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Great Theme :)

Thank you! :)

Where is item description, the demo site has none on no products with item description shown

Please try to refresh the page, i think i was testing something and disabled the EasyTabs for a second.

review box is very small now

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the CSS issue and i’m preparing the files for an update.


I could not find any information about this issue, it would be helpful if you could make this more clear.

your installation instructions for magento ‘essentials’ direct me to: “Once the installation is done, upload all the files you find in the “theme-files” folder on the root of your server.”

Does this mean “overwrite” any existing files?

Thanks Pete

How can I change the copyright information on your theme?

It’s on the same page where you can edit the header/logo… System -> Configuration, then choose Design from the left side, then scroll down to the Footer tab. :)

OK, thank you.

Awesome Theme ;) I like it man!! That’s why I wish you good luck with sales ;)

Thank you so much! Wish all the best! :)

Great theme! I hope it sells well :)

Thank you! :)

can you update the information on your essentials theme. Its a really beautiful theme. I bet if you update the details area like other themes it will really sell.

Thank you for your suggestion! :)

Great theme, great documentation. I buyed this theme and 20 minutes later it was online.

Excellent, enjoy it! :)

Hi, how do i make the homepage slider look like the demo?

The text with background and button?


Please follow the documentation and make all the steps you see there. In case you still can’t manage that, just send me a message using the contact form on my profile.

Love the theme, but i’m having a pair of issues… Pagination doesn’t show at product list and, when i click on a manufacturer, there’s no products.

Some help here, im new with magento!

Did you follow the entire documentation? If you still have issues after you followed all the steps in the documentation, please use the contact form on my profile so we can talk on the email.

Hi, I love this theme and it looks great on my site. I just have two questions:

1. Can I remove the link from the brand logos on the home page. For example, on the home page in your demo, could I remove the links from the Envato logos?

2. Is there a way to edit/remove any of the links under “Customer Service” in the footer?

Hi, thanks for your questions. Yes, you can do both things you asked. If you need help, just contact me using the contact form on my profile.

Is it possible to add video to the homepage slider?

I can customize that for you.

Will the theme support the new magento update soon?

It should work on the latest version too.

Thanks, How can I configure the theme to work whit translate.csv in spanish? I added a new folder /esscentials/locale/es_ES, but the translations don´t appear.

I’m sorry but i can’t see you purchased the template from ThemeForest!

Can we disable “Top Sellers”?

Please send me an email if you need help. Thanks!

I emailed you 3 minutes after your comment and have not heard back. Can you please check the message that I submitted through your support page and get back to me?

We already replied to you :)

Why product TOPSELLERS is not aligned, is not beautiful…

look : http://fresh-pixel.com/premium-templates/?theme=essentials-magento, its same in my website…

... I wait, i wait, even in email, this freelance don’t respond….....

I’m not bound to answer in the next second i receive an email. You have my answer on your mail. Please stop acting like a spammer!

I am big customer in ENVATO, most 2000 usd each year, and its first time that i am very furious for 1 freelancer. You say : “I’m not bound to answer in the next second i receive an email. ” i write you 28 november and you respond 6 day after… Do you kidding me ?

I say for other buyer, this freelance is very bad, I was forced to pay a other provider to correct all errors. I advise you not to buy the work of BittLoader.