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Hi Guys,

That is a beautiful theme, so I’m about to buy it. But I would like to know if it is compatible with WP 3.8?


Hi, yes it should be compatible with wp3.8 we’ll get it reviewed for next version also but should be ok :)



Just one question, please, had bought this theme few months ago and, unfortunately, the vast majority of time…it doesn’t work or…it’s so so slow. Do you know something about this problem? Thank you in advance

Have a nice day, D.


Does your server have gzip compression enabled for example?



I bought this template a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to get it to install with Wordpress. Assume is it not compatible with 3.8. I have submitted a support ticket with you and have yet to receive any response. It has been 6 days. My work has been severely delayed due to this issue.

If my problem is unable to be resolved, or if the template is not compatible with the latest version of Wordpress, I will be demanding a refund.

Hi, I’ll get a look to it, it should be compatible with 3.8. Can you describe exactly the problem your facing?


Hello, guys. Having a question : the Twitter feed goes up and down on the footer.(i’ve enlarged the footer, and i belive that it’s caused by this action). I would like it just to stay aligned in the same position with the Twitter icon. Is it possible? Thanks again for your support.


I have that on the bug list already, thanks for reporting. I’ll correct it as soon as i can

Thanks for your patience

Hi there, have replied to #137052 on your boards.

I had lost this client but have convinced him to try again. Please can you see to this urgently. I don’t want to be made to look foolish again.

Many thanks,


I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to Laranz for all his help today and this evening. We are finally there and the site is looking great. Your help was above and beyond. I know I took up much of your time.

The guys at Plusquare do have an awesome looking theme and they are aware of some glitches. They assure me they are working to sort them out and I am happy to stick with them. I hope they get things sorted soon because this theme deserves that.

Thanks again.


Thanks so much! This kind of feedback really motivate us in keep improving it, and we have big plans for improvements and corrections, keep tuned :)



I sent you a ticket in plusquare, I hope that you will answer me because I’m very dissapointed about this theme and your service. Is the sencond time that I have tryed to contact with you. (one by directly email and the other one by plusquare).

The theme doesn’t work, doesn’t load and when I click in the main menu nothing happend….

The portafolio page, home page, gallery page, etc don’t work…I can see the load image but never load the web or the portfolio…

For the people that are thinking to purchase that theme….¡Don’t do it! You are going to lose your money…

Hi Alberto,

No point in coming to say that here. We’ve just been a bit off the picture not because we want to but we’re still not fulltime here. The theme works, still some issues to correct but of course it works.

Sorry for the inconvinience it is causing you. Let us know your ticket id so we can take a look


Hi, is there a way (plugin / code) to change the open graph to show the image of the portfolio item at facebook post.

right now there is no image (see attached image).

i’ve tried it with seo by yoast but then the title shows up twice.

waiting for respond



I’ve added to the to check list. Will add it as an option to the template customizer page.

Thanks for reporting!

Hello! There is a question. Is it possible to reproduce mp4 for its own animation automatically on a top screen like this site? Please let me know.

Yes, you can use a fullscreen slider with only one slide with video, with autoplay set to true :)

Regards and sorry for the delay

I’ve some problem. Gallery doesn’t work. I tried to contact plusquare 1 week ago, but… no answer….

Hi, so sorry you’re facing troubles we’re trying to catch up, been having some way too busy weeks.

Can you tell me your ticket id?


I am losing a lot of business due to the issues going on with your theme, please respond to my ticket or AT LEAST let me know when I will get responded to! PLEASE.

ticket number from 2 weeks ago: #146348

I’ve alerted Lawrence to give a look, sorry for the delay.

Thanks for your patience!


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /web/htdocs/ on line 56

Hi roberto,

We’ll fix that for next version, sorry for the trouble once again. The bug fixes release will come never more than mid february. So in about 2/3 weeks


Hi, doesn’t appear “Portfolio overview” and bottom arrows (prev and next). I loaded Corporate Demo. I’ve clicked Portofilo ” Click to save grid order” and doesn’t happen. Still doesn’t apear. Please help.

Can you create a ticket in our support sytem for this one? Or tell me the link to your page here


There seems to be a major problem with the home page feature. If you select a home page in WP itself, the theme will overwrite it and not display the correct home page.

If you choose the correct home page in the theme, then no page will be displayed because it conflicts with WP.

Please remove the “Front Page” feature in the theme. Whenever you change any of the settings, it will reset the home page, then WP has to be reset again too or you will get “Page Not Found”.

Can you create a ticket in our suport system, that seems to be a bug related to something else.

Sorry for your trouble we’ll investigate all this issues for the next update


I have the same problem that RobertoFratoni with fonts management!!! Can you please provide some code lines to fix this issue?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/87/2052487/html/wp-content/themes/essenza/plusquare_admin/php/elements/pq_fonts_picker.php on line 56

Hi, as I replied to Roberto:

“We’ll fix that for next version, sorry for the trouble once again. The bug fixes release will come never more than mid february. So in about 2/3 weeks”

We’re doing our best with the time we have at the moment, but we’ll be much more free from the 11th onwards so only good news from then onwards.

Thanks for your patience! Regards

Thanks for the quick response.

this is a good theme for those who are fluent and savvy in WP and coding and do not need any support.

if you need support do not buy this theme. it seems the developers have had some mishaps relating to support, and people (myself included) have been waiting for a month with open tickets in order to solve issues.

Hi Mariana,

It’s not straight like that, we do want to provide a better service but as we are not full time here still work has been in the way, we will have more time from 11th onwards, so good news from that date onwards :)

Sorry for your trouble.


big THANKYOU-namastê to Laranz who stayed up way past civilized hours yesterday + this morning to finally solve my 3 open tickets.

Thanks, already praised laranz for his good work :)

Regards don’t forget to rate Essenza

Please could anyone have a look at my ticket? Waiting for several days. It´s urgent.

thanks in advanced!

@Lawrence Adam | I updated the ticket. Please have a look.

I’ve alerted Lawrence to review this ticket as soon as he can.

Regards and sorry for the trouble

Hi, plusquare! Any idea when will the new update be online? Thanks!

Hi, we’ll have free time for this from 11th onwards so by the end of february we should be releasing a bug fix update

Thanks for your patience and for sticking with us :)


hello bruno, lawrence, plusquare folk:

please, i’ve been waiting for a month with open tickets in order to the site (which is 99% done, just waiting for your your reply to my tickets).

can you PLEASE answer tickets: 142668, 143602, 153848 and 154243.

I’ve told Lawrence to give them a look.

Sorry for your trouble again Mariana.


big THANKYOU-namastê to Laranz who stayed up way past civilized hours yesterday + this morning to finally solve my 3 open tickets.

This is a lovely theme, but I’m a bit frustrated with the outdated documentation and lack of response to previous tickets opened on your support page.

In Essenza’s General Settings, I have set ‘Home’ as my Front Page. When I click this link in the main menu, the desired page loads just fine—but when I load the site, I am getting a Page Not Found error.



Thanks for the feedback! We’ll try to improve this and the structure of the options page itself as it seems to be a bit confusing sometimes.


Another note about this particular issue: any time I make a change in the Essenza tab settings, it resets other settings back to null. (Such as the one described above on the ‘Reading’ tab.)

Could you please make sure your forthcoming update includes a serious fix for this issue?

Will investigate it, thanks!

For everyone wondering when the new update will be released: plusquare just replied to my ticket and said an update will be released in about two weeks. Hope all the bugs will be fixed in that update!