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I uploaded the template .. have some questions.

1. template will be translated into other languages??, such as Russian

2. where I can find the settings in the template, those ready-made options, which are presented here as a demo?

3. I do not have any font from Google Fonts

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/add0001/ on line 56

There is – foreach($data->items as $item){

Double comment, replied in the other one :)

I am really confused about how to use sidebars, am i missing something?

On the page builder, there is the option to use sidebars but remains greyed out, there is no instructions in the documentation in how to create sidebars (none that I can find at least). I managed to build a template in v1 for a sidebar but going back to add in V2… completely missing?

Looking at others who have asked about sidebar functionality, some have had similar issues.

Otherthan that great theme but this is driving me bonkers!

Hi, Seems like your sidebar is broken, some invalid string coming along maybe. Create a ticket on our support system and provide us some wordpress and ftp credentials so we can fix that for you.


I had already posted a support ticket, I have just updated it with the logins

We’ll get to it as soon as we can. Thansk!

I do not like to have to style the width and other features of each page on the administration panel. How do you edit the CSS in one place for all pages to stop wasting time?

How do I turn the page builder off? It is very slow and annoying to work with.

The theme does not allow a child theme. How do I fix that???!!!!!!!!


1. We’ll try to include some options to set the defaults.

2. No way to do that, try using google chrome for it, works smooth on my end

3. Can you create a ticket for this one on our support system?

Thanks and sorry for the delay we’re still no fulltime here and some pretty full last weeks.


Dear team! Reply!

Working on it, sorry for the delay we’re still no fulltime here and some pretty full last weeks.

Hello support. Please advise when Ticket #133082 will be answered. Its been some time now (10 days) since reply. thanks

Sorry for the delay we’re still no fulltime here and some pretty full last weeks. Doing my best to catch up

any plans to update to WP 3.8?

It should work with 3.8, did you find something wrong with it?


Hi, I want to set the header text in css to a specific size/position, rather than having to adjust it each time within the modules, so that whenever someone adds header text to a page, my default custom setting will work. How do I do that? I’ve tried customizing the .text_header.line_none but because each page can be modified, it takes on whatever is put in the front-end module page builder. Thanks!


Can you create a ticket on our support system for this one? Sorry for the inconvinience and sorry for the delay we’re still no fulltime here and some pretty full last weeks.


Hi there, I want to buy this theme. I know that this theme will be updated soon. Specifically, when is the next update schedule?


It shouldnt’ be later than mid february, thanks for the interest :)


Hello, I want to buy this theme, however does it word with Wordpress 3.8? I’ve heard that 3.7 is easier to hack.

Also if I were to purchase now, and a month later the updated version comes out, do you still get that also?


Sorry for the delay.

Yes it should work with wordpress 3.8, and yes the updated version should come up mid february and if you buy now you get access to any future update


Hello, I uploaded the template, and it doesn’t work at all. I chose to import the creative demo. When I go to my website (, the loading doesn’t work, there’s just a black screen, nothing happens. I installed it on wordpress 3.8. Is it compatible? I’m really dissapointed, and hope you’ll can help me soon.



It seems to be working fine now, good looking also ;)

Let me know if you got it sorted and sorry for the delay


Hello, I bought this theme, from another account. The install seemed to go pretty well but, when I enter the site it keeps refreshing the first page, over and over again. Sometimes I get to see a little of the theme before it refreshes. It’s the same on, 3.5.2 , 3.7 ,3.8. In the error log it says something like this:

shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 1700, referer: Sat Jan 18 01:54:41 2014 [client] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public/website/ on line 1697, referer: Sat Jan 18 01:54:41 2014 [client] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public/website/


Which version of essenza are you using, also can you comment with the other account then?

Thanks and sorry for the delay

Hello, Really nice theme. I had some queries before buying,

1. Can I have the logo centered

2. Can the page menu be center aligned under the logo

3. Can the portfolio filter be always open and center aligned under the page menu, instead of bottom corner.

4. Can the thumbnails have white border between them.

5. Can the mouseover text on the thumbnails be on the same thumbnail instead of teh adjacent one, and the effect be fade in and out instead of sliding. Also can it be black text against white background.

I have some very specific look in my mind for my site, hence being so particular. let me knw if it is possible to customize your theme into looking like this

Thanks and regards


Answering to your questions:

1. Unfortunately not, as there wouldn’t be a good position for the menu with that setup

2. Same as above I’m afraid but will take in mind

3. It can be positioned where you want in the screen, but it’ll have always the open and close behaviour

4. Which thumbnails? the portfolio ones?

5. Same as above, but assuming you’re talking about the portfolio thumbnails yes, you can customize everything you mentioned :)

Couldn’t open the link, it’s broken.

Sorry for the delay mate been having some busy days.


Thanks for your reply.

Here is the link i posted earlier.

I have this particular look in mind, is it posible to achieve it using your theme or will it need custom css. If custom, will you be able to help with same?

Also the portfolio filter, what i meant was to can i have its defualt state as open instead of closed?



Unfortunately a negative answer for both.

But added it to whishlist for a future update


OK, 14 days agoo i have buy this theme, but still i can’t use because u need to fix some bug. I need to use this theme NOW!!! c’mon guys!!

Tell me what i have to do, or i want a refund!!!!!!! B3rto

Hi Roberto, unfortunately we’re still not working fulltime here, I really get frustrated for not having time to get some bugs worked out but will start to get more time now, so never more than mid february new version coming up

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the delay



Just one pre-sale question…

Is there a way to add intro text to your Creative Demo ( Similar to what you did to your Corporate and Personal Demo?



Yes it is :)

Sorry for the delay.


Got the Same problem like ac3d said.

The site keeps refreshing and refreshing in an endless loop when using WpEngine as my hosting plan. No plugins active. Fresh install.

Allready created 1,2,3 tickets regarding this but without any response from your side.

I would like to switch the website to WpEngine this week but without this issue getting solved i see no chance on it.

Its frustrating, on my current hosting it works too but its slow loading and thats why i want to move asap.

Support of WpEngine told me that this might has something to do with PHP Sessions and that they cant find anything while looking at the webservers log files.

Anybody knows what to do here?


I’m not familiar with wpEngine, but will try to get to the tickets as soon as i can.



I’m really interested in getting this theme – I’ve just noticed that on some browsers it doesn’t work as well, for instance IE8 and general PC’s. Will this be fixed in the next update?



Yes we have that top priority for next update :)


Do you know when that will be?

Never later than mid february, thanks so much for your patience, just a very busy time for us as we’re not fulltime here still.


Jesus, support… Whats going on?

Busy busy days, we’ll get everything smooth again mid february with a new version also.

Sorry for the delays in the meantime :S

I love this theme! and recently just got my site up! I really don’t want to waste more time in buying and tweeking another theme. I read your comments and understand that you’re behind and are basically in a shithole right now … but it’s been almost a week, and these issues are really affecting my brand and sales. PLEASE At least just tell me when you think you’ll be able to get to my ticket.


Hi, we’ll be more free from 11th of February, so from that date on we’ll have an update coming along, and also better support time of course


First of all, thank you for this amazing theme. Now, I have a question. I’m trying to use the image-button shortcode but adding text on the first image. Is this possible. Thanks for all.

Hi, thanks! :)

Unfortunately no, but added it to the wishlist.

Regards and sorry for the delay

Thank you. I’ll be waiting for this.

Hi Guys,

Apologies for late in support. We are down due to some technical problems in our side. :(

You guys now create a support ticket in and we are trying reply asap, also replying to the older tickets asap. we won’t leave you alone :)

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks, laranz. plusquare support team.