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Is this a theme were other sellers can register as sellers and people can register as buyers? Or both or is this just a site for one seller?

No, theme by default works for 1 seller (site owner). You need 3rd party plugins for that feature (multivendor site).

Hi, 1- Does this theme supports auction/bidding features like ebay? 2- Does this theme supports multiple shops? 3- Does this theme provides web services to develop/integrate a mobile app? Thanks!


1. yes

2. no


I am thinking about purchasing this theme. But first i’ve got some questions: 1. Is there Dutch translation for Woocommerce and the Theme files? 2. Can you change the currency to Euro?


Larissa Tops


1. no, we do not maintain translations, only english one

2. yes, you can set it to any currency you like

hello theme author i try to contact your support but no reply … i try to install your demo but categorized section is not showing in home page 2nd footer meun is not show pls see the link .. and tell how can i sent my wp details hand Purchase code of theme thank you

Hi, you need to purchase theme before you can get support. You need “purchased” and “supported” badge near your username.

Details Regular License ssential – Responsive WooCommerce eCommerce and Auction Theme

Regular License

6 months support (expires on 05 Mar 2018)

Purchase code: 20280d3f-cf07-47e5-96d9-b2af8af215d7

now please check ma issue

No, sorry, we do not accept that. You need “purchased” and “supported” badge near your username.

Can you disable auctions entirely on this theme and is it somewhat easily doable? Wondering if the theme can also be used as a webshop only.

Hi, yes, you just don’t activate Simple Auction plugin and you have webshop only.

Do you have a youtube video or more extensive step by step guide for setting up the slider on the home page. I cannot seem to get it working the way I want after spending more then 4 hours. I’ve just given up because the instructions does not match the results I get. Does the documentation require updating because setting up the homepage doc and the actual options does not match 100%. e.g when I click on product category to display the categories, nothing pops up even though my category has been setup. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Thank you.

Can you please mail us your wp-admin login so we can check this? Also make sure to download latest version, because there were some bugfixes regarding this problem with categories.

hello, can you tell me how the auction page works? will the website allow to take balance first from the bidder before they can bid? and if the bidder has less balance than the bid they asking, website wouldnt allow them to bid… is that possible?


no, auction plugin uses any payment gateway you have setup in Woocommerce. What you want is not possible without custom coding.

Hi, how to install demo version?


you need to import it, please consult documentation

Hi there,

I purchased your theme, ca9c3105-26b5-41da-8da5-3bda450d7ffe

Unfortunately a few bundled plugin cannot be installed. They are WooCommerce Simple Auctions WooCommerce Simple Bulk Discounts

Got this message “Downloading install package from /home/emyauctions/public_html/wp-content/themes/e-myauctions/admin/plugins/…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

No idea why?

Can you mail us your wp-admin url and administrator login and we will install those for you.

i have sent all the credentials to your support. please check.


Just replied. Please contact us via email.

i have sent all the credentials to your support. please check.

OK, will reply to your email.

Hello, It is possible to have auctions page and also usual woocommerce shop with products in your theme ?

Hi, yes, you can combine regular products and auctions.