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Hello and nice template! Just one thing… Can you remove the quotes’s title? I mean > Thank you in advanced D.

Hi, I bought the “essenza” wp theme from envato market, and in the theme was included Layerslider WP as a bundled item. But the plug-in requires an upgrade; and to be able to do the update, requires me a purchase code: I included the purchase code of the “essenza” theme, but it does not work. How can I do? thank you, Silvio

Hello, did you plan to Update the theme next time???

please help me my mobile links in my menu on iPhone when they open a new window aren’t working they have bugs. see (

your reply to another user experiencing the same issue was


Basically the event that handles the close of the mobile menu when a button is clicked was preventing the default behaviour, which was fine for the buttons with ajax loading mechanism but for the others would prevent them from opening.

I’ve replied to your email, let me know if it fixed :)


thanks again

I can’t seem to get the dummy content to upload – the uploader just gets stuck. Any ideas why?

Another question – how can I make portfolio item descriptions appear within search results?

Please update Essenza! Thank you!

I would be very wary of buying this theme. It’s buggy, hasn’t been updated since Jan 2015 and from my recent Sucuri report, may now be vulnerable to PHP back-door scripting. With no patches planned and no support, you should AVOID.

Your advice goes against the collective wisdom of the entire WP community. The item is clearly marked “future updates” and yet you have not done so. Please update the theme or remove it from sale.

I’m talking to a wall

Please note that Envato agreed with me on this and refunded. I suggest you take the appropriate action to avoid the entire customer base seeking a refund.

How can I update this theme???? Does it work with WPML plugin?


dbebawy Purchased

Getting a JS error quite often. Can anyone help?

Uncaught TypeError: $loadableItems.ensureLoad is not a function at Masonry.ensureLoad (Essenza-built.js?ver=4be1690…:1) at Masonry.<anonymous> (Essenza-built.js?ver=4be1690…:1) at Object.d [as success] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at y (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:4) at XMLHttpRequest.c (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:4)


rgnand Purchased

Hi author, I want a refund because your theme does not work; I can’t install the dummy content and can barely upload any images – if I manage to get an image, it mysteriously disappears after a while. I regret all the time I invested into trying to resolve these issues. I am a frequent buyer on Envato, but willl never again buy anything from this author.


reluant Purchased

Hello, I’m having trouble with the theme once it is installed. Options in the Essenza menu are visible but not available.

Hello, the dummy content installer is not working.

Hello, is there any support for this theme or should I just request a refund since it isn’t working as it should? There haven’t been responses here in a while.

Hello, Could you please assists me to fix your jQuery error. Uncaught Error: Cannot find module ‘jquery’ at s (Essenza-built.js?ver=4.8:1) at RollGrinds.js?ver=4.8:1

Full errors are:

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 Essenza-built.js?ver=4.8:1 Uncaught Error: Cannot find module ‘jquery’ at s (Essenza-built.js?ver=4.8:1) at RollGrinds.js?ver=4.8:1 s @ Essenza-built.js?ver=4.8:1 (anonymous) @ RollGrinds.js?ver=4.8:1 Essenza-built.js?ver=4.8:1 Uncaught Error: Cannot find module ‘jquery,jquery/jquery.easing.1.3’ at s (Essenza-built.js?ver=4.8:1) at RollGrindsOnce.js?ver=4.8:1

Could you please update your theme.

is this them woo commerce compatible?

Hi Author, Can you contact me about a refund, please. I really can’t get this to work properly and it is painful. Hoping for a response as seen above that not so responsive :(