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The “Page Width (pixels)” did not work in IE.

Added it to the to check list. Thanks for reporting


Sorry, I still fine some problem. First, the Contact form seems has some issue, it can not deliver the mail at every first time I sent to, even it appear the message been sent successfully. I have to reload the Contact page again, and re-type every things, then it can deliver to my mailbox. Secondly, the Sidebar seems not really support the Unicode well, because the sidebar chars will become garbled when I edit and save the page(I am using Chinese chars). Anyway, this is good theme, thank you.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll take a look to what you’ve mentioned.


In terms of design the Essenza theme is above average. Coding and support is dramatic. A refund is probably out of the question as well…

Switched over to Dunked Portfolio…


The only thing dramatic here is you :)

We’re working to correct all the issues mentioned thus far, we’ve been having some short time, but the theme despite some small bugs works great.

Sorry you’re facing trouble with it, you have the right to complain and ask for support, and we do care and are using every free time we have to work on essenza for the new version, but no need to be rude.

Regards hope to make up to you soon :)

Jjust adore your theme ! Do you have showcase of websites with this theme? Thanks Marko

Hi Marko,

Thanks! Already seen a good amount of great use of our theme indeed but I don’t usualy keep a record of them.

Our 4 demos should give you an idea of the possibillities essenza offers though :)


Hi everyone!

So we’ve been selecting the plan for this next update, you can see what’s going to be corrected here: Changelog

Let us know your opinions :)



I’m having problems with the gallery/lightbox stuck in loading. I left a ticket on ticksy but no response. Can you please come back with a fix, i need my site back online.

Thank you.



The ticket might have been adressed to me, I’m trying to focus on releasing the new update with the free time I have, so sorry. Just one more week and well get it up and running probably :)


Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the support, You pulled it out right when I needed it. (big thanks Laranz) :) Cant wait to see what happens next. Cheers. Morgan.

Thanks Morgan :) we’re working hard in the new version

Update plan is missing

- Sidebar saving for all posts activated (you always have to go through all posts and click update before changes takes effect)

- Social Sharing Buttons at the bottom of posts/pages especially the facebook like/comment function not working like they should

- Major JavaScript issues that leads into breaking the masonry grid layout, hangs on complete loading and so on.

Essential things like those should be fixed asap. Releasing super fancy looking 90% JavaScript driven themes okay… But when i pay for it i expect bugs like this should not be there. I am live with this really awesome looking theme for 2 month now and i am losing a lot of visitors every day because of it.

Hope this helps. Also i suggest support should more concentrate on direct solutions on tickets instead of forwarding and forwarding or re-asking questions that should be clear just to gain time.


As to the sidebar you’re right forgot to mention that there. I’ll actually shift the sidebar to a custom post type so it’ll work really different and way better we think :)

As to the rest I have some issues set in the checklist that I still have to go through so some issues fixes should still be added.

Thanks for your feedback :)

As to the support as I’ve explained before we’re still not fulltime here and it’s been some very very full past weeks, but from the 11th onward will get the update up and running as soon as possible and then update the support part so we can deliver solutions in 2-3 days.

Thanks for your patience with us!


Hey guys,

I’m really looking forward for the new update to buy :-)

I like “essenza” pretty much, so good luck!


Thanks :)

What’s the difference between Portfolio and Gallery?


The difference is in the way the content is displayed between the 2 types, since in the gallery you have the items opening on a lightbox and in a portfolio a new page with an image slider


Hi, Bought the theme … superb theme!

But suddenly I’m struggling with an issue … See link …

Then look to the categories you can sort …. You’ll see Interior …. But I made also Architecture en Graphics, …. Somehow they don’t show up in the listing … ?

Can you help me asap tnx!!!

OK solution found!

But having another question now ….

When making a link – menu item. De link opens in same window. A would like to open it in a new one (blank). How to?



That can’t actually be done as is, by wordpress limitation, I’ll add this to the wishlist but won’t come in this next update I’m afraid.

Regards and thanks :)

i just bought this theme, i cant upload to bluehost, i used the zip flies designated only for wordpress, still nothing. any known issues with uploading? please help


Try uploading via ftp, it might be php upload limit blocking it. By ftp should be fine.


^drock22, I don’t know why but I couldn’t get it to upload via the console either. I ended up just FTP’ing the files and that worked fine.

I am having a minor bug – maybe you can include it a further update: on Chrome tabs description, the “&” sign displays as “&amp”; on Safari or Firefox, it displays correctly. Thanks you again for the support.

Will take a look to it also, thanks :)


Having trouble uploading the theme zip file to wordpress. I can’t wait to get started but it gets stuck a few seconds in. What am I doing wrong?


Try uploading via ftp also, as your php ini upload limit might be blocking it


Where can I find all the short codes for the icon images?

also, why doesn’t this theme work with the Jetpack plugin?


We’re gona correct plugins incompatibillities for this next update, will test mainly jetpack as it seems to be one of the most requested ones.

As to the icons you can add [i]icon id[/i], being the icon id any of the one you find in this page: Font Awesome

Example: [i]fa-rub[/i]

Let me know if you got it.


Hi, love the theme.

Once you start playing with the drag n drop page builder it’s a dream.

I have a large problem with one element though..

When using Soundcloud media player it does not play when using my MacBook, is this a known problem?

Thanks in advance, Sam

Hi Sam,

Thanks :)

Actualy no never got a issue complaint of that. Was it using safari? And which version of safari?

Thanks again!


1. Smooth out the AJAX loading. It’s flaky and not consistent. Many times the entire page has to reload (not with AJAX) since the AJAX is not being triggered properly. If you are clicking through the site quickly, this is guaranteed to happen. Most notably on mobile.. This is providing a sloppy user experience.

2. Fix the mobile menu dropdown from interfering with the content of the page. For example, if you are in the mosaic blog in the demo and scroll down the page a bit, click the menu to open and then click again to close. The page moves behind the menu. The menu should not interfere with the page behind it. The menu should just overlay the page and be able to open and close very quickly. The menu dropdown is very slow and glitchy when on the mosaic blog, even with only a few posts.

3. Regarding the posts ‘loading more’ infinite scroll function. This is also inconsistent and sometimes you have to scroll up and down a few times before triggering it.. Feels like I’m forcing it to work. It should begin loading before you even reach the bottom of the page without lag and without user even knowing. Makes having even more than 15 posts difficult and annoying to navigate, let alone a larger amount of posts. Could be much faster and smoother.

4. Fix the mosaic blog posts from failing to load and jumbling all the post titles on top of each other.

5. Add the option to have the menu in mobile drop down format at all screen sizes (not an issue, just a request).

6. Add Instagram to the social icons in footer.

I’ve been working with this theme for many months and while the visual design is great, it means nothing if the performance and interaction with it is not excellent as well. I’ve been waiting patiently for an update for weeks and feel the current changelog may not improve on some of these problems. All of these issues can be experienced on the demo site and are not a result of my own setup. Hopefully they can be addressed.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll make a huge revision to everything. Really want to see everyone happy and proud of having essenza :)


Thanks.. rooting for you all the way. One other thing is… If you set a posts background color to a light color and refresh the page, the page refreshes with a dark (I think #333) background when I don’t have this set as a color anywhere. I have it as all white, but refreshing leaves the page_wraper white but the background behind this turns dark.

Strange, will take a look to that also.


Regarding the portfolio on the Creative demo version, we like how the title and description appears next to the image on rollover. However there is no rollover state on the ipad, so users don’t know what they are clicking on.

Is there a way to set the function for ipad as two-clicks. The first click would bring up the title next to the image while the second click takes you to the page…



It’s a good point, and no for now it won’t work, but added it to the wishlist, thanks for the feedback :)


SUCH a Beautiful Theme (been a while since checked out your demo here, absolutely amazing on mobile too!$) Any New WP Plusquare I/We can hope to look forward to purchasing soon?!

Hi, Thanks mate :)

Well the first thing in our agenda for now is to release an update for essenza, then we’re off for the next project which has already started.


Any news when the update is getting released? Thanks in advanced.


It should get released between 19 – 22 of this month

Thanks for your patience