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Hi guys,

Excellent template and a really awesome support service!

Thanks! Ronan

Thank you very much Ronan !

We appreciate it !

I have been fighting trying to set up the slider on the frontpage but I cant make it work. I have the slider working on another page and comparing those 2 pages reveals absolutely nothing. What am I doing wrong here?

Hello RigPa,

could you please send us credentials or screen shots of those two pages via mail support so we look into it.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

When I click “Use theme default slider settings” I get this:

Warning: array_map() [function.array-map]: Argument #2 should be an array in /home/www/ on line 2395

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/www/ on line 2395

Hello RigPa,

this issue was corrected in 1.1.7. After you instal 1.1.7 please define again which posts you wanna have in settings.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

I also get this one:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Mijireh_Exception’ with message ‘Access key required to view checkout preview’ in /home/www/ Stack trace: #0 /home/www/ Mijireh::preview_checkout_link() #1 [internal function]: WC_Gateway_Mijireh::draw_page_slurp_meta_box(Object(WP_Post), Array) #2 /home/www/ call_user_func(Array, Object(WP_Post), Array) #3 /home/www/ do_meta_boxes(NULL, ‘normal’, Object(WP_Post)) #4 /home/www/ include(’/home/www/chill…’) #5 {main} thrown in /home/www/ on line 112

Hello RigPa,

this issues seems to be connected with payment gateway, not the theme. However you can send us some url access (via support mail) and we can check it for you.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi Prospekt,

I have no checkbox “Contact page options” in my screen options. The page is a “Contact Template” but no “Contact page options” :( Did u know what u mean?

Hello Bambu999,

besides choosing template, you will also need to setup settings for the contact page options. Please check here:

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi! you’r my hero! :) thanks a lot BR Bambu

Hi Prospekt, how did you became the searchbar in the top-bar?? I find nothing in the documentation.

Thanks! BR Bambu

Hello Bambu,

You need to have Woocommerce instaled, this part is connected with Woocommerce products search.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

yes, I got a serious question. I really like the theme but. On the first everything was fine but then today I added a page. When it was still a draft it was visible as a preview section. But as soon as I published the page it gave me a 404 page not found error and also if went to the page link itself. Why? And how can I correct that? Please help me cause this a serious(!!!) issue.

Answer given via mail support.

hello, I am trying to figure out how to get the “carusel simple-slider-posts” to show in the home page option 1 . I can add the large image, the top two tone header, and the info at the bottom. but I can not get the product carusel to work. I am not even sure where the slider pulls the info from. ?? please advice. thanks

Hello Michael,

you need to create desired query which is returning designated set of posts. Check it here:

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Thanx for the great design. Please inform me how ti ingrease the number of products per page/categorie to show in the shop.

I mean in the category section. The number of products shown there:

Hello Janvanharp,

please adjust settings like it is shown on next link:

Best regards, ProspektDesign

that was the solution. thnx.

Hello, we need to change the word “Cart” on the top menu of the theme, (we are working this side in Spanish) we couldn’t find this word inside the localization file. We need to know in which script or php file is located.

We find in the header.php this line of code:

<li class="essential-cart has-submenu"><a href="<?php echo $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url(); ?>" data-icon="?">Cart (<?php echo $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_count ?>)</a></li>

And we changed for this one:

<li class="essential-cart has-submenu"><a href="<?php echo $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url(); ?>" data-icon="?">Carrito (<?php echo $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_count ?>)</a></li>

The word “Cart” in the Top menu didn’t change; even we modified “My Account”, “Login” and other links, that did change.


This is the URL of the site:

Hello Justin,

you did it good but you need also to change it at wp-content/themes/essential/admin/woocommerce.php. Also we can send you correct files if you contact us via mail support.

This will also be corrected in 1.1.9.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Thank you!!!

Home page not responsive, viewing on iPhone it looks terrible, rest of the pages seem to be fine. Really need a quick answer on this please.

Hello Kent,

developers are looking into this issue as we speak. You will get information ASAP.

Best regards, ProspektDEsign.

How long are we looking? It has been like this for more than a month, taking the site live now.

Hello Kent,

could you please send us screenshot or url via mail support since we tried on iPhone 4 and 5 and everything seems fine.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Is there a many languages ????

Hello Joudev,

our theme supports multiple languages via .po file editor or via one of existing plugins.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.


We notice, that in the home page tabs in the “ON SALE” tab, the only products that are display are the single products with sale prices. When you create “Variable Product” and you put a Sale price they don’t appear inside of this tab. Most of our products has “Variables” (COLOS, SIZE, ETC) and we need them to appear in this tab.

Please let us know how could we change this.



Hello Justin,

you are right, we are putting update 1.1.9 now and it should be approved by Envato within 48h.

In case you are in hurry please contact us via mail support so we can send you required files immediately.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

I would also like the dummy content for the watch site

Answer sent via mail support.

The custom slider doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. The slides are completely hidden. They have been set up according to the instructions in the FAQ. Please advise.

Answer sent via mail support.

All of my items overlap with other pictures when I click on individual items to view their gallery. I will email you the link for assistance. Thanks!

Answer sent via mail support.

Hi there.. i bought this theme and urgently want to configure for a client site. unfortunately i couldn’t find dummy data xml file in the package. i wasted about 1 hour to find it.. checked each and every single folder. please try to send me dummy data asap. Thanks


I have just sent dummy content to one mail request. Not sure if that was you but in case it wasn’t please provide us with mail contact.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi. Thanks for your quick response. I haven’t received any email from your side. Appreciated if you can send me at mail address: Thanks

If I too could have the dummy content, it would make my day spectacular.

Just purchased your theme and absolutely love it so far. Great work.

My email is


Sent via provided mail address.

Dear Support Can You send me dummy data xml file For home page and contact us and every thing for page and products it same demo theme thanks my email

Sent via mail support.


Hi, how can I get rid of the top menu, all I want in there is My Account, I want to get rid of Cart and Checkout please.

Thanks! It did help, but then whole top bar goes, I still want it there, but I only want “My Account” to show (or login/register if not logged in)

Sorry to be a pain!

No problem :)

In that case delete or comment lines 67 to 124

Best regards.

Perfect! Fast and helpful as always! THANK YOU!