a look.

Best Regards Alex

Hi, I don’t understand your instructions on getting the template to work on a desktop. Documentation states, “Put the above files in a “mobile” folder, in the main site. “

So I renamed the “_main” folder “mobile” and uploaded it to http://mysite.com. But when I go to mysite.com/mobile, I still get the error message, “Please visit from your mobile phone! This site is designed for mobiles you know!”

How did I fix this?

It’s a mobile template, you can’t make it work on a desktop if it’s a mobile template. It’s not built for desktops! :)

Oh, I see. The desktop version would need to use different files. Thanks.

Hi Enable:

I have previously sent you an email regarding to the custom work template and have been waiting for your reply. Can you respond to it please ??

Best Regards


Hey Enabled The email address I sent to was this one [email removed – please contact through profile page] Can you confirm me this is the right one because I emailed you twice and never got any reply from you yet ? or Do you have any other email address that I can email you again !! If you do please let me know !!

Best Regards


Yes, that is the e-mail! Try sending it to [link removed per author request] please! :)

Hi Thanks for your reply . I have just sent an email you to [link removed per author request]. Please have a look at it

Best Regards