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How can I set width submenu items? (for example: width submenu item = width menu item). I don’t want 100% width.

Please help me! K

Do you mean you want to have the seperated submenus rather than the website width? You can choose this settings in the Template Customizer. Goto the Header tab and there you will find Header Sub Menus Type which you can set to ‘Individual Submenus’. In the submenus tab you can then set it’s width to an exact amount of matching the width of the description.

Hi, I’ve used the ticket support system for this theme and haven’t gotten a reply in a couple of days. Please advise. thanks

I’ll make sure to point the ticksy support team to it tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.


Hi, Bruno here. We’ve been in a transition phase in the support part so a few delays but it should improve from now on :)


hi! importing the dummy contents doesnt work. what am i doing wrong? i already have apis setup

Hi, making new comments pushes you to the end of the line on Ticksy, be patient our reviewer will get to it soon :)

it’s been 5 days since my last comment on ticksy, does it usually take this long?

I’ll make sure to point the ticksy support team to it tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.

Hi there, I have one question. When is the next version update? Now you will see several noticeable errors. However, this theme is really nice theme.

We don’t have a fix schedule for the next update but should be up early january. Which noticeable errors are you talking about by the way?


Very interesting theme but I’m a little lost in what can be achieved. Some demo shows footer sidebars but they do not sow in single posts… Some posts are centered but not all and is there a possibility to get a sidebar in posts ? Sorry for so much questions…

No problem. The reason that is varies in the different demos is to show that it is all possible just using settings of the admin. For each page, there is a default setting, but it is possible to change horizontal alignment, sidebars, etc. So by default, there is no sidebar in a post and it is aligned to the left. But with two clicks you can also align it to the center or right and add a sidebar to it.

OK, thank you.

I’ve used the ticket support system but haven’t gotten a reply.

Ticket #133813


You’re on the queue, you should get an answer soon :)


Thanks, problem solved :)

Ive got another question:

Is there a way to open the social links in the footer in a new window?

Sorry but no, but added it to the wishlist.

No problem don’t forget to rate Essenza :)



do you guys know which SEO plugin Essenza is compatible with? I tried Yoast SEO and it didn’t seem to work very well. All of the page names in the browser tabs got screwed up.

SEO optimization would really be nice for this theme.


Hi, actually no sorry, you can try a different one, already had an user with one that worked great with it, but don’t recall which one.


Hello guys! is there a way to have the same text slide elements in all the slides of the slider? I mean i have to create the elements one by one or there is another way of copy/paste them that i haven’t found so far..


I’m afraid there isn’t, you can though save your text element style, and just load that style for the others and add it, the animation you have to set them again unfortunately. Maybe something to improve for the future :)


It is possible set slider animation: fade in/ fade out? Without any move?

Best, K

Hi, not possible unfortunately, this way we ensured a good handling on mobile devices, but we have plans to include more options in the future :)

Is it possible to change the icon of a gallery item? There is a default icon for an image, video, audio, and external link. I want the icon of an external link to be different, since it will be linking to a default page on the same website.

Additional question:

Is it also possible to let the LinkedIn Social Button open in a new page, instead of the same window?

Additional question (sorry):

Is it also possible to use the same close button of a portfolio item within a default page?

Hi, Answering to your questions:

1) You’d have to change it on the php file, so don’t advice.

2) We’ll include the option in the next version

3) You could try making an image button for this



I’ve added a Contact Form module in the page builder, but how do I change the colors form field and the label text? Doesn’t seem to be options in the module editor or Essenza settings.

Thanks, great theme!

You can change it on template customizer -> Main Coloring Scheme -> Form Fields

Let me know if your worked it out :)


Well that is what I thought at first, and tried that multiple times but it is not updating on the site. any other combination of settings you may suggest?

Thanks again!

Can you please create a support ticket on Thanks!

You’re probably tired of hearing from me by now but I really think this Theme is fantastic and could be even better with a few tweaks so I wanted to submit another batch of bugs and suggestions that we came across:

1) Loading a portfolio gallery (gallery template) can take quite a bit of time to load. Is there any way to optimize the loading times? I am currently uploading 1920×1080 gallery item thumbnail images with a 70% quality setting. However, I set the gallery page to display content at 600px. Would it help if I uploaded the images at a native resolution of 600 or does Essenza optimize the images either way? Here is our current gallery portfolio:

2) I already suggested adding an aspect ratio setting to portfolio video items to avoid letter-boxing. I would like to suggest the same for video gallery items. It’s really a shame that the lightbox displays 16:9 content with black bars on top of bottom. Adding the aspect ratio setting here, like you’ve done for the video short code, would alleviate this problem:

3) Sometimes there is a bug with the light-box that mirrors the video content at the bottom. I haven’t found a pattern to this behavior but I noticed it in both Chrome and Safari as well as on the iPad:

4) We have experimented with both the ‘Portfolio Template’ as well as the ‘Gallery Template’ and had several of our clients test them out. Overall the majority preferred the ‘gallery template’ because they found that the ‘portfolio template’ isn’t as intuitive and can be a little confusing on the eye with the mouse overlays appearing in a secondary box. They also didn’t like that you had to “x out” three times after watching a video before being able to return to the portfolio overview.

Hence we have decided to go with the gallery portfolio but we wish an opaque title also appeared on the mouse overlay along with the video icon. I would love if you could integrate an option for Gallery items to display some text information on the mouse overlay. That would be the best of both worlds.

5) You can’t add font awesome codes into tab descriptions with the regular [i] code. You have to enter as but this seems to break the tabs interface when you revisit it after saving.

Keep up the good work. I’m hoping these feature requests aren’t too crazy and will make it into the next release. I think they would make this theme much more useful for video portfolios.



Hi Philipp,

Not at all, we much appreciate feedback like this and we do write it all down to improve for next versions.

3 is really strange but will try to replicate, as to the others, really valid ones indeed :)

I’ve added them to our to do list ;)

Thanks again!

I’m glad. Really looking forward to the next release. Do you happen to have any suggestions for #1?

Hi,you almost convinced me to buy this awesome theme.

I just have a few question. Is it possible on pages ABOUT and CONTACT to have a white background version or change the colors and remove the image background in that pages without touching any line of code ??

thank you so much in advance

i just simply need you beautiful PORTFOLIO page for my works, a normal black on white page for my BIO and the CONTACT page. The other thing is that I would like to upload or show in a new page my CV. Is that possible.

Sorry maybe the questions will sound stupid but i’m new and i’ve never bought a wordpress theme and this one is the most awesome ever!! thanks again

Thanks! Regarding your questions: yes it is possible to change the backgrounds in the ABOUT and CONTACT to white or any other solid color without touching any line of code. Also, you can just create a link to any PDF to show your resume, or style it into a page of Essenza :). Good luck!


congrats for a soooo elegant & fresh design!

want to ask :

1. can we create sites like your demos with the theme tools ? (styling with admin panel etc) ?

2. are all your demo pages created with visual builder elements ? (sorry, but i hate using shortcodes w/o a visual builder)

3. is your builder a customized version of v. composer with all 44+ elements styled ?

4. can u plz. inform us on your v3 update (features planned and ETA)


Thanks! Regarding your questions: 1) Yes, all the demos are created only using the regular admin. 2) Yes, the admin features a visual builder, you can just drag&drop shortcode modules on a canvas. 3) No, Essenza has it’s own pagebuilder. 4) V3 might come in January, but as we are first working on a next theme, it’s hard to give an ETA. We want to include WooCommerce into V3.

Hi, is there an ETA for new theme? Thx!

Should be launched in late February :)

Hi, have any problem if update wordpress 3.7 to 3.8? I don’t know if make the update or no, thanks.

No, Essenza is compatible with wp 3.8 :)


Hi, I installed plugin “Revolution Slider” and it’s work but menu doesn’t work. It’s mean when you clik on the menu’s item nothing happen:

Any idea what’s wrong?

Hi William,

Can you create a ticket for this one? Might be a compatibility issue so more tricky to solve.


Did you know that your theme does not work in Internet Explorer?!

pages don’t load, and the logo is way to big. My site is allready online and my visitors are not happy.

Which IE version are you using?


The one i checked is IE9, dont know what my visitors use.

Didnt you test in IE9 ? Your theme has lots of problems :(

We did test and it was running, maybe with a fix for another problem on version 2.1 it bugged out again, we have it scheduled for next update. And no it doesn’t have lots of problems in relation to the huge amount of options and features :)


Shouldn’t you change this?

Hi, we’ve received some small issues reported but it does work in all mentioned, we mainly tested with IE compatibility mode, but we’ll get all the small bugs sorted for the next version for IE


The portfolio section doesnt work at all in IE.

For me, thats the most important part.

As I said below: “We did test and it was running, maybe with a fix for another problem on version 2.1 it bugged out again, we have it scheduled for next update.”

Thanks for your patience, seems like compatibility mode is not good at all to spot it so will have no test it on a native ie 8 and 9


Is their a way to swap out the slider you use with revolution slider only because its much easier to use. Your slider is very difficult to configure.

Please advise.

Can you please create a support ticket on Thanks!

Hello guys! One little question. Is it possible when click on Facebook social button, to open the FB page to a new tab? thanks!

Can you please create a support ticket on Thanks!