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Hey there! As i am a fan of this great looking theme its a shame that there is no kind of fallback for non-javascript clients. Without JS activated not even the basics like navigating through the entire structure seems to work!?

I was quiet surprised. Isn’t that what it should at least contain when it says “Best Seo practises implemented”

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Thats what i am missing urgent to this otherwise awesome skin!


To achieve the magnitude of options the theme offers, and the design of it, JS is indeed needed quite a lot, but don’t be afraid to evolve a client with no JS is something very very rare nowadays :)


I know. its just something you could improve at least some simple fall back for visitors without js support would be very nice. Kind Regards

For example the menu needs JavaScript to be properly aligned, would have to have a fallback for many things and don’t seem worth it. But will take that in mind :)

Its’s the third ticket im opening and I still didnt get a reply. I’m getting really annoyed as well as my client.

I paste here again the problem:

“Hi, I have a big problem: I just bought the theme but to be honest im quite disappointed… the portfolio and works can’t load at all! Please give me support”

Please get back to me asap if not I have to request a refund for the theme, as your support is absent.


Sorry, holiday times is always tough to get the work specially for support flow as you may understand. Also note we’re not obligated to give support and you won’t get a refund for that.

Well, happy new year to start with then :)

Can you tell me your ticket url?


Ticket is #140877

Hi sorry for the delay, I’ll clear all tickets tomorrow


Support is slow to me too. I gues they are overhelmed with tickets.

We’re back :) gona start clearing tickets the following days


Hi Guys, love the theme but how do i set a full screen video to play as the home page? everything i’ve tried doesn’t seem to work.


You must set the video auto play in the slide background options.


Thank you for the reply, i assume you mean:


Check if you want the slider to autoplay at start.

This didn’t work.. it plays the slider but video doesn’t auto play, i see a play button in the centre at the start.

Hi, that is the option to autoplay the slider. You need to edit the autoplay option in the slide options tab, not in the slider. Hope it makes sense.


Hello. Can you tell why this theme make the site load terribly slow? – clean instal. It works terribly slow with this theme activated.

Hi, do you have gzip compression activated in your server for example?


Hello, is possible have some custom adjustment on this theme? I would love to buy it but i need some adjustment. Thx

Hi, we’re currently completely out of time as you can see by the support delay :) so I’m afraid we can’t do customization work for now.


Hi Guys,

Please to hear you are back out of holidays. Please.. please.. please PRIORITY n° 1 – LA RIMA PRIORITA – ?????? ??????????? – LA PRIMERA PRIORIDAD – ?LK öncelik – LA PREMIERE PRIORITE – První prioritou – DE EERSTE PRIORITEIT – Prvi prioritet

Despite the fact that this has already been issued MONTHS AGO – and plusquare is well aware of this : websites using the essenza theme are COMPLETELY INVISIBLE in IE8 and IE9.

Please FIX this ASAP – or remove the ‘IE8 and IE9’ compatibility message from the Themeforest and GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK ! I’m sorry, one can have patience – as it has been for the past 3 months – but this has become a NO-GO zone.

PS I would like to double the comment of Robertofratoni. I believe the remark of the slow loading and non IE8 and IE9 compatibily are related. There is something not functioning well with the loader.


We did test it on ie8 and 9 on version 2 and it was working. We’re still not fulltime on plusquare so is tough to get updates running fast, we’re gona go almost full time from february onwards, till july when we’ll start full gas on plusquare :)

We ask a bit of patience on this one.


Hi i have buy this theme yesterday but still i can’t use it I receiving this message in my admin panel/fonts Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /htdocs/public/www/wp-content/themes/luxury/plusquare_admin/php/elements/pq_fonts_picker.php on line 56

I have take a ticket but still no answer. I have buy this theme for use it….not just for spend money. Please let me know.

Hi sorry for the delay, I’ll clear all tickets tomorrow


Still no news from my ticket man!

Replied on your other comment, regards

Dear Plusquare, In my Startpage i will have a Slider. So i create a Page with a Fullscreen-Slider. But the Slider have left and right a margin. Its not really Fullsreen. What can i do? Hope you understand my meaning. Cheers, Dominic

Great! Thank you! It works perfect so :)) nice day

Looks good. Please have a look: but i have to big Images. Loading-Time ;((

Does your server have gzip compression enabled? Regards

Please Check my Ticket.

Waiting for 5 days now.

Hi sorry for the delay, I’ll clear all tickets tomorrow


Dear plusquare! We need a date for the bugfix – we have to decide if ws will wait or change to anther theme! At the moment ESSENZA simply is too buggy!



For now is quite uncertain, as I’ve said previously we’re still not fulltime here, but have plans to, we’ll definetyl prize your patience, we have great new features to add to essenza and a huge list of wished features and small bugs that we have scheduled, but the time for them isn’t at our side for now, the best date I can give you is end of january.


I agree with stadtlabor.

Your theme still says its compatible with IE while its not. Also, all pages get redirected to the home page.

This is all taking way to long. Your theme shouldnt be for sale in the first place because it’s not working properly.

Check my answer to him :)


We dont need new features. Your theme has major issues that need to be fixed first.

Cant really appreciate the smiley.

Sorry if you missunderstood what we meant. We’re still not working on this full time so work gets in the way. I understand your frustration, I’m almost not sleeping to be able to work and also release some fixes for essenza. Please hang just a bit more, we can guarantee you’ll not regret it.


Hello, every page that is created with the information in the footer comment. Deleting this information (0 Comments (Comment))

See the reply above :)

Hello, every page that is created with the information in the footer comment. Deleting this information (0 Comments (Comment))

On the page admin, click ‘Screen Options’ and then check ‘Discussion’. Then, in the bottom of the page admin, uncheck ‘Allow Comments’.

Please advise for ticket support. Its been a few days… Ticket #133082 thanks

Hi sorry for the delay, I’ll clear all tickets tomorrow


Still trying to get help on the following…. I’m using a CDN for my site. My problem is, W3TC will not re-write urls for the portfolio images, or homepage thumbs.

Is there a option that I’m missing in the Essenza theme? Or custom script i can insert somewhere?

Hi, answered on your other comment :)

Two questions: How do I upload a custom page to be the homepage of the site? (I tried uploading my version of the page.php but it doesn’t show up in the page template types). Secondly, how can I edit the slider? I want to change the position of the arrows, and some other stuff. Thanks!

Sorry but don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to implement your own pages.php? Also can you create a ticket for this in our support system for this?


Still waiting for a ticket reply. Nearly one week now. Come on guys…

Hi, I’ll try to clear all tickets tomorrow, sorry for the delay.


4 days now…

Ticket #137052

Hi, sorry I’ll clear all tickets tomorrow, thanks for your patience :)

Hi! I have vs1 of essenza on my website. I would like to ask why on smartphone (both android and iphone) is not possible to make pinch to zoom. Best Regards.

only in portfolio category…. for gallery category is working… just for my website I use portfolio…

Hi, pinch won’t work because essenza is responsive so no need to zoom to see the site, otherwise you’d see the site like in desktop and not a good mobile version. If you want pinch/zoom for portfolio works and such that’s a different matter but essenza doesn’t support it