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Realy cool design! Would it be possible to have also a full width page? And also a jump to top icon?

Thanks! The jump to top icon is already visible in the bottom right corner. While full width text is not available, pages itself can be aligned to the center and right of the screen also :-)!

Could the full page mode done with an update of your theme ? ;o)

We might implement it if it’s a well requested feature, thanks for your feedback and suggestion :)!

Wow..this theme will get popular :) GLWS

Thanks! We sure hope so ;-)!

Theme has good design and it is perfect for this niche. Good work.

Thanks webinane!

great! Do you have plans to develop any other WP themes recently?

Okay, we see the problem, we’ll fix it asap! Thanks!

An update is currently in the queue with a fix for the admin on setting fullscreen properties and the ability to change the portfolio title size. Thanks!

The update is now ready for downloading :-)

Hi looks great! Any documentation of Visual Builder about features?

Thanks! We’ll see if we can get documentation about that online asap!

We have put up a page to show some more information about the admin:, please let us know if you have more questions about it :-)!

Stunning work! this is going to be massive on here. Can’t wait to see more from you.

Thank you very much! Hope we’ll get it coming anytime soon!

Wonderlicious work , congrats.

Kind Regards

Thank you sir :-)!

Amazing, i’ll buy it soon for my own portfolio !



Thanks! Hope you will love it :-)!

Fantastic, I just bought it straight away after testing on 3 devices. Exactely what i was looking for! I´m in love :-) One question: What is the typography of the ESSENCA logo based on? Thanks and best regards!

Thank you! Glad you bring that up, we really did spend a lot of time on the mobile experience! The typography used for the logo is ScalaSans with some modifications of course :-)! Have fun using Essenza!

Fantastic! Amazing work! Good luck with the sales!

Thank you so much :-)!

wouaouu ! great !

isn’t there any single-portfolio page ? can’t we have filter to portfolio ? thanks

your fullscreen layout is very nice, but i’ve a lt of text so i need more space…

Another option would be to use a regular page layout and use the ‘Image Gallery’ shortcode. Then you have all the freedom you want with text and columns and the ability to show large images in a lightbox :-)

Holy crap this looks amazing

Thanks a lot :-)!

Nice job amigo tuga ;)

Agradece ;-)!

Obrigado ( O meu colega holandês nao usou bem o google translate ;) )


holy….. this looks bloody lovely, I might just have to buy this.

Haha thanks, we can only encourage that ;-)!

Tuga? a sério????

:) Good Good Good

Obrigado, bom ver comunidade portuguesa por aqui :)

Really, really nice theme. Will bookmark this for future projects. Hope the whole world doesn’t buy it first!

Thanks, haha, it’s a bit hard to agree on this one ;-)...

Hi, Really great theme! Congratulations?

May I suggest changing the portfolio and showcase “information/subtitles” icon for something like ”?” or “i” (just for it to be different from the mobile menu expand icon)?


Thank you for your advice :-)!

Hi plusquare, thanks a lot for this beautiful theme – one little question: I would like to have the imgages in the portfolio section in fullscreen like this one: But this doesn´t work for me. Please help me

We have spotted the problem and will get this fixed asap :-)! Thanks for your patience.

The fix for the problem is currently in the queue, will be online soon :-)! Sorry about the delay.

The update is now ready for downloading :-)

Beautiful theme!

I see above you say that we can create our own single portfolio page and then link to it from the grid.

Can we use a full width slider like on the current single portfolio page on this custom page? So it would be the same as your current single portfolio page with full width slider and then text content underneath the slider.

Do you have an option to set the small black text box to default as open rather than needing to click it open?

Do you have an idea if we would need to put some links in the footer for SEO purposes?


Another question:

Does this theme cater to third level pages? And if so, how would I navigate through them on an internal page? Does it have the capacity for an internal page sidebar navigation menu?


I’m not sure how you picture the fullwidth slider with text content underneath it. If you mean, having the fullwidth slider and then scroll down to see the text the answer is no. However, you can link from thumbnails in the portfolio or gallery sections to all types of other pages. For example: you can also create project pages using the fullscreen slider and link to that page with thumbnails in the portfolio section. The slider has the option to add text and button elements and a close button with a dynamic link also, enabling a back button to the portfolio grid :-).

It is indeed possible to have the small black box open by default, you can see this in the single page portfolio project when entering the site for example. However, when navigating to a project where the textbox is closed, the other boxes adjust to that, remembering the visitor’s setting.

Putting links in the footer might be beneficial for SEO purposes possibly yes. The e-mailtext in the footer actually is a dynamic text, so you can set any text or collection of links you want.

As for your last question: there is no default third level menu options. But as you stated, some creativity would help here. It is possible to create texts with lists in a sidebar, making it possible to switch between pages. Also it is possible to have multiple pages by using pagebreaks.

Hope this answers your questions :-)!

Really nice, love it!

Thank you, much appreciated!