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Hi, i’ve purchased this good email template, but i want to know how can i use in CMS like Joomla, that have the newsletter editor. I’ve tried to paste the HTML code in editor and i’ve upload all images in folder on my server, but nothing…i don’t view nothing. Instead if i paste the HTML code in email software like thunderbird it’s all ok…why??



Thanks for purchasing this template. I’m know that in the Joomla there is some ‘content filtering’ in the articles, however, what passed and what does not I don’t know. I’m not an expert on joomla cms but I’ll try to check it out. To do this I need some information from you: which version of joomla you installed and is the newsletter, which you are using is a specific plugin? If so, how is it called? Please contact with me via email.


I purchased this theme and have tried it out twice:

a) I tried the default settings

b) I tried changing the images

Both times I sent it from Outlook 2007 by copying and pasting out of firefox, with proper links to all the images on a web server.

The problem is, it appears broken when I test it in any mail client or GMail. Can you give me an idea as to how I might send this without breaking it?



Hey Craig,

Thanks for purchasing this template. Please contact with me via email with some more details.