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Great looking email but all the source files are flattened in both the PNG and PSD which makes it really hard to change and reslice the images for this email. If you are looking for a quick image replace, the source files do not help much in changing this email.

Most of the emails posted here still have the source files in layer form in the PNG or the PSD at least.

Hello @copilotmedia

The eShop.png source is full layered, labeled and sliced. Please open that file (from download folder) with Fireworks and * ungroup all the files. After that you will see all the layers, from the text and up to images, corners, boxes etc.

Let me know if is there anything else I can help you with?


My bad. I was trying to open the layers in photoshop first. I prefer to work in Fireworks for email design but hopped over to photoshop when I saw the objects were grouped or flattened.

Again, nice work on the template.

It’s frustrating that all of the images in the index.html file are linked to rather than images/ in the local directory.


I needed the absolute links for the ESP tests and the preview links that are avariable on the template section on ThemeForest.

You can change all the links with Find and Replace option from your HTML editor. I do not think it is so difficult :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Great template! It’s been very easy to make changes…especially with my limited ability in this area. I do have a question though. How can I set the attributes for the paragraph tag? My email program (Campaign Monitor) automatically inserts the tags when I change a description for example. It ends us adding an extra line space which throws off the design. Is there a way to set the attributes for a paragraph tag that is compatible with all browsers? Thanks!!

Hello there,

Can you send me more info / examples on my email? I will hellp your, but I don’t undestaind exactly where is the problem?

I will follow your mail, Alex

I can send you some pictures. What email address would you like me to send them to?

Follow the email in the documentation doc / word. Thx,

hi i’ve bought this newsletter , can u suggest me a chep and good email marketing service?

Hello @arpays, or, and thx for the template choice

and what about software like interspire or om pro how can i work with them do i need smtp account ? and one more question how can i change this newsletter template background color to grey?

more to @interspire

the template background can chenge from the top css code, before head and on the first table line