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I noticed that the “Product Short Description” will not allow any styles. U can add them in the text editor… but the styles do not show up on the webpages. Where u aware of that?

Hello Chuck,

thanks for you observation. It was fixed in 1.1.3 but those updates are very slowly approved by Envato. Hopefully it will see light of day in coming hours. For the quick fix you can add strong{font-weight: 700;} in style.css.

Best regards, Prospektdesign.

Any assistance on how the social media links at bottom footer was added as it’s not in the documentation nor the widgets. I’d like to recreate the same widget look as the demo version.

Answer sent via e-mail.

Any idea when the Contact Us page will be updated and released so that we can edit that page?

Answer sent via e-mail.


I am experimenting with a different background image to replace orange on the demo site. .main-color { background-image: url(”../images/bg-orange.jpg”); background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; color: #FFFFFF; } The image that I choose has much more detail within it, therefore it displays very blurry due to Retina technology. Please offer me suggestion on this issue. If I was to double the size of the image…. would it shrink it down to its normal size automatically, or are there some additional css or Java Script i need to include as well to maintain clarity?

Hello. Please disregard, I figured out a solution.

Hello Prospekt,

There are a couple things that I’m curious about. Is it all possible to scale down product tiles in the shop, for instance by default, its 3 products wide on PC and 1 on Mobile. Perhaps have an option to display 4 or 5 wide? And perhaps a mobile setting, change it to 2 wide.

I am updated to 1.1.3 and am trying to set the sidebar to the left permanently but having trouble. The setting is on “left” and even the main shop page setting wont let me select “left” under layout. Its displayed but wont let me select it.

I also tried to use the youtube shortcode in the footer with no success :( And lastly, is it possible to get more mobile options, such as adding a search bar or possibly a shortcode for wrapping objects to be hidden on mobile like your slider?


1. v1.1.5 seems to have fixed the Directory overlapping on Mobile but I no longer have my custom logo, only the site name and tagline are shown. (Screenshots below)

2. For my problems on PC, I’m using the current Mozilla Firefox on Windows Vista Business at 1280×960 px. No matter where I place each footers contents (Widget 5,6,7 or 8) they will not sit side by side, like shown in your demo.

3. On mobile, I currently have the default slider in use but haven’t really changed anything. I still get this type of error:

4. I haven’t looked too closely at the color settings for this, but is it possible to match the menu text color with the white “menu” that’s displayed? (Menu looks much nicer by the way)

5. Is it possible to change the settings, like size or alignment for youtube shortcode use?

6. Is it possible to turn off hover animation on categories and products in the catalog? I would really like to keep the animation ONLY if someone were to physically click the ”+” option in the bottom right hand corner. The animation creates a “laggy” effect on PC and mobile overall and I would like to cut that out please.

And Thank you for letting me know the appropriate image sizes, everything looks so nice and crisp now :)

Also, did not see an option to add/change the favicon in this theme.

Answer sent on mail.

This is just a observation, no biggy… But the new theme still says 1.0 on the theme page in wordpress. (rather than Version 1.1.3)

I know you guys will be doing plenty of updates, so it might be helpful to title the correct version on each upload.

Just a suggestion. :)

Hey Chuck,

suggestion accepted, will be seen in 1.1.4 ;)

Regards, ProspektDesign

Ok, I am confused.

I totally understand how to set up the “simple slider”, however the default slider has me baffled. Actually, I do understand how to make the default slider show products in specific categories. However, I am interested having my home page display slides that link to specific categories on my website. Actually, it would be nice to have a slider that linked to both specific categories AND specific products.

Could you please give me quick tutorial on that? Ur documentation mentions “a custom slider” (slides > add slide). However, it never really explains how to use that. It sounds like it might be my solution, however I can not figure it out.

Please advise. Thanks again.

This is my wish… Im not sure this is possible. I would like to upload my own pictures for certain slides, rather than using the default “product photos” or “category photo” ect. I was under the impression that a “custom slider” option would be my solution. But mabey not.

Hello Chuck,

please check FAQ section, we have added new entry “How can I add custom slide to default slider?” link for faq

Best regards, ProspektDesign.


Thank you!

Hello, I just installed the theme using the simple zip folder and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to add the products? Am i missing something or do i need to install some other files as well?

Thanks for you help

ok thanks. is there anything else i should install to make it work like the demo?

found another problem now but i am not sure if it is my site, the theme or the woocommerce plugin. Everything looks fine, but when i try to ‘add product’ it takes me to this url which fails to load: /wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=product

Do you think that this this an issue with the theme or the plugin? I have uninstalled and reinstalled woocommerce but am getting the same issue?

Hello Alihoco,

this sound like plugin issue. Please check your system status page ( WooCommerce > System Status) WooCommerce 2.0+ requires WordPress 3.5+.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello, is It available an Italian translation ? Thanks

Hello Palermo fan :) you can use translation file for any language. Quick guide can be found here:

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

thanks for your suggestion. I will buy the theme now. Forza Palermo !!!

Hey ProspektDesign,

We’ve had several customers make complaints that they had issues when viewing our website with Internet Explorer. Most are running version 10 and was wondering if anyone was having the same issues or is there a possible fix or setup issue? site to view is

Hi there,

can you please provide us some more details since we checked with IE10 and everything seems OK. Also when we wanted to run few more test we encountered “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” for

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Is there any possible way to keep the default slider images flush to the right side of its container (da-slider .boxed { max-width: 940px;} )?

The images hang over the right side of the box. It seems to be doing it on your demo sight as well.

I like to keep everything within the 940 pixels. It keeps things tight with the design.

Check the link below for more clarity. Notice how the images hang over the right side of the box. Thanks again.

fyi…Im using the default custom slider. (sides > add slide)

Hi Chuck,

this issue will be corrected in 1.1.4 and available for download during today.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hey Chuck,

can you please contact me via mail support since I have part of code to send you which will I belive help.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

fyi…Im using the default custom slider. (sides > add slide)

Hi Chuck,

this issue will be corrected in 1.1.4 and available for download during today.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

I believe I have found another substantial bug. The price display or the image display does not change when you select different variations of a product. I have experimented with a few products with variations. These variations all have different prices and pictures associated with them. When selecting the different variations from the product page pull down menu…. the price just says “From:” and the image just remains the same.

Please advise. Actually, this is pretty important, I can’t move forward until this gets resolved.

Thanks again.

Ok, please disregard the above issue with the picture not changing, I found the fix. However, the price issue (not changing) is still relevant.

Thanks again.

fyi… if all the variation prices are the same, the price shows up. But if the variation prices differ, all that shows is “From:”. This does does not change, regardless of what variation is selected on the product page.

Hi Chuck,

this issue will be corrected in 1.1.4 and available for download during today.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

How do I update my theme? I see there has been various updates since I purchased it.


Hello Marius,

You can update your theme manually by replacing the existing theme folder with the new version. Delete and replace rather than overwrite the original theme folder either from your dashboard, or by accessing your site via FTP.

Please note: Deleting your existing theme folder will also* delete any customizations* you have made to your theme files. If you have customized your theme files, you will need to re-apply these changes. There is no way around this. You will need to update both themes (parent theme & child theme), then check that your theme options settings are still correct.

Create a Child Theme to Keep Your Customizations Separate

We recommend creating a child theme, which lets you use the parent theme for most of your design and functionality, but lets you customize it the way you like it. Because a child theme is separate from the parent, you will not lose anything if you update the parent theme. Here is tutorial for creating child theme

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Please check your email. I just sent you a question inquiry about some customization.

Thanks again.

OMG!!! you guys are AWSOME!!! Thank you so much, this is this is the best customer support I have every received since using ThemeForest. Really, thankyou for the response, I has made my life easier in ways you wound not believe!

How do I rate??

We were glad we could help :)

You can rate us by selecting desired number of stars under you downloads tab.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Looks good… A couple of questions. For the MegaMenu, if I have more than just 1 at a time, mousing over 1 opens both and freezes the other in place. Mousing over the frozen one freezes them both in place. Can you please provide a fix? Thanks!

Hello Brandon,

1. We can send you .xml but you need to provide mail address.
2.Megamenu quickfix is here: wp-content/themes/essential/js/custom.js find var diff = $('.inner').outerWidth() - (left + curentSubMenu.outerWidth()); replace with
var diff = ($('.inner').outerWidth() + $('.inner').offset().left) - (left + curentSubMenu.outerWidth());

3.Use tabs checkbox if you want to have products displayed in tabs
Essential options-> home page -> Use tabs
4.your javascript is not working, please pay attention on correct symbols:
curentSubMenu = $(’.megamenu > ul’); you need:
curentSubMenu = $('.megamenu > ul');
If you provide us login info we can fix this for you.
PS. don’t worry we will help you to make this work
Best regards, ProspektDesign. If you send me the email with the .xml file, I will send you login credentials. Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

You will receive files in a few minutes.

Best regards!

Hello, I installed a completely fresh wordpress install & woocommerce as well as your theme. On the productpage the images do not outline ok. the image is on top of the producttext. How can I fix this? Thank you so much!

Hello mb1002,

we are trying to reproduce this but having problems with it. Could you please send us more info: browser, OS, url, screenshot. YOu can also use our support mail address.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello. Is there anyway to prevent the background from moving on the default slider? I would prefer a stationary background like the “Simple slider”) I tried > homepage > Number of pixels for background increment = 0. This did not seem to work.

Thanks again.

Thank You.

This new code seems to fix the background in place only “after the first click” of one of the “navigation dots”. Let me explain…. When my web page is initially loaded, the background is fixed and in the correct position. After the first click of the navigation dots… the background shifts to the left. After that initial shift… the background stays stationary (fixed), regardless of any additional clicks of the navigation dots.

I hope I was clear…. Thanks again.

Basically Im using a watermark that is required to stay fixed regardless of any slide changes.

Hi Chuck,

hmmm…seems like we can’t reproduce the bug, all seems fine. Could you please send us screenshot of slider settings.

In case you wanna use only watermark you can do it in class by defining bg image in css .da-slider .boxed { background:;}

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Beautiful, clean theme. The layout is perfect for an ecommerce client I have.

Thank you DataOneMedia,

and just to mention we have a great support team in case you run into any problems.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi, can you help me find the demo file please, i cant seem to find it anywhere in the folders.

I dont need the woocommerce xml, i need the demo content for the template as you advertise it please. Send the file to

Answer with file sent via provided mail address.