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Looks awesome

Seeing this made me create a tumblr, just so I could have this theme :P

Hey Tyler,

Thanks for the awesomely inspirational words – it’s always great to get feedback like this…

Just a headsup, there’s a new version coming out tomorrow: we’ve fixed some bugs that stops the Twitter / FB buttons from actually working their magic. As for all the other features, everything should be in tip-top condition :)

Just thought I’d give you notice as I know ThemeForest is notoriously bad at updating people when new versions are available.

Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios

Looks great! Is there a spot for faves to be displayed?

Not yet… We’ve got two feature requests at the moment which include:
  • Limit the amount of results displayed when sorting posts
  • Incorporate the “Liked / Favourited” posts in the sidebar

As soon as those features have been added, I’ll definitely update the theme on Themeforest. For the moment, though, all I can say is that it’s in the pipeline :)

How many pages can be added also?

Hi Robynann,

Thanks for the purchase – theoretically any amount of page can be added, although too many would probably have a negative impact on the layout. If you’ve got a lot of pages to add, we suggest enabling the “Use Top Nav Bar” option, as well as unchecking the following options:
  • Show Random Post;
  • Show Show RSS link;
  • Show Archive link; and
  • Show Sort Posts.

This way you’ll have a sidebar that’s populated only with a “Home” link and the links of the pages you’ve created :)

Hope it helps, Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios

Hey there! Does the theme support uploading a custom header in place of the blog title text?


Actually, I just bought the theme to find out, so ignore my previous post :)

New concern: This theme is fantastic! The only thing I wish it included is the ability to see all of the notes and replies when on the permalink page.

So if I ask a question and get lots of answers and then want to reference them later, I can see them from my permalink page rather than just from the dashboard.

Could that be possible?


Hey fartwho,

Just a quick note – I’m in Greece at the moment with limited internet access :). If all goes according to plan, I’ll be back in the office on Thursday and will be able to respond to your message in full then…

Hope you understand, The Tiny Giant

hi there,

love the theme, but i can’t see any notes whatsoever when i click on the notes link…

please help!

Hi alikinek,

Have you got a link we can check out? Haven’t heard of this before :)

here’s a link: http://jevoudraisundestout.tumblr.com/

if you click on “see post details” and then “notes”, you’ll see what i mean…

Yep, just had a look at the code and it seems there’s indeed something missing. I’ll be working on the fix, and the update will be available once Themeforest approves the changes. If you like, you could send me an email – that way I can send you an updated version as soon as it’s available…

any update for this yet?

Just sent you an email with the updated version :)

I’m having problems installing this theme on the latest version of Tumblr. Considering the screenshots on the installation instructions page, it seems that this theme was built for an older version of Tumblr.

Please, let me know how to get going.

Thanks, Marcelo

Hi Marcdias,

Apologies for only getting back to you now – seems like your query slipped through the cracks. Is this still something you need help with or have you managed to sort things out?

Feel free to email us at info@tinygiantstudios.co.uk – it’s monitored much more frequently than the support section here on Themeforest…

Hope to hear from you soon,

Can you have the background image scroll up or down—or is it only one direction?



Hi brvance,

Apologies for only getting back to you now – seems like your query slipped through the cracks…

The sliding is only one way for the moment, although with a little jQuery knowledge it’s pretty straightforward to adjust :)

Hope it helps…

Hello Tiny Giant, Can I use JUST the moving background in my Tumblr blog if I purchase this file? And if so can you tell me which code to copy and add to my Tumblr once purchased.

Thanks -

Hi there! Nice work with this theme! I’m Rafaela and I’m the Portuguese consultant for Tumblr. I bought your theme, because I think it’s amazing. However, it seems that there’s one big feature missing (at least, I find it very important). How can I add to the home page a list of the blogs/tumblr blogs I’m following? There are some themes containing small squares with the faces of these blog authors. Can you help me on how to add that feature?

Thank you very much.


Hi, wonder if you now a random header image script (3 image) for this theme that works with tumblr?

Would be very happy if you could help me?

Like this theme a lot, thanks!


Does this theme allow for html to be inserted on the sidebar, above or below flickr for instance?

Hey there!

I’m having trouble installing this theme into my tumblr account. Could you give a quick how to?



Hey there—false alarm. I missed the instruction sheet in the directory. It’s up and running now.

One thing I learned—TextEdit on Mac reads the .txt file as HTML and strips the headers, so you need to open it in AppleScript or open the text file in Safari to get all the proper code. That’s what was getting me confused.



HI, Great job on the theme. Can I just find out if there is anyway to integrate instagram?

Hey there! Just purchased the theme because it was seriously one of the best looking ones on this site. However, one of the things that rather disappointed me was the lack of options for the social networking widget. Will more options be added in the future?

After tinkering with the CSS to get the theme to look the way I wanted, I have to say in retrospect this theme was not at all ready for purchase. I may have only spent a few dollars on it, but there were a lot of broken coding spots and some tricky to remove features. Perhaps next time it would be prudent to really test out a theme before asking people to payt for it?