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Hi there, Is it possible to add different sellers so they can add their own items and manage it by their own dashboard and site admin can charge listing fee to them?

This is only possible if you add 3rd party plugin for multivendor feature. Theme does not come with that.

I have the same question “Hi there, Is it possible to add different sellers so they can add their own items and manage it by their own dashboard and site admin can charge listing fee to them?”

This is only possible if you add 3rd party plugin for multivendor feature. Theme does not come with that.

Hello I have question. Can The User Make Bid for Lowest Price and Win The Bid ? Thanks

Yes, that’s called reverse auction.

sorry sir, one more question. this theme compatible with Dokan Multivendor ?

Hi, we have not tested it with that plugin, but it should be. Implementation will not be trivial and you will need web developing skills for that project.

Hello, great theme! Before buying I want to ask a few questions. 1. Can the theme use a negative bid system? Like wins who offers less at the end of the auction. 2. Has the theme language support to spanish? 3. What are the minimun hardware to run it good?

Thank you!


1. yes, that is called reverse auction 2. no, you will have to translate it yourself 3. most regular hosting are enough, but if you plan to use it for ecommerce I would recommend something that is not cheap

Hey! Thanks, can you tellme the recommendations for the hosting?


Is it everyone can post their item to the site ?


No, you need to install and implement multivendor plugin for that.

Hi, for some reason I cant find the theme folder ?

I don’t understand? Download “zip with theme only” in your envato account, download section.

Pre-Sale questions: Can a user bid in more than one product? Does it include Woocommerce and Simple Auctions plugin? And what about a payment plugin?

Hi, sorry for delay.

Yes, user can bid in more than one product. Theme includes Simple Auction plugin, Woocommerce is free. Payment should be implemented via Woocommerce by using some of Woocommerce payment gateway plugins.

Thank you, highly considering buying your theme :)

Hello, there is any way to see the admin site? Can every registered user submit a auction?

Hi, we do not have admin demo available.

No, by default only admin or shop manager can submit auctions, to enable users to submit auctions you need 3rd party multivendor plugin for woocommerce.

hi, I already bought your theme 1 year ago. now, I have a little bit problem. I just want you to ask you what kind of function that refresh the auction page when the customer is outbid their auction??

because in my website, the bid price is not updated.



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Hi, you need to download latest version of theme, and update auction plugin. Then you need to enable “ajax refresh” in woocommerce settings -> auctions

Hello, I am interested in your Essential theme and have a few questions.

1) is it possible to run multiple auctions at once? Example: Auction 1 has 100 items of product X…Auction 2 has 100 items of product Y. I want to be able to advertise each auction on the home page…when bidders click on an auction they are linked to be only the 100 items in that specific auction.

2) Can I upload auction items in bulk?

3) Can I keep a searchable archive of past auction results that website visitors can access?

4) Can I set up payment so that winning bidders are automatically charged once invoiced?

Thanks very much for your assistance. Regards


1. yes 2. yes 3. yes 4. no


Thanks for the reply. Do I need to add a plugin for the bulk upload or is it an option already built into the theme?

You will need plugin for bulk upload

PreSales Question: Can this be set up so that the minimum bid price doesn’t change no matter if a bid is placed or not? My client wants to show the minimum bid price and enable people to place bids or buy now, but he doesn’t want people to know if a bid has been placed or what that bid amount is. Can that be done with this theme? Appreciate if you can get back to me ASAP – we thought we had a theme to do this but not working out and we want to launch the site in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your help.

No, this is not possible right now

Pre sale question: Even though this theme has its on drag & drop builder.. I would rather use Visual Composer. Is the theme compatible with Visual Composer?

It should be, but we never tested it with VisualComposer… however VisualComposer should work with any theme

Hi, I ‘m thinking about developing an auction system and I ‘m thinking of buying this template. However , I need to know if the internal system allows me to offer credit . Since I need the products are auctioned with credits , not money. What do you think?

That is not possible just with this theme. You will need 3rd party plugins and possible some custom coding.


We require a car auction website similar to (also in Spanish)

One interesting feature is the Guarantee (Garantia) at where this amount must be paid to join the Auction but will be returned if the bid is not successful (to stop bad bids)

The actual winning auction bid will be transferred between the car buyer and seller not the website.

Can your software support this requirement ?

Thanks, Mike

Hey, no, you need to implement that yourself via customization.

Hi, I want a theme multi-seller where users registered can sell our own objetcs by auction. Is it possible with this theme? Thanks!


that’s possible only if you implement 3rd party multi vendor plugin for Woocommerce.

Hello! This theme can hide part of the auction story? I want to know also the bids are sent by email and if I can let the customer choose the amount of items to buy. Thank you.

Yes, you can remove auctions without problems. I don’t understand two other questions…

Ok … the issues are:

1 – bid proposals are sent by e-mail ? 2 – I can let the customer choose the quantity and price of each bid?

I would like to create a free auction, where the customer can choose the amount and the price you want to pay .


1. bid are placed online, please check demo here

2. auctions only have bid, not quantity

That is not auction, those are offers. You need plugin for offers. There is no such thing as free auction, maybe you want to have closed bid / blind auction? Anyway, please read auction plugin documentation here


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Hi, Enjoy working with the theme just wonder if there is a smart way to edit the text alignment of the slider and the way it move onto another slide? Thank you

You can do that with CSS classes, that’s simplest way to do it.

So if we add “multivendor” plugin (Which one?) users will automatically be able to create auctions?

Yes, some people are using WC Vendors, some Product Vendors.