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Hello, I have a doubt. What is the difference between demo and import theme options? Can I merge options from more than one demo? How do I know which of the demos I?

When you import it as a ‘demo’, you will also import all dummy content that you see in the demos here on TF (e.g. images). If you only import the ‘options’, you will import style settings only, like colors and template customizer settings.

Hi there! I bought essenza – amazing theme. Unfortunately it turns out to run very slow and buggy on my server. Any ideas or suggestions?

Best Martin

Hi! I do respect your work – bought it and installed it - I do think it is one of the best theme for wordpress I ever saw! And I am not drastic! Just to be very clear!

This is not a minor bug or a “redirect sometimes”: EVERY new client coming to your website ends up on the front page and not on the page he was looking for.

I would only ask you to quickly see throu your code – maybe you find a quick solution.

Thanks again for this wonderful piece of design! Regards Martin

Hi Martin,

We appreciate the kind words :)

I’ll try to investigate it this weekend and maybe make a pre update with this fix


Great Excellent design, great support!

Hi guys,

I just discovered a nasty bug of Essenza running on iPad. When you visit my website ( on iPad and click on any links from either the menu bar or the any of the pages the destination page will not load. It will display with weird little smiley face instead:

Only after you press the “reload” button in safari will the requested page load successfully. I have never noticed this behavior before. I recently upgraded to the latest Wordpress after getting the go ahead from your guys that’d Essenza is fully compatible.

Hoping there can be a quick fix for this problem.


Hi eierund. Not sure how you got this result, but it’s not an iPad bug. We tested it thousands of times on an iPad, and would’ve had a lot more customers screaming here if it happens always. Therefore, I want to ask you to create a ticket on for us to have a look what’s wrong.


I will file a bug report but have already found the culprit. This problem occurs if you have the WordPress Jetpack plugin installed, configured, and activated to track your visitors. Apparently the smiley face is part of the tracking code and messes with the Essenza theme. If you go into the tracking configuration and disable the smiley face it completely breaks essenza loading on iPad. The only solution seems to be to deactivate jetpack completely.

I suggest you guys test this out on your end as well since Jetpack comes pre-installed with new word press installations. You will have to configure Jetpack with your wordpress account settings before this problem occurs.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

This website helped me find out what was going on:

I did not understand how I have to install the update without deleting my previous customization of your theme. Every time I load the update, I reset the style.css file and I have to start all over again. How can I do? Tnx

For the umpteenth time I downloaded and updated to the latest version. Uploaded on ftp I reset all the previous parameters and I have to do all over again.

I would like to know the procedure to update the version WITHOUT LOSING ANY CUSTOMIZATION.

Your options should maintain as updating the files don’t mess up with nothing on your database so your options are all there. Maybe only updating from version 1 to 2 could cause some problems.

When you’ve uploaded did you go to the template customizer and your options had changed?


If I put a gallery on a page other than the root (/), no image found. Ex: How can make a lightbox?

Can you please create a support ticket on Thanks!

Hi, is there a way to show a image when click on a image button which has been linked to a image url, since I’ve test it, but failed, it just shows the raw code from the image file( i guess )

Not really sure what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want an image button to open in the light box?

yes, i want to display a image in the light box through image button.

I’m afraid it is not possible, a flaw on it, will add the option for next version :)


Hi plusquare, I know you will be releasing an update soon with some fixes but can you also take the redirect issue within that update (and setting a slider as homepage redirect to slider issue)? I use landingpages for SEO and when people are visiting those pages they will be redirected to the homepage :(


Hi, we do have that one on the list as priority for next update :)


Hi plusquare! Any idea when the new update will be launchd? Thanks!


It shouldnt’ be later than mid february. So in about two weeks


Could you please send me the file to disable AJAX loading? Thanks

Hi, create a ticket in our support system, we’ll send it as soon as possible. Regards

Hi! I have installed the theme. Is it safe to update my WP installation to 3.8?

Thank you!

Hi, yes essential is compatible with wp 3.8


Hi! Thank you for a great theme! I have big problems with opening PDFs from the site. The browser hangs and sometimes crashes.

Clicking a link to a pdf makes the site hang.

Pasting the url in the link into the address bar works.

Can you check it out?

Can you create a support ticket for this on Thanks!

ok thanks. Added a ticket here,..

Thanks we’ll review it as soon as possible :)

Hi there,

None of my lightboxes are working in the galleries, whether I use a gallery page or the Wordpress gallery within a page.

I’m just getting the spinning circle of doom!!! :O

The link is

Many thanks,



This image for example:

Doesn’t exist, not sure what you’re doing wrong though, can you create a ticket in our support system so we can try to send you a fix?


It was in the media files, I’m not sure why the gallery didn’t point to it properly.

Even now I am still having the same problems with “Images Gallery” module, the “Wordpress image gallery” or the “Gallery Page” Option in the templates.

I did submit a ticket about the same time as this was originally posted – almost two weeks ago. Got a reply on Christmas day. Have spent hours since trying to sort out the issue but I’m still not getting any luck.

It is not an issue with links to the images. They are all linked and it still isn’t functioning. This is getting ridiculously frustrating now.

Please get back to me.


Hi, I’ll fix that for you tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, frustration complete understandable. Regards

Don’t know if this has been reported before, but when you visit the website for the first time (with an empty cache), the social buttons aren’t being showed.

Strange, can you create a support ticket for it on Thanks!

Nevermind. It’s most likely a local browser problem. It’s working perfectly on other systems and browsers. Thanks for the quick response though

No problem, let us know if you find anything else wrong with it.


Hi there,

Just had a quick question, was wondering if there’s any way to add a store and/or Buddypress to the Essenza theme? Looking forward to your reply.



You’d have to integrate it yourself for now, we do have plans in integrating woocommerce for version 3.0 :)


Posts and pages either hang or are blank when I load them. All plugins are disabled and other themes work fine. Where should I start trouble shooting ?

Ok I give up. I cant even search the damn ticksy archive so I can try and solve all the bugs by myself (which I should NOT have to do) The pagination does not work and it just bounces me back to the first page of results. I am really disappointed. This looked like a great theme but I should not have to immediately call on support when I buy a theme just to get basic features working on a fresh wordpress install. There are bugs every where. Deleting the theme and donating my money to you. Merry Xmas.

I lost my cool. I apologise. I need some sleep. You have a great theme here. Hopefully I can get it working again soon. Once again, sorry for my outburst. Goodnight.

Hi, frustration does that don’t worry :) essenza should be easy to use unless some problem pops out. We’re still liming some edges. Can you tell us what you’re trying to do and what’s not working properly?


Good morning! Any news for us? Could you solve the problems with the theme? Thanks in advance

Dear plusquare team! Have you been able to find the redirecting error in your theme which forwards every visitor of your site to the start page instead of the requested subpage. It’s quite is a very annoying error and will cost the website most of its ranking with google! Best

As replied to your earlier message :)

Hey, I messaged you before but didn’t get a response. Can you tell me why my images are not loading in the portfolio?

Maybe I’m missing something on the server?

We’ll have your ticket answered soon.

Hello – I have posted 7 tickets on Ticksy and have not received a response to any of them yet (except from another user on one of them). Three were posted 5 days ago and four were posted 3 days ago.

We are trying to deploy a site for a client and these issues are holding us up. When can we expect responses?

Ticksy user name is Robert Meador

Sorry for the delay, busy times. We will reply to you asap :-).

Hi plusquare! so let us know what is going to happen and until when you are planning the update? Regards PS: I am loosing traffic like hell..

Posting a comment every few hours does not speed up the process. I have pointed Bruno on your posts, please have some more patience. Thanks :)

Thanks for your reply! I was wondering whether I should switch back to my previous theme or wait for the bug fix. Any recommendations?


Sorry but couldn’t find the problem this weekend, not much time to it, time of the year isn’t ideal :)

I’ll try to search for it after christmas as soon as possible.

Have a good holidays


Even though I’m not using a menu in my one-page portfolio website, I do see a menu icon when I’m visiting my website on my iPhone. Is there a way (I assume in one of the .php files) to hide this effectively?

I’ve found a solution. In header.php, remove the line below or put it between comments:

<a href="#" class="headerButton toogleMenuMobile" onclick="return false;"><i class="esza-menu" /></a>

Good that you have found a solution! Thank you for sharing.

I have V1.1 and i am trying to upload V2.1. It hangs up in the .zip install stage. Is there a reason for this?

To update, it’s better to reupload the files via FTP directly. Let me know if you get it to work :)