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Can I control the payment between Buyer and Seller? For example, once the deal had completed, Buyer or Me are able to release the payment.

Hi, only if you implement that kind of payment processor. Theme does not control that part of the process.

Hello! I’m having a problem using this theme: Essential – Responsive WooCommerce eCommerce and Auction Theme Situation: I’ve installed this theme, i tried to import xml demo data from wordpress importer, and the page showed an error: This page i not working(500). I checked the log, and this error was showing: PHP Notice: map_meta_cap foi chamada incorretamente. O tipo de post scheduled-action n\xc3\xa3o foi registrado, por isso a verifica\xc3\xa7\xc3\xa3o da capacidade “edit_post” em rela\xc3\xa7\xc3\xa3o a um post deste tipo pode n\xc3\xa3o ser confi\xc3\xa1vel.

I’m using the latest version of the wordpress. PHP 7.0 Memory limit.. php max size and other are high. i’m not using any plugin.. it’s a new aplication. The only thing installed is the theme This is my website: http://www.snp1991.com.br

Could you please give me some support? Could you please reply this answer to valdir@projecttus.com? Thanks

Hi, sure, we’ll contact you.

Hi. On the product page—When clicking on the additional product gallery photos (thumbnails below main photo) they no longer appear in the main image box once clicked. I thought this was just on my site but then I checked your demo site and it is the same issue there.

Hi, just submited update with fix for this.

Hi there. How do I disable the compare functionality.

Hi, sorry for delay. Just comment out that part in template or use CSS to hide / remove element.

could you tell me how i get into demo administration?

opening a demo account how can I upload an article? I need to see the processopening a demo account how can I upload an article? I need to see the process

I want to buy the item, but if I do not have an administrator demo .. I think I do not buy it, apart you are not answering

Thanks for not answering.


sorry for delay. We do not have admin demo for our demo website. Adding article is via regular editor in WordPress. There are administrator screenshots on theme profile page.

hello, im very interested to buy this theme but have some questions please, 1. can i translate it all into Arabic auction ?, 2. does it sup-port RTL ? 3. how does it work exactly as auction, do i receive payment from winner bidder then i take my comission then pay the auctioner (how does profit split work plz) ? 4. what if the bidder won and he never paid it ?



1. not without custom coding 2. no 3. there is no such mechanism, but people usually setup it in way that payment goes through website and then site owner charges fee and rest it paid out to auction owner, and they use multivendor plugin like Dokan for that purpose 4. you cannot force anyone to pay, you can just relist auction and ban that user

Hello, I can not upload the xml file for sample data. We are receiving 500 or 504 error. Our limit and php is ok. We need help

Hi, please contact us via support email / contact form and send us your wp-admin credentials so we can check it.

Hello team, does this carry marketplace capability as well where multiple sellers can join and having auctionable items under their sub-store?

Hi, how to install demo content in my website? thanks

Is this compatible with WCFM? Thanks