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Hi there! I just purchased this template and when I open it and try to preview without changing anything, I see this error “JavaScript exception: Error calling selector function: InvalidStateError” Does it need to be updated for the current Muse update? Or what can I do to resolve this issue?

Hello, You can use this template Muse CC 2014+ versions of Adobe Muse. Could you try to export HTML files and move them to your host please? Maybe It could be problem about Live Preview feature.


Is there documentation for Eshra Photography? How do we modify the images? There are three images but it is unclear how we add our own images.

Hello, you can find documentation folder in your source file. Regards

Slider_Eshra Photography

Yes. We had seen the included documentation. We hoped there was something which referenced directly how to modify the grey rectangle which recycles every three (3) seconds.

Using the Layers for Home Background just does not give me what I saw at purchase. At time of purchase the images were A 3-second interval aside show – A woman in profile – and a bridge scene. If you look at the documentation it does not appear to answer my questions.


Apologies for my misunderstanding. I have recorded video for you to explan how to change slideshow images. I hope that will help you.

Video link:


Everything you have sent in support has resolved my issues. Now there is one more. Is there a reason why there are four categories of services in the DESKTOP and TABLET versions of Eshra and the PHONE version offers only one gallery?

How do we add the same four items to the PHONE version?


Normally, phone version doesnt have category feature. But If you want to use that I can help you, of course. I created it for you and sent to your mail address. Simply copy and paste it to your main file.



Noziris Purchased

Hello, its two days i seach how modify mobile menu ?!? can you say me where is it ? thank you for your work :) Good template

Hello, If you want to change Menu names, you need to customize page names. Muse automatically build Menu. Please have a look: this link. Regards


I just purchased the Eshra muse template. I do have a very basic understanding of muse, but I am really struggling with the template. Do you happen to have any video tutorials on how to customize it? My purchase code is : 70c09a50-0b1f-4bf3-8f16-8e4a6eaf704b

Thanks, Renon

Hello, This template has great documentation file. It shows how to edit main parts. You can see it in your source file called “documentation” Regards

Hello I want to purchase this template but in my mobile it is not opening as 1 page scroll… I have an iPhone 6s+


Mobile version of this template is multi page. Its so simple and elegant. It has great mobile menu with opening effect.


Too bad it can’t be made same as desktop version?

For this template, it was not stabil so we needed to change with multi-page. We are really sorry for that :(


Do you have another template with the same category and design that works as a one page scroll on both desktop and mobile ?

We are really sorry but there is not any template as you said.