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Is possible to have escrow? And can the auctioneer set a percentage as payment for the action? Thank you.

No, that’s not possible out of the box, you need to implement that yourself.

auction theme has some double – + in the products..

Where exactly?

I’m really disappointed. Buy the topic, I tried it and did not like. I claim my money back. AND IT IS NOT POSSIBLE

Hello exclusivasluxelife,

this issue should be addressed via refund request panel.

Regards, ProspektDEsign.

Interested in an auction theme/script. Just had a peek at your demo. It would have been nice if the time closing time shows against each time when items are listed out. So that when you select the option of Auction ending soon – One can see the clock ticking against the item and see how far apart each item is from ending.

I don’t have the theme so I can’t give more constructive feedback unfortunately.

Thank you.

Hello, There is no details in the Documentation for putting all of the same product on one page instead the theme is putting all of the products on individual pages. Any idea why this happening? All have the same attributes

We don’t support dated browsers sorry.

My apologies, it is Internet Explorer 11.0.9. I don’t have a PC sorry for the confusion on the version number. Had to go look again.

We would need website url to check that. Please mail us your wp-admin url, admin user and FTP login.

Hello, Wondering why is the Top Menu not showing on Mobile and Tablet?

You need to set it in menu editor, it is explained in documentation how to do that.

Okay that you I will try again and comment back. I followed the documentation and that’s why I am commenting; it is still not showing. Thank you

Just mail us your wp-admin url and administrator login and we will check it.

Hi, is your theme compatible with MyCred plugin?

Hi, it should work yes, if plugin is compatible with Woocommmerce.

Today I installed your update. Even in the previous version I get this message when I installed your woocommerce auctions plugin:

Warning: Declaration of WC_Product_Auction::get_price() should be compatible with WC_Product::get_price($context = ‘view’) in C:\wamp64\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-simple-auctions\classes\class-wc-product-auction.php on line 668

Please help

Can you please mail us your wp-admin login and FTP login so we can check this?

Which version of Woocommerce do you use?

What is the refund policy with regards to the purchase. I wanted to test it out before pruchasing however, they do not give me a demo.

I would like to also have a Register page with my own defined forms. is that possible?

Demo is here

You cannot download item for testing, sorry. We do not issue refunds for downloaded items.

This is custom login / register page


Does this theme supports two currencies and two languages?


Hi, yes, this is supported by Woocommerce and WP. Please check how to implement multi currency Woocommerce and how to install multi language WordPress. You will need 3rd party plugins for that.

Hi, I just purchased and downloaded the theme. However I cannot see the XML Demo Content packaged in the downloaded zip file. Please provide… Thanks

Hi, demo download link is in documentation. Please read it, it’s under setup.

Hi I have created a child theme and have it running but when I upload the new update and update the simple auction update to version 1.2.8 the site crashes and I need to FTP in and delete it out but 1.2.5 seems to work ok besides the popup on the top saying update plugin. Please help.

Hi, sorry for delay. Can you please mail us with your wp-admin url, administrator login and FTP login so we can check this issue?

Hi I have emailed you twice with these details on please check mail and reply asap as we cant use the site while this issue is ongoing.

Sorry for delay, we’ve replied to email. Seems that you have all latest version of theme and auction plugin and everything looks fine. For WC Vendor issues you will have to contact them.


I am interested to purchase this theme. But I have one question

is there any option available when user bid for any auction so they have use token for every bids?

thanks Atul

Hi, no that’s not possible without custom coding.

Does the theme work with beaver builder?

Hi, we have test this and Beaver builder works with this theme.

Nice! Thank you!

You are welcome :)

Hello! I would like to check if the following features are present in your theme:

1. Auction request to post (Items should be verified first before publishing) 2. Virtual money to all types of user 3. Site chat for online users 4. Send private message to user 5. And if its possible to link

If y ou have those, please send me screenshot as I cant see those features in live demo. :)

Thanks, Kathleen

Hi, none of those features are supported out of the box, you need to code that yourself.

Hello. In this topic, the window with the price is too small and the price does not fit. Is this something you can fix?

You need to purchase theme before you can get support.