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I have a pre-sale question. Can I add my own slider such as the Revolution Slider, Wow Slider and Nivo Slider.

I have just purchase your theme. Please send me immediately the dummy content in .xml file and instructions of how to import. I am awaiting.

Sent via mail.


hi there,

nice theme but some of the pages does not appear. They are blank. The essential options page does not show. I have more than 11.000 products in my shop. This bug is not there on a site with only a few products. What could be the problem?

Hello Jan,

it’s hard to tell, we will need WP admin access to check it. YOu can send it via mail support on

Regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello Jan,

in newest theme version this issue is corrected. Just instal last version of theme and all will work perfect ;)

Best regards, ProspektDesign

Hi , i bought this theme 5 months ago , i added 2100 items to store. but now i cant add no more items .its hanged . would you help me ?

gonna send u an email now .

i sent you an email from

Hello Bestit,

we have received your e-mail. Just send us WP admin access info and we will look into it.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi ProspectDesigners,

can i turn the appearence of the icons in the product listing off. Not all customers know how to handle it.

Thnx in advance.

Just in case you mean those icons when you hover product just add in custom css

.circle-wrapper, .action-buttons { display:none !important}


it works, thnx

Great to hear :)

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

presale question: If I am not wrong the 4 images with title as casual, man,woman and fashion are categories of product, if that is so, what will happen if ther are more then 4 categories, will it slide or we cna add only 4 categories

Hello Alvaronicardo,

you can add as many categories as you wish, when adding more then 4 they will apear in next row. For instance if you have 7 categories they will show 4 in first and 3 in second row etc.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

I have just purchase your theme. Please send me immediately the dummy content in .xml file and instructions of how to import. I am awaiting. My email adres:, THX

Hello Robert,

we just received non-deliverable mail notification, can you please double check email you provided. Might be a typo.


No problem Robert,

you will receive it within minutes :)


say I wanted to use this them to compare products, but no sell them on my website – can I remove the ability to ‘add to cart’ and get rid of the cart altogether?

Hello jepabst,

yes, you can completly disable/remove cart.

Best regards ProspektDesign.

Excellent wordpress site, very good documentation, you are very professionals,congratulation to all team. I would also like the dummy content and instructions . Thanxxx.

Hello vatamouro,

can you please send us url of your page so we can check it.

Regards, thanks for your help.

Hello vatamouro,

There are two solutions – shorter names for menu items or editing style.css

Editing style.css – in style.css find #primary-menu {}, change text-align: right to text-align: left, then find #primary-menu > ul > li > a {} and change padding to padding: 0 14px;

Cheers :)


This might be a simple answer but I cannot find it for the life of me…but how can I change the number of items that are displayed on the product pages? It is currently set to 10 so it has three rows of 3 products and then one row of 1 and it doesn’t look good. I just can’t find where to change it to a different number. Thanks for your help!

Nvm I found it. Thanks anyways!

No problem :)

In case something else pops up don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.


Please send me the sample data xml file from demo to


Sent via mail.

Cheers :)

Hi there, what would be the best way to change the names of the tabs on the front page? I’d like to change the tab “on sale” – just the name.

Hope you can help.

Thanks, Chad

Hello ChadMaestro,

just edit file: wp-content\themes\essential\home-page-tabs.php

and on line 48 change _e(‘On Sale’ , ‘essential’)

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

How would I make the featured categories on the home page non-alphabetical?

Hello st0ned,

we will be releasing new update today, which solves this issue and is comaptible with WooCommerce 2.1.2. You will get automatic mail from envato when update becomes available.


Awesome, thanks! Just rated you guys 5 stars. :)

Thank you very much :)

I would like to have lightbox effect on product images. Is it possible?

Hello juhasan,

Our theme does not support lightbox by default since this is not default WooCommerce feature. However you can implement it with some custom coding.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Forgot to mention that Essential replaces prettyphoto (lightbox clone) which is default in WooCommerce with zoom feature. Without custom coding it is not possible to have prettyphoto enabled.


I had make a stupid mistake by upgrade the Woocommerce to 2.1.2 and now the check out page wouldn’t work. But when i downgrade to Woocommerce 2.0, it say “WooCommerce Config Error: The checkout thanks/pay pages are missing”.

please help.

Hello Julians3, t/themes/essential/woocommerce/checkout/

just leave it on WP 2.1.2 and delete entire folder

we are working on compatibility with 2.1+ and it will be released today, you will get automatic mail notification when Envato accepts new update.

Best regards, ProspektDesign

Thank you very much!!!

You are welcome :)

Thanks for your responses so far. I’ve got quite a large problem where the theme isn’t working properly in certain versions of IE. Is this a known problem and is there going to be an update soon where the theme works properly in IE?

Hello ChadMaestro,

we did not receive any other tickets considering your issue. Could you be a bit more specific, exact version of IE would be of help to us to invastigate further.


The site I’m making doesn’t work properly with anything lower than IE9 it seems.

Hello Chad,

supported browsers are IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox,Safari, Opera, Chrome.


I’m looking to purchase your theme today. Does your theme have a “social login/register” option for my customers?

Hello classiguy,

that is a separate plugin, you can use several free ones like


Need the dummy xml, not sure why I have to post my personal email on the web to get it when it was supposed to be included.

Documentation: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/dummy_data.xml

Actual: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/dummy-data/dummy-data.xml

Is there demo content for the rest of the site, not just the woocommerce products? Such as Pages?

Hello bighealth,

thing is that you are using woocommerce dummy content and not theme dummy content. You can download theme dummy content via link in theme documentation found here:

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hey : ) Is there any way to turn off the zoom image effect on the site upon hover? It’s causing scrolling on mobile phones to be impossible because once touched, the image zooms instead of being able to scroll. It’s also not a feature I’m going to use.

Thanks, hope you’re well.

Hello Chad,

In js/custom.js find and delete:

/* * * Product image zooming * */ $(’#product-thumbnails a’).live(‘click’, function(event){ var img = $(this).attr(‘href’); var zoom_img = $(this).children(‘img’).attr(‘data-zoom-image’); var ez = $(’#big-image-product img’).data(‘elevateZoom’); ez.swaptheimage(img, zoom_img); event.preventDefault(); });

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hi, thanks for that. It didn’t work, I don’t think, but having looked at the file I think I needed to remove the following statement as well:

/* * * Picture zooming * */ if ($.prototype.elevateZoom){ jQuery('#big-image-product img').elevateZoom({ zoomType: "inner", cursor: "crosshair" }); }

After that I think it’s worked, now.

Hello Chad,

thanks for the hint !

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

ok, I am SO loving this theme. Considering it for an art gallery web site.

a couple of questions

1. category display on main page, can the number of images be less or more and can there be a “slide” option to see more (e.g. if 4 are showing but we have 6 categories)

2. for the tabbed display (featured, etc) - can those be customized to be 3 columns wide or 2 columns wide - can the tabs be custom or can the tabs be categories?

3. Is there an option to make the menu (main menu) a “sticky” menu and keep it at the top of the page when we scroll?

4. Page speed scores are wonderful, but running your demo through I get 86(desktop) and 72 (mobile). Is that a server issue (since you mention 100/100)

Hello Seuse,

first I’d like to thank you in showing interest in our theme. Considering your questions 1, 2 and 3 adding those features would require additional programming and are not part of current version.

Considering your last question you were looking at Google Page Rank, we used

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

so on #2, what are the tabs that are in the product display? do I have to have them all or can I have just some?

on #1, Woo has multiple shortcodes, I wonder if any work with your theme

on #4 I used this Google’s own test

Hello Seaus,

Here are the answers on your questions :)

1. Woocommerce shotcodes work

2. You can show there n number of products, this is defined in theme settings

4. We used Pingdom.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello, can you help me with images variations of product? The first variation is OK, but when the variation is changed, the image of firts variation stay.

Product URL

Thank you

Hello Calvarus,

we can do it for you but will need WP-admin access, please provide it to us via our support mail

Best regards, ProspektDesign.