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Hi , i had a query, its at end of previous page, maybe you might have missed it.

also I have a feedback for future versions. It would be great to have the option to name the placeholders and shortcodes that we place in page builder. example: i have lots of image buttons stacked above one another in my page layout and it just gets difficult to guess what is what without going into edit.

thats just a feedback, dont know how easy or possible it is.



It shouldn’t affect your loading that much no, because the files should be cached :)

Just has some overhead difference as well as less flow between pages


ok thanks, so ill keep it off for now. will teh next subversion have this issue sorted out?



Create a ticket at our support system so we can track the issue that’s occuring in your case.


Hi I have problems with the update of the theme first I see this warning message:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in html/wp-content/themes/essenza/plusquare_admin/config-common/php/google_fonts.php on line 26

( then I can`t see all my portfolio for example If you search this ¨almohada fibras sinteticas¨ it looks that there´s a result when you clic the result the site stays loading the result and never appears

Why is the cause of this problem??

Thanks for the support


Do you have version 2.2.8?


yes I have version 2.2.8

Strange, can you create a ticket in our support system? Provide some wp admin and ftp credentials so we can correct that immediately. Let me know the ticket id as when you create it (make a private ticket ;) )


Hi great theme. I need to add Tags in portfolio item… is possible? Thanks for the support.


Portfolio items only support categories I’m afraid.



I am trying to use font awesome, but it will not work.


Tried to create this button in a slider , but no luck.

Replied on the other comment :)

Hi, where can I download version 2.2.8? In the download options only you can download 2.2.7 version…

Any news?

Sorry, there has been some delay on Ticksy, we’re catching up now :)


Thanks for the one star rating mate, our support guy has been sick the last days and I was completely unavailable. Remember we’re not obligated to give support and the theme is working well, you have an issue importing dummy content that should be related to your server configuration. I was going to handle the tickets today myself, gonna think twice in passing at yours since it is too late for your opinion.

Regards have a good day

Sorry, if I post this question twice, but my browser crashed.

Somehow the code for the Fontawesome icons does not work.

I am trying to include in a slider the button with this icon


but the icon does not appear, only the code as text.

I am using version 2.2.7.

Thanks for your help!


Can you send me the link to your site?


I sent you a PM.


Can you create a ticket instead in our support system?

Sorry for the trouble, thanks!

Hi is possible to show the adminbar?

No problem, don’t forget to rate essenza ;)


In truth, with this change the ajax loading mad and also remains in the administration by preventing the changes. I had to remove it again.

Well, yes, we removed it for some reason :P

As the link is from the same domain it tries to load it async.


Hi i need to use Advanced Custom Field but in admin doesn’t show the wysiwyg editor of ACF… i need it. can you help me?

Please let reply to my ticket (Ticket #195724) ...

Thanks for everything. Now with the update it works …

Awesome :) let us know if you find something else wrong.

Don’t forget to rate, cheers!


I use the theme with the 1rst version. Everytime I try to upload the last version on my wp, it does’nt work. I don’t understand why. Could you help me please? Thanks a lot. My website :


Can you create a ticket at our support system for this one, hard to know what you mean with the description you gave, provide us some wp admin credentials so we can take a better look.


Hi, there is a problem with the accordion shortcode, the changes made in the same will reset to default when opened again. Thanks


Do you have version 2.2.7?

As to the serach thing, very good idea indeed :) Added it to the wishlist for next version.


ya im on 2.2.7

I’ve sorted it out, I’ve probably forgot to replace the production files for that bug. I’ll correct that tomorrow.


Having the same problem. All previous data introduced is not shown. Created a ticket on ticksy.

And yes, 2.2.7 updated yesturday.

Noticed other bugs or lacks. I have bought the theme at the beggining and started building my site with more options in the menu definition. Now I’ve seen that some of the options have disappeared – font size definition for submenus in mobile and also size of submenus in pixels. Also, I don’t know if it’s my admin panel but color pallete doesn’t open anymore.

We’ve changed the way things arre done. We didn’t remove any options. You can now add colors to a pallete in the template customizer and use those colors thoughout the site. I’ll look into the issues mentioned as soon as i can


Hi there,

I am just seeking confirmation that the theme contains all the javascript files come un-minified in case of minor tweaks needed/requested for the menu interactions.



It doesn’t come with the unminified javascript files by default. If you buy though I can send you the unminified files you want :)



Is there a way to remove from the single blog post page the

1. Date? 2. “Posted by…” line?

Thank you, J.

Yes please

single-post.php line 185 :)


Thank you for the tip! Worked very well. To do what I mentioned I hid lines 91-92, 151-152, and 185-197.

Hi, i get this WARNING message on top of the page: arning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /web/htdocs/ on line 26

do you know how to fix this?

Or, is there a way to disable the google font support, because is generating a lot of errors!


The google font support is needed to choose the fonts over the admin area. Set the google fonts api key and the warning will disappear :)

We’ll fix that warning next version


Hi guys,

on the portfolio site why does Essenza load the admin-ajax.php from the wp-admin area? It really holds up loading our website as you can see here:!/6jCk6/

Why does the site have to load this for a visitor?



Hi Philipp,

It is loading the portfolio images with a ajax request. That’s why you see it there.


Hi! Thanks for cool theme! There is my question: when im in gallery grid, i click on any photo, so its open in large scale. Then i click in it, but nothing happen. I click on keyboard arrows – nothing happen.. So how can i change photos by clicking in it and by keyboard left-right buttons in gallery mode. This control functions are awalible in portfolio and slider mode, but i need it in gallery :) Help me please!


I’ve just added it to the list to take a look for next version :)

It should indeed be switchable with the arrow keys.

Thanks for reporting

Thanks for reply! It would be very nice!:) I’ve made it for me with changing lightbox js. And also i’ve change an arrows buttons position, so it looks better especially on mobile device: It works, but im not professional, so it would be nice to have it from the box:) PS. And sorry. Keyboard arrows works good)

The keyboard wasn’t working for chrome only, we’ve sorted it out, will include for next version.


BE WARNED. Plusquare: Four weeks ago we embarked on this impromptu “user-beta-testing” period, upgrading to Essenza 2.0. Prior to that, many theme functions did work nicely, but the theme was S-L-O-W.

In those weeks, your paying customers have upgraded… again… and again… and again (and re-installing their own customizations each time), going from 2.0, to what is now 2.2.7, and in the process, we have relayed all the info to you regarding what BROKE in 2.0 to get the speed up. To your credit, you do seem to be trying hard to fix the elements that broke – but you should be testing… NOT releasing.

Yes, initially, 2.0 was faster (hooray!) and now, with the latest upgrade to give us BACK the functionality we all BOUGHT the theme for…. so is the SLOW performance.

Seriously? I’m so disappointed, I’m almost sick. By my account, you owe me four-times what I paid for the theme in hours spent trying to fix or just work with it, let alone time relaying bug information. I’ve bought and used tons of themes here at Theme Forest and other services. I have NEVER had such an awful, time-consuming experience.

The theme could be stellar IF it were properly tested & de-bugged. You guys told me at 2.2.2 that it was “stable” and there “would not be any more updates”, which proves to me you are NOT testing this—you are relying on CUSTOMERS to do it for you. Shame on you. I’m out of time and patience.

Hi, sorry a bit of frustration from my part as well, not having time to accomodate and keep every customer happy really gets to me.

The type of feedback on your last comment is what makes me push harder to make essenza better in every release. I do have already a list for v2.3 which I want to be pretty much the final version of essenza and which I’ll make sure to not have a flaw.

I’m sure you can understand my part as well, thanks for getting back to me! :)


I definitely understand! And I know much hard work goes unnoticed (believe me). I’ll keep an eye on updates, and look forward to 2.3. Thanks!

Thanks for your support, we do want to have every customer pleased :)



Couple of questions. How do i make the portfolio 4 columns? It is set to 3 at moment. I cant see setting..

Is there any way to fade between large portfolio images instead of sliding?


1. How do i make the portfolio 4 columns?

Number of columns is calculated according to the available size and it is optimized so that the text has always a relatively good amount of space to display, so unfortunately for the portfolio you can’t control the number of columns

  • ok..the only thing is on large monitors the portfolio grid changes to nearly 7 columns across! I dont have so many projects so it looks a bit bare. if i could make it so on large monitors only 5/6 colums would be better.

4. Also, how do i hide the category info?

You have to edit that in the php files I’m afraid.

  • Can you please tell me file and perhaps line of code i should be looking for? Also is theme compatible with child themes?

5. I have tried adding Youtube video in portfolio item through ” Add Other Item” but when i click on ot the video just hangs but doesnt load.. I have just put in Eg: 8RxLtRduEcs of Id this correct?

You have to put the id only so 8RxLtRduEcs in your case correct. Can you specify a bit better the error you’re getting and which version of essenza you have?

  • I have done this but sometimes it works and others it does not.

I go Add work item in Portfolio> Add other content> choose Youtube >insert code as agreed> Save.

But sometimes when i do this it doesnt work and just hangs on frontend. You appear to have two “Add Video” buttons on this section. The second appears below “Add other content” after i click “add other content”. Not sure what this is for…

Finally, when i add video using Add other content”, the lightbox appears but i have to click twice to play video..once on Video Image and again on youtube video. Would be simpler to click once.. Also to exit out of ightbox i have to X twice to get back to portfolio page. Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks. Great theme BTW

I only downloaded the theme two days i would guess its the most recent version…


1. I’m afraid there is o way currently, you’d have to mess up with javascript and the css files

4. essenza\plusquare_admin\config-frontend\php\ajax.php remove lines 118 to 126

5. Check if the video you’re selecting is permitted form embedding. I’ll also try to recreate those steps. And I’ll add to the wishlist to add an autoplay option there


Anybody in support?


Im wondering if it is possible to animate text or just have text on top of the header image for instance on the image like the link below:

Thanks in advance! :)

Text above an image? Well you could do it setting a background image. Or by creating a slider with just on slide where you can add text and button elements.