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Very nice will there be an html version as well?

Dear nokiko,

thank you very much! We might do html version as well.

Best regards, Prospektdesign

Perfect for the shopping cart websites, especially when one brand is displayed on it.

Dear webinane,

thank you for kind words, we’are doing our best to make quality products.

Regards, Prospektdesign.

A perfect webshop theme, my client is happy. Looks awesome on ipad!

Dear efutova,

we made extra effort to make this theme look good on tablets and mobile devices and we are happy that you find it awesome :)

Best regards, Prospektdesign

Hi, nice theme, I’m thrilled with all colors possibilities and slider is nice … will be playing all night with colors :D

Dear mlajo,

thank you, we shurely made all colours possible ;)

Great sliders, easy customization, works well out of the box.

Dear jere54,

thank you for nice comment.

Best regards, Prospekrdesign.

Awesome Theme :) good luck with sales

Dear T20,

thank you very much!

Regards, Prospektdesign.

where ir wp-content—> .xml??

Dear oguirado,

If you want quick setup for your website while developing, you can import Woocommerce xml data sample that is included in theme package located in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/dummy_data.xml file, just follow these steps to import sample data.

Best regards, Prospektdesign.

Hi there, great looking theme :)

Is it possible to have the product simple slider on the home page main image area and a fading slider big image in the background? So you have the same as home page 1 but the background image (big watch) fades to diffrent images? thanks :)

Dear mattjetten, you could use default slider and make custom slides in which you can implement simple slider yourself – basically you would have a simple slider (this has to be custom coded) in slide content and image, the way you explained you want slider to work is not possible but it can be custom coded.

Best regards, Prospektdesign

Thank you very much louiejie ;)

wow…it’s a great theme..GLWS

Dear maskeenan,

thank you, we had great time making it!

Best regards, Prospektdesign.

Is there an option for “You may be interested in…” just before checkout?


Thank you for your interest. As standard part of WooCommerce our theme also includes this option. For any item you may add it’s linked products.

We have added few for this item (add it to cart to check out this option): How to set it up you can find on this link:

Take care, Prospekt

Thank you for the response. I see that it works :-) I have another question: is it possible to show review stars on the product overview page (per product)

Hello Erikzzz,

to display stars in loop (multiple) in function.php at the end you need to add: add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title’, ‘woocommerce_template_loop_rating’, 1 );

to display stars on single page in function.php at the end you need to add: add_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, ‘woocommerce_template_loop_rating’, 25 );

Regards, ProspektDesign

Dears, on Essential Theme, how can i add an image in the header to replace the home header text? I´ve already tried to use the ahref img in the place of the text but it didn´t work

We are here to help ;)

any news about it?

Hello webbrseo,

update is approved and can be downloadad now. Also keep in mind that you need to use text editor (not visual).

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Looks amazing! Just tried to look at it on my iPad, and it was a bit off, but it’s amazing on a computer!!

Hello AlainaLewis,

thank you for nice words :) we will most certainly correct this in the next update.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Is it possible to be sent “?Email” to management at each order request process

Dear joudev,

it is possible since it is one of woocommerce features. It is automaticly sent to designated mail address in WP settings.

Best regards, ProspektDesign

Awesome theme.

I have a question:

1. How do I turn off the hover effect on the home page products ( hover effect = the “blue swish, then the circle icons)? Thats a little confusing for some web surfers. I would prefer to have customers just click the picture of the product or the product name to activate the link.

This also would mean getting rid of the “blue plus sign” in the lower right corner.

Thanks for your time.

Dear chuck815,

1. to remove “blue plus sign” in style.css at the end add .circle-wrapper {display:none} 2. to remove icons on hover: .action-buttons { display: none !important;}

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Thank You!

Hi, I read through your documentation but I am unable to upload the logo?

The “Logo Form” as shown in your documentation does not appear in my “Essential Options”

I am using the latest version of wordpress, woocommerce and your theme.


The field “Image Upload” form which should be between “How to include custom CSS” and “Footer Area Text” isn’t there for me.

Dear jameskoh,

as I write this version 1.1 is being uploaded which is covering your question. I belive it will be accepted within few hours. In case you have any additional questions be free to ask ;)

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Thank you, I shall wait for the update.


Im trying to change the product pictures from (500×380) to (500×500). I was under the impression that all I had to do was go to Woocommerce>Settings>Catalog>Image Options, and change the Single Product Image dimensions…... But that doesn’t seem to work.

Please Advise.

Also, do you have any advice on how to lessen the compression on the thumbnail product listing pictures. My thumbnails look very grainy. If I manually replaced the 150×150 thumbnail with one that was more adequate, would that work? Although I would hate to do that extra step.

Hello Chuck,

after you change the image size it only affects new images, in case you need to adjust old pictures to new size you can use one of available plugins, following one should work:

Also considering recommended image sizes here is the list (since it is retina all normal are doubled): Catalog Images:430×430 Single Product Image: 960×960 Product Thumbnails: 180×180

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Thank you. Good solution.

I having a little confusion with the side bar option. Under Theme Options > General > Sidebar position… I have left sidebar selected. Does this mean I cannot have any “full width” pages in my site? I don’t see any selector within the individual page attributes that allow you to choose full width or side bar layout. If this option is not available, you should highly consider adding that feature, that is very important.

Also, adding different sidebars for different pages is important website feature as well. At this point, all pages that have a side bar, share the same side bar widgets correct?

Hello Chuck,

seems like you found a little bug :) It is being corrected as I write and will be possible to download in few hours. In case you are in hurry you can manualy make a quick fix with adding

include ( get_template_directory() . ’/admin/theme-meta-boxes.php’);

after line 16 in functions.php.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

PS. Considering your idea for product improvement and generaly adding more functionalities you can expect this theme to evolve in coming days ;)

ok. Thanks

Im not sure this has anything to do with my end… but I think I have found another bug.

The “Single Product Image”/”featured image” does not show, UNLESS.. u add a product gallery image. ??? Ive tried this 10 times. If I add just one product gallery image…. the Single Product Image shows up just fine, but without it…. BLANK.

Thanks again.

Hello Chuck,

I can confirm that you are right :) Update 1.1.2 is underway to fix this issue. Will be available tomorrow.

Also I’d like to give you a big THANKS for your efforts to make this theme great!

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

I noticed you have this style of product page as one of your demo screen shots (tabs on top), Is this an option within the theme?

Hello Chuck,

this is one of differences between design (psd) and theme. We decided to keep standard woocommerce layout so users with plugins can expand/add additional tabs.

Best regards, ProspketDesign.